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Frost River American Made Backpacks and Luggage

Frost River American Made Backpacks and Luggage are handcrafted in Duluth, Minnesota. Our products including waxed canvas packs, bags, luggage and accessories are generation-proof, reliable, and purpose-built for function. Because everything we make is built by hand in our workshop on West Superior St. at the headwaters of Lake Superior, and the doorstep to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Using old-world craftsmanship and the highest-quality raw materials like waxed canvas, premium leather and solid brass, we make quality, timeless gear you'll use for years.

WaterField Designs Laptop bags made in the USA

WaterField Designs creates laptop bags made in the USA. With a factory in San Francisco they can ensure quality production of their products. They don't believe in mass production, rather building bags to order to increase efficiency. To make the best laptops bags made in the USA they start with top shelf material like sturdy ballistic nylon, durable waxed canvas, and premium full grain leather. Premium parts like self locking zippers and stronger hardware than you will find elsewhere.

WaterField Designs make more than just laptop bags made in the USA, you will also find duffel bags, totes, back backs, messenger bags and more. The more in this case includes sleeves for tablets, pads and games. The short list includes sleeves for the iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface, Nintendo, Sony. Regardless of the product you select they all are built with a simple design made to look great, work well and protect your gear. The designs draw from input gained from real end users.

WaterField Designs does not operate stores or even advertising. Customers come to them by word of mouth which is the best type of marketing available. If someone you know loves a product chances are so will you. Just visit their site and you will see they get rave reviews from customers including pages of clever six word testimonials.

Editors note: In reviewing this website I found this company made it clear their products are made in the USA and tells you why. Their website is very easy to navigate and is full of helpful images. I really like that the company owner puts himself out the on the site with his contact information. Really enjoyed reviewing this company's site.

Enable-IT, Inc is a USA

Enable-IT, Inc. is a USA Original Equipment Manufacturer that has pioneered and dominated the Ethernet Extension industry since 1997 and has built a worldwide brand recognition for it's innovative solutions in commercial, residential, and hospitality HSIA solutions. Enable-IT is pleased to provide the simplest to use and most cost effective Ethernet Extension (Ethernet Repeater / Ethernet Bridge / Network Extender / LAN Extender) technology to exceed your expectations and deliver significant value. Enable-IT, Inc. is the World's Most Popular Ethernet Extension and Ethernet DSLAM as we are the only manufacturers in this industry that wholly design and make their products in the USA. All other competitors are more focused on their profits and not delivering high quality products regardless of cost as the experts at Enable-IT are. Founded in 1982, Incorporated in 1997 Enable-IT has developed Global hands on experience with over 28 years of complex networking and Internet consulting practice and grown into specialized experts for developing Broadband Ethernet Communication Technology and Ethernet Extender kits/Ethernet Extension kits. Enable-IT, Inc has regional offices and representation in many countries to serve our local markets globally.

Diversified Technology, Inc

Diversified Technology, Inc. is an embedded computer company whose strength lies in the design, development, and manufacture of single board computers and system platforms. In addition, DTI is a recognized leader in the custom development of advanced computer boards and systems for unique applications. Diversified's single board and system products are pointed toward mission critical applications such as telecommunications, factory automation, networking, ruggedized military, medical, and control operations. The only ACTA provider to design and manufacturer in the USA

Trenton standard & custom rugged rackmount computers

Trenton Systems designs, manufactures and integrates 100% US-made rugged rackmount computers using long-life system components and PCI Express device interconnect technology to satisfy our customers' unique requirements for functionality, performance and reliability.

Unicomp Inc. American Made Computer Keyboards

Unicomp Inc. American Made Computer Keyboards are made in the middle of Kentucky's Bluegrass Country. Competing aginst cheap Asian imports our focus is making the highest quality keyboards at the lowest price point all the while keeping a high level of customer service.

We have a very large selection of American Made Keyboards for you to browse. Can you believe we have over 2000 different keyboards? Our bestselling models are stocked and others are built to order within a couple days of ordering in most cases.

TORCHGRIP American Made Tablet Handle Grip

TORCHGRIP® American Made Tablet