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Frost River American Made Backpacks and Luggage

Frost River American Made Backpacks and Luggage are handcrafted in Duluth, Minnesota. Our products including waxed canvas packs, bags, luggage and accessories are generation-proof, reliable, and purpose-built for function. Because everything we make is built by hand in our workshop on West Superior St. at the headwaters of Lake Superior, and the doorstep to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Using old-world craftsmanship and the highest-quality raw materials like waxed canvas, premium leather and solid brass, we make quality, timeless gear you'll use for years.

GrubPack makes one of the toughest bags you have ever seen. If you need to keep the critters out of your food when out in the wilderness this product will do the trick. GrubPack is made of Stainless steel mesh, which is why it is so resistant to the little camp thieves who might like to share your camping food.

The GrubPack is American made and comes in several sizes from small to very large. If you are serious outdoors person you might want to check this product out.

Also visit this listing for additional food storage options made in the USA

Janiebee Quilted Nap Mats

Janiebee Quilted Nap Mats. Where Sweet Dreams Begin™ Our nap mats are made in the USA with quality fabric, stitching and care. We make nap mats for every color, nap mats for every interest and even custom nap mats!

Great for day care, vacation, campling, trips to Grandma's or anytime a little nap is needed. Nap Mats by Janiebee


Please check each item as this company also carries imports, however they do a good job of labeling the items. Therm-a-Rest of Washington. Seattle-based Cascade Designs, Inc. has been the market leader in premium outdoor comfort for 40 years, designing the finest portable outdoor sleeping and seating solutions available under the Therm-a-Rest brand. The company's commitment to quality manufacturing and innovation ensures that every product offers unrivaled comfort and reliability. All Therm-a-Rest mattresses are made in the Seattle, U.S.A. For more information on the Therm-a-Rest brand, visit


GO-KOT, LLC of Alabama make the Go-Kot camping cot. All material used in Go-Kot is made in the USA The following colors are available: Digital Camo, Woodland Camo, Navy Digital Camo, Forest Green

Pelican ProGear™ Elite Coolers

Pelican ProGear™ Elite Coolers 7 - 10 Day ice retention and they are Made in the USA. A more rugged, colder cooler for your next big outdoor adventure. From durability to lasting ice retention, the Pelican ProGear Lite Outdoor/Offshore Cooler is engineered to work hard under extreme conditions. Through constant UV exposure, salt and sand abrasion, rugged use and extreme temperature fluctuations - Pelican ProGear Elite Coolers last.

Editor's Note: During a routine audit we were unable to locate the American made claim on these coolers. As of 4/4/2017 the company was contacted for conformation of the origin. Please confirm for yourself before purchasing this product.

Wintergreen Northern Wear American Made Outerwear

Wintergreen Northern Wear American made outerwear was suggested to Americansworking by a customer of theirs. If a fan of your products go out of the way to ask us to include a company then we need to check that company out. We are happy that their customer suggested we check them out as they are everything he said they were. Wintergreen Northern Wear American made outerwear.

Wintergreen Northern Wear has an impressive website that does a great job displaying their outerwear made in the USA for casual wear and extreme condition use. One can instantly feel when they visit Wintergreen Northern Wear's website that they are a green company that does not believe in shortcuts or wasteful practices. Also obvious is they take their reputation seriously and give hands on attention to everything they make.

On the Wintergreen Northern Wear website they very clearly define the reasons they think your should buy from them and why they are different. They list the following reasons; Quality Design, Quality Construction, Quality Fabrics, No cheap imitations, Made in the USA and Being Green

Paying attention to their statement on making products in the USA you will be able to tell they get it, they know we need manufacturing jobs in the USA that pay sustainable wages that American families can rely on.

Their website tells a great story about how the original owners started this company in Ely Minnesota over thirty years earlier. The original owners sold the company in 2009 and the new operators for whatever reason were not successful. That is were the story gets good as the original owners bought the company and property back and began day to day operations again. This is just another one of many stories of driven American entrepreneurs that help make our country great. Take a look for yourself and I think you will like what you find.

