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The American Made Back Pack Directory exist because everyone has a back pack today. Imagine how many jobs we could create if they were all Made in the USA. This page is a good place to start to make that happen. We have put together a list of back packs made here in the United States. If you are like our family we buy a couple packs every year with no end in site. Just remember when you are shopping, American Made, Americans paid.

BBQ Grills, Rubs, Sauces and Accessories

I don't know if Americans invented BBQ or not but we sure do make great BBQ Grills in the USA. When you buy an American Made Grill you're not the only one that can enjoy a day off grilling in the backyard. Buying domestic products helps keep other Americans employed and grilling too. Don't forget to check out the grilling accessories below as well as the grills. At the time we listed the companies below they were all making their products in the USA. Sometimes things change, should you find one of these companies are no longer producing here please let us know.


American Made boots are even less plentiful then most people think. As you can see from our list of boots made in the USA you don't have many choices. These boots are made all over the country by small and large companies. You will find work boots, cowboy boots and even some dress models. Build your American Made wardrobe from the bottom up starting with boots. Support American craftsman and women when you purchase domestic made footwear. These jobs are great living wage jobs that our country needs more of course.

Please check the label before selecting the boot you wish to order. The last time the companies in this list were checked out they all still made Boots in the USA: however some had started importing too. Those companies were only kept on this list because they still offered a domestic made collection as well.

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