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Untamed Confections American Made Honey Confections

Artisan crafted honey confections, handmade in small batches, with ingredients to trust and taste to amaze!

Untamed Confections is a unique confectionery dream, located in Tubac, Arizona. We pride ourselves by the passion and care we have for our confections showing in the quality, and of course, the taste! Not only is it important for us to create confections that taste great, but are made in an environmentally responsible manner and with organic ingredients.

Nothing artificial...Ever! Honey is our only sweetener. No refined sugar, no corn syrup, just honey.

At Untamed Confections, we're also big advocates of organic, sustainable agricultural practices. If we can't harvest ourselves for our confections, we purchase from local and/or organic sources. This means when you check the ingredient list on any of our sweets, you won't find any strange chemicals or words you can't pronounce.

We're earth friendly.

It is important to us as a company that we take responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. That's why we try to connect with nature at every level, from our ingredient suppliers to our eco-friendly packaging to our own energy saving shop.

Our goal was to create a business for us and to employ others, and that's what we're doing!

Visit us online for great all natural honey caramels in 20 different flavors, chocolate covered caramels with organic pecans or organic cashews, and much more. These make great gifts, for yourself or your loved ones! We ship, and we'll include a personalized note from you if sending to a loved one.

Get Untamed!™

Dum Dums the American Made Lollipop

Everyone knows what Dum Dums are don't they? The perfect sized American Made Lollipops that businesses of all types like to give away as a thank you. Who has not gone to a business and seen these delicious little lollipops in a jar for the taking? Part of the fun of course is wondering which flavor you pulled from the jar and if you are lucky you are with friends that might trade you a different flavor.

These iconic little American made Lollipops are made right here in the USA and have been for almost a hundred years now. The wonderful little Dum Dums are made in Bryan, Ohio where you can take a tour aboard a Dum Dum Trolley. I bet you had no idea that they make about 12 million of these little treats everyday. I did not think anyone made 12 million of anything in one day, but that just goes to show you American ingenuity can accomplish anything.

Over the years the variety of flavors has varied and includes a mystery flavor. You can visit their website and vote for your favorite flavor from the past or present and even suggest a flavor. This inventive company even features a wrap points system that allows you to track your Dum Dums and get rewarded.

Dum Dums and owned and made by the Spangler Candy, which make several other brands. In reviewing this product for inclusion in the American made directory I can honestly tell you I had fun on their website. It is well made and entertaining as well as informative. They include information on allergy, gluten and other important facts you may need. If you are so inclined to buy a large quantity of American made Dum Dums they are also sold in rather large packages on their website too. Next time you see a jar of them on the counter just imagine 12 million of them!

Don't forget to check out the other American made candy choices this directory has to offer as well.

This is one of many products Made in Ohio, support you home State with every purchase.

Thanks to Dum Dums' biggest fan Kathy for suggesting them for the Made in the USA directory.

Asher's Chocolates

Asher's Chocolates has been making fine gourmet chocolates here in the US since 1892. We are a fourth generation candy manufacturer.

In reviewing this site I noticed that they have many types of candy not just chocolate. They offer sugar free options for those seeking that option. They claim to offer the largest collection of sugar free options in the country.

Jelly beans and other confections are being offered along side milk and dark chocolate. Asher's has corporate gifts available as well.

Their site is well marked for their products being American made and seem to do a good job displaying which products are Kosher or not.


Sconza Candy Company. Vincenzo Sconza came from Italy to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he and his wife Maria opened a candy kitchen in 1939. Quietly, and with a promise of quality, they perfected their candy-making craft into a treasure for local neighborhoods.

Today, the third generation of the Sconza family continues the tradition of crafting innovative confections from the finest ingredients. From our family to yours, we promise excellence.

Candy made in Michigan

Candy made in Michigan includes chocolate peanut butter cups, truffles, gourmet turtles, smores, chocolate dipped pretzels, chocolate rice krispie treats, chocolate bark, caramel filled chocolate, fudge, toffee, brownie bites, sour cherry patches, maple candy, chocolate covered fruit, and more!

Bakers Candies Inc.

Bakers Candies Inc., was founded in 1987 and by Valentine's Day 1988 the plant's retail outlet store was opened to the public.  The products, a series of solid meltaway-grade chocolates twist-wrapped in signature foil wraps, were an instant hit with chocolate connoisseurs across the globe. Bakers Candies Inc. quickly grew to become one of the Midwest's largest premier chocolate manufacturers.

Aloha Candy Co.

Aloha Candy Co. of  Hawaii make Gourmet Cookies, candies, and treats made with local premium  ingredients like 100% Hawaiian Chocolate, Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts, Pure Hawaiian Vanilla, Hawaiian Sugar, Hawaiian Eggs.

Kimmie Candy Company

Kimmie Candy Company of Nevada is a manufacture of unique , delicious fine panned candies located in Reno, Nevada . We manufacture Sunbursts , candy coated, chocolate covered ,sunflower kernels. ChocoRocks a candy coated chocolate chunk looks like rocks . Kimmie Corn and Kettle Corn Nuggets , Candy coated, chocolate covered corn nuts sweet and salty .We are 100 % made in USA . We have all the colors you need and retail packaging .

Goetze's Candy Company, Inc.