Apocalypse Design

Apocalypse Design - Rugged outdoor gear for Alaskan Conditions, designed and made by Alaskans in Fairbanks, Alaska. Deep in the Alaska Range, southwest from Mount McKinley, stands The Apocalypse. This jagged 9,000 foot peak caught mountaineer Dick Flaharty's eye during a winter expedition in these isolated Revelation Mountains. When Dick founded his custom outdoor gear and expedition clothing company in 1983, he named it Apocalypse Design after this formidable, untamed peak. The peak remained unclimbed for three decades, until Alaskan alpinists Clint Helander and Jason Stuckey summited Apocalypse in April 2013 by a bold route they named "A Cold Day in Hell".

Ten years after its founding, Apocalypse Design was named Alaska Exporter of the Year by the Alaska State Governor. A loyal worldwide following, from Hollywood filmmakers to polar explorers, recognizes Apocalypse Design as the highest quality outdoor gear made. Every piece of equipment and clothing is designed and sewn at Apocalypse Design, in Fairbanks, Alaska. This allows us to pay attention to the quality of every stitch. As an example of our commitment to excellence, all our products carry a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

The owners and employees are active in the Alaskan outdoors. Our experiences include mountaineering, ocean and white water kayaking, skiing, bicycle riding, caving, snowmachining and dog mushing. As such, our standards for clothing and gear are very high to ensure that it holds up to the demands placed upon it when in use. This dedication to product excellence is carried through to the management team that is responsible for the preparation and construction of the products.

MAXIT Designs, Inc.

Started in 1985 MAXIT introduced the first versatile headwear, the HEADGATOR 6-in-1. By 1987 MAXIT was the first company to introduce high tech moisture wicking base layers to the NFL. Proven on the football field, MAXIT was a PROLINE supplier to the NFL for over 14 years. MAXIT garments have beeen worn in environments as demanding as Antarctia, Mt. Everest and the deserts of the Middle East. Worn by professional athletes, recreational sports enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, law enforcement officials and the U.S. military troops. For over 25 years, this family owned business has have been committed to manufacturing in America, and manufacturing the most comfortable, durable performance apparel available.

Wild Things

Wild Things is an outdoor brand chosen by individuals who are knowledgeable about their outdoor activities, know what's current, and what works. These individuals are serious about what they do and what they buy. They seek out the best-made, most reputable technical gear. We take great pride in serving the common needs of all our users in the Military and US Armed Forces, law enforcement, and the outdoor enthusiast. This demanding, elite audience feels no need to compromise, and this attitude runs through the Wild Things brand. Our users help define our brand. Wild Things is a US company. US citizens working in US facilities currently handle all of our product design and R&D efforts. As more US brands move design and production overseas, Wild Things strives to keep as many US workers productively employed as possible. We keep jobs and businesses going in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

Mountain Ridge Gear, LLC

Mountain Ridge Gear, LLC makes high-quality American made packing gear for outdoor enthusiasts. As a 21-year veteran in the military, I developed an affinity for tough, modular outdoor packing equipment built to withstand heavy weight over long periods in harsh climates. After retiring, I traveled extensively and have gone through numerous equine panniers and packs that didn't hold up. Out of frustration, I designed my own outdoor gear, including panniers made for all sizes of equines and saddles, rugged backpacks, pommel bags and pouches. All the gear is made to order right here in beautiful Peyton, CO!

Lodge Cast Iron American Made Skillets

Lodge Cast Iron American Made Skillets have been manufactured in South Pittsburg, Tennessee for well over 100 hundred years. Through fires and the great depression Lodge Cast Iron Skillets have continued to be Made in the USA and evolved into the ultra modern manufacturing company it is today. Please note that the Enameled Cast Iron products are not Made in the USA, only the cast iron products are.

Starting in 2013, The Lodge Seasoned Carbon Steel line was introduced. The pre-seasoned (oiled) skillets, which are available in an assortment of sizes have found appeal to professional chefs and outdoor enthusiast. Just use one for yourself and you will see why these brutally tough pans are so popular with all types of cooks and chefs.

Because consumer demand exceeded the factory's (Foundry) capacity, Lodge was able to plan a sizable expansion of their South Pittsburg plant in 2014. Thee were able to add new melting systems, sand systems, an even another molding line, with an additional seasoning lines they have nearly doubled the capacity to make cast iron in the USA putting even more Americans to work.

Please visit the Lodge Cast Iron website to learn more about their American made cast iron skillets. Their website feature care and use tips for their cookware as well as video tours of their foundry where they make cast iron skillets in the USA.

