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Image Time, Inc.

Image Time, Inc. of Pennsylvania. Since 1989 Image Time has been totally focused on and

devoted to manufacturing custom neon clocks.  Over the years, we have supplied, supported

and developed complete licensed programs for many of the largest and most respected

corporations, such as Harley-Davidson, Ford Motor Company, Continental Tire, The NRA and

Snap On Tools, just to name a few.  Our neon clocks play a major factor in brand recognition

and Point of Purchase Sales.  Image Time handcrafts each clock at our manufacturing facility

in Perryopolis, PA with powder coated aluminum bezels, glass fronts and real neon to

highlight a company's name and logo.  The skilled artists and professional staff are ready to

meet your promotional needs.

Chelsea Clock Company

Chelsea Clock Company of Massachusetts was founded in 1897, Chelsea Clock Company is

one of the oldest, and largest clock manufacturers in the United States. For over a century,

Chelsea's craftsmen have been designing and meticulously building some of the world's most

exquisite time machines. Today, the company continues to manufacture and repair clocks at

its original corporate headquarters in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Providence Workshop

Providence Workshop, located in beautiful Door County. I am presently designing and

building clocks. A lifetime love of woodworking and clocks is finally being allowed to be

expressed. The fascination with clocks is not for the desire of always watching time, but for

the intricacies of the design, the beauty of the details, the wood, the color, the warmth, and

each one being different and personal.

TimePilot American made Timeclocks

TimePilot Corporation produces a line up of cost effective electronic time clock systems both indoor and outdoor use that replaces old-fashioned punch clocks. All our American made time clocks are designed and manufactured in the U.S. in Batavia, Illinois, to be exact. Our American made time clocks system are assembled by Marsh Products, Inc., which occupies space in the same building as TimePilot. Our circuit boards are assembled in Elgin, Illinois, just a few miles from Batavia, and if you call for support, you'll be talking to someone in Batavia.

American made and US based support to keep you running on time. When you buy American more and more companies will need Timeclocks made in the USA for the employment we will create.

Pyramid Time Systems

Pyramid Time Systems of Connecticut makes Time clocks, synchronized clocks, and wire clocks made for small, medium, and enterprise businesses looking for high quality craftsmanship that are built to last. Our products are designed, engineered, and manufactured here in the USA.

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