Goetze's Candy Company, Inc. The Goetze's Candy Company has proudly made its sweet treats in the USA since 1895. A deep routed commitment to making quality confections was forged back in 1895 and continues today with the 5th generation of Goetze family members. Commitment to quality begins with sourcing quality ingredients, which are sourced locally when possible from suppliers that are as committed to quality as we are, and follows all the way through the manufacturing process. The company's current brand line up consists of Caramel Creams® and Cow Tales®, each available in a variety of flavors.

Hebert Candies

Hebert Candies has been New England's favorite confectioner since 1917. Our candies are made in small batches with the freshest, finest ingredients here at the Candy Mansion in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Enjoy the superb taste of chocolates made with time honored recipes by world class chocolatiers.

Marshmallow Cone Company

Marshmallow Cone Company Every aspect of the Marshmallow Cone's production has always been done completely in-house at the company's plant - everything from baking the cone on rotary gas-fired baking machines, to filling it with marshmallow made in a steel kettle, to packing the cone and shipping it from the attached warehouse to its customers – all made and done entirely in the U.S.A. Marshmallow Cones are as close to handmade as any candy can get short of grandma's kitchen!

Just Born

Just Born is a family-owned candy manufacturer that has been in business for more than eight decades and three generations. We make everyone's favorite candies. Among our well known confections are: PEEPS® Brand Marshmallow Candies MIKE AND IKE® Brand Candies, HOT TAMALES® Brand Candies ,PEANUT CHEWS® Brand Candies We employ more than 500 associates in Bethlehem and Philadelphia, PA and market our candy in more than 35 countries. All Just Born candies are made in the USA. In 2009, Just Born opened its first retail store, PEEPS® & Company, in National Harbor, MD.



Wolfgang Candy

Wolfgang Candy founded in 1921, Wolfgang Candy is one of the oldest family-owned and managed candy companies in the United States. Four generations of Wolfgangs have added their expertise to manufacturing millions of pounds of seasonal candies for schools, clubs, churches, associations, and other groups

Sweet Candy Company

Sweet Candy Company  is one of the oldest family-owned and operated candy companies in the United States. Sweet's has been making quality taffy, milk chocolate and dark chocolate Orange Sticks, and cinnamon bears for almost 120 years. Browse our candy and gift offerings on our website or visit us in person in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sweet's offers free public candy factory tours Monday through Thursday by reservation. Sweet's is proud to be an American company and invites you to taste the quality candy that has made it a staple in so many homes for more than a century. Our candy

is proudly made in the USA

See's Famous Old Time Candies

See's Famous Old Time Candies® are well known and loved throughout the West where the company was founded in 1921. If you were to visit a See's Candy store, you would find a sparkling clean black and white shop where your candies would be packed to order as you made your candy selection. See's reputation for friendly old-fashioned service remains unrivaled. See's is headquartered in South San Francisco, California with kitchens located in both Los Angeles and South San Francisco delivering fresh chocolates and candies to over 200 See's shops in the West A hard candy that you will enjoy and remember. Made in USA

Hammond's Candies®

Hammond's Candies® we still make candy with the same tempting recipes and the same careful craftsmanship. Toffee is still dipped in rich chocolate and hand-rolled in crunchy almonds. And hard candy is still hand-pulled to extra-shine. Yet, even with all that handwork, we still make and offer hundreds of different candies. Chocolates and creamy caramels fill our showcases, along with brittles, lollipops, candy canes, and much, much, more. Admittedly, that's a lot of variety for one small company. But as Carl Hammond taught us, it's more interesting, and more fun!


Bissinger's In a small kitchen in Saint Louis, there is a place where tradition and quality are still the most important ingredients in the making of the world's finest chocolate confections. This special place is Bissinger's, one of the last handcrafted chocolatiers in the world. Bissinger's has been making fine French confections for more than 350 years and takes pride in the fact that it has not sacrificed quality ingredients, taste or craftsmanship to produce more candy at a lower cost. Even today, in an age of high-tech production and immediacy, Bissinger's remains committed to the high standards, heritage and traditions that have made the company what it is today.

AmeriCandy Company, Inc

AmeriCandy Company, Inc., the brainchild of founder Omar L. Tatum, definitely mixes business with pleasure. The home of America's finest candy. Visitors are invited to "Tour America" through an extensive line of confections representing flavors indigenous to each of the 50 states. From the dark chocolate butter creams of Delaware to the milk chocolate cashew clusters of Alabama, guests are encouraged to explore America not with a knapsack and compass but with a napkin and sweet tooth

Aunt Aggie De's Pralines

Aunt Aggie De's Pralines makes gourmet pralines using only the finest ingredients.  All ingredients except the Madagascar vanilla beans and Belgian chocolate are grown in the USA; all ingredients except the chocolate - even the vanilla beans - are processed here. In fact, the sugar is grown in Hawaii and processed in California, a real rarity in the candy industry. And of course, they are made right here in Texas.  Aunt Aggie De's Pralines is truly an only-in-America kind of story.  Eleanor Harren began the company from her kitchen at age 55 with $50 worth of ingredients after years of being a full-time mom.  Always  without incurring debt, the company currently operates out of two large buildings in Sinton, Texas and sells over 2 million pralines yearly nationwide.  Eleanor has  always believed in keeping hers an American-made product;  it's how she can guarantee the delicious creamy, chocolate creamy and chewy pralines 100% delicious!  And don't even get us started about the English pecan toffee!

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