Boom Cups disposable cups made in the USA

Boom Cups disposable cups made in the USA are all the rage at parties and BBQ's. Each Boom cup come with a great drink recipe printed right on the cup. With these great American made disposal cups you will be host and bartender all in one. Boom cups come printed with the following cocktail recipes right on them: Cosmo, Long Island Iced-T, Manhattan, Margarita and F-BOOM. You add the ice then simply fill the cup to the labeled lines with the ingredients for the drink. No need for shot glasses or shakers it is all done in the Boom Cup. They promise more favorite recipes are coming soon.

Not only are the Boom cups easy to make drinks in and look great they are good for the earth too. How can a disposable drink cup be good for the earth? Very easy, Boom Cups are made by a company that is acting responsibly and using recycled material for their American made cup. This accomplishes several different important goals for many Americans. It creates jobs in the US which is great for all of us. American jobs means Independence for another America. Using recycled material greatly reduces waste and is better for everyone around the globe. Could they have just made the cups the cheapest and fastest way looking at just the bottom line? Sure they could have but this is an American company that cares.

Boom cups disposable cups made in the USA are available in 20 or 50 count bags. You can buy them directly on Boom Cup's website or look for them at your local retailer. If your local store does not yet carry Boom Cups, tell them about them and ask they to stock Boom Cups. Stores want to sell you what you want, just create the demand.


RussTick Natural Woods Firestarters

RussTick Natural Woods Firestarters are easy to pack and carry for a camping excursion. Each firestarter is carefully handcrafted and created from a bundle of assorted twigs tied with jute twine and then wrapped with a piece of salvaged White or Yellow Birch bark. Hemp is then wound around the bundle to hold the firestarter securely together. The end of the twig bundles are dipped in a complex variety of natural resins that dry shiny and hard and help waterproof the wood. This combination of salvaged birch bark and natural resin combines to create a quick-catching fire propellant. Because of the waterproofing resin, RussTick Natural Woods firestarters can even be lit when damp, making them perfect for lighting fires in your outdoor fire pit. RussTick Natural Woods firestarters are ALL natural and environmentally friendly. There are no harsh odors, unnatural chemicals, or airborne toxins…only safe, clean, breathable air.

Deadwood Stove Company

Deadwood Stove Company of Texas makes The Deadwood Stove, which is a portable, efficient, and durable outdoor cook stove. Prepare meals with only small amounts of sticks, twigs, scrap lumber, pine cones, and other biomass material.

Jacob Bromwell

Jacob Bromwell is a specialty housewares company that manufactures authentic campfire, kitchen, and fireplace products for families of yesterday, today, and for generations to come. As America's oldest housewares company established in 1819, we offer a select group of timeless products that modernization has not improved. Our classic products take people on an emotional journey into nostalgia and tradition, and allow them to find joy in the simple and genuine American past as an antidote to our over-perfected

modern lifestyle.

Special Service and Supply, Inc

Special Service and Supply, Inc. of| Colorado is a disabled veteran owned manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic tools for auto extrication and rescue. We manufacture rescue blankets, air cutting guns, hydraulic spreaders, backboards and other tools for rescue.


EVAC is a leading designer of Fire, Rescue, and EMS equipment because we listen to you, the people who use our gear. We tailor our designs around what you have told us you needWe manufacture in the U.S.A. top quality paks and bags for specialized Fire, Rescue, Police, Military, and EMS applications. From storage for your SCBA to the very finest SAR equipment backpacks, EVAC is on the cutting edge. All our bags are made from genuine 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon and every EVAC product comes with a full lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Heaven Scent

Heaven Scent-Creator of fresh scented waste disposal bags for Personal Care/Incontinence products and Pet Waste. Each are available in boxes of 50.  Heaven Scent bags are opaque with a fresh powder scent and easy-tie handles for a sanitary, yet convenient disposal. Heaven Scent is a certified 100% Women Owned business and proudly produces 100% of our products in the USA with 100% Recycled materials.

Butler Bag's

Butler Bag's philosophy has never changed: make it in the USA and make sure our sleeping bags are the absolute best! With manufacturing based in Cedar City, Utah we continue to source premium raw materials from USA manufacturers. Combined with our meticulous design and unsurpassed workmanship, Butler Bags are the most durable and comfortable sleeping bags available anywhere.

Wiggy's Sleeping Bags

Wiggy's Sleeping Bags All Wiggy's sleeping bags are filled with Lamilite insulation and have contoured hood sections. The draft tube is oversized. All left zip bags are made with a double draft tube. All like style bags are zipper mateable. The Antarctic and Ultima Thule models have a shock cord / draw cord six inches below the top of the chest section, which eliminates the need for a draft collar. Sleeping bags come with a compression stuff sack and pillow. All standard, multiple size sleeping bags are the same price.

Greatland Laser, LLC

Greatland Laser, LLC. is an Alaska-based company formed in 1998 to commercialize new laser lighting products that utilize special lenses to shape small points of laser light into lines. Greatland's patented technology can produce products offering choices of light colors, controllable beam widths and lengths depending upon lens designs, and a wide range of applications.

IF YOU NEED TO BE RESCUED, BEING SEEN CAN MEAN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH. Greatland Laser's focus is safety – be it outdoors, industrial, military, marine, or aviation. The patented technology converts a point of laser light into an expanding fan of light with much higher visibility than traditional signaling devices.

Greatland Rescue Laser Flares use patented technology to create a line of laser light that when "painted" across an area guarantees that you will hit your target. In a survival situation, the ability to easily signal across large distances is the key to getting rescued.

By drawing a vertical fan of light that spreads thousands of feet long at miles of distance, even under duress, it is easy to make sure that your signal catches the eye of a possible rescuer. In addition, by diffusing the laser from a potential dangerous point of light into a spread out line, your target will see a brief, but bright, momentary flash as the laser line crosses their field of vision. At distances of 13 feet or more, the Rescue Laser is perfectly eye safe, yet incredibly effective from up to 30 miles away.

Greatland Laser's products are covered by U.S. Patent Numbers 6,007,219; 6,163,247; 6,280,057; 6,295,007;6,688,755

and Canadian Patent Number 2,313,469. Made in USA


Polarmax® With aggressive fabric development and product testing, a strong green story, and a completely vertical business structure, it is no wonder that Polarmax® is one of the nation's top base layer apparel manufacturers.

These days, there are not too many companies that have made the commitment to R&D, knitting, finishing, cutting, sewing, and distribution in the U.S.A.

Our employees live and work in North Carolina. We hire only the best craftspeople to manufacture our products, using the finest fabrics, flat seam technologies and sewing techniques. We are a completely vertical manufacturer. No, that doesn't mean we all work standing up. It does means our products are totally engineered, made and distributed by us. And we do it all right here in the U.S.A.

We are proud to say, "We are 100% made in the U.S.A." So raise a flag and get outdoors.


GORUCK builds the world's best gear right here in the USA and produces events globally. Coupled with our mission statement to Challenge Excellence and Do Right By People, this 1+1=3 approach allows us to grow GORUCK in a way that is connected to people aka GORUCK Nation.

OUR RUCKSACKS PROUDLY BUILT IN THE USA WITH A LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Our rucks have been tested on countless deployments and GORUCK Challenges and come out unscathed. GR1 is our original product and the foundation for everything GORUCK.


Survival Strap

Survival Strap We believe in building the highest quality gear that is tough, stylish, expedition ready, a blast to wear, and can help people when they really need help. When you wear a piece of Survival Strap gear, you are making the statement that you believe in American production. We believe in making our products in America. Not China. Not Iceland. And certainly not Pakistan! We make all of our Survival Straps here in America more specifically Florida.

Survival Solutions Innovative Outdoor Gear

Survival Solutions Innovative Outdoor Gear The D.E.W.C. (Duke);  Our exclusive Double Ended Waterproof Container  It's MADE HERE IN THE U.S.A. This rugged container is made of tough plastic. It has two separate storage compartments, each with their own screw on cap and seated 0-rings to provide a good water-tight seal.  The usefulness of this container is only limited by your imagination.

Springbar® Tent Models

Springbar® Tent Models  They claim to make the best Tent in America! Springbar tents are the best family camping, car camping, and rugged-use tents you can buy. With legendary durability, these superior canvas tents also offer great value for your camping dollar. The more you like to camp, the more you'll appreciate the unique features and impeccable craftsmanship built into every Springbar tent.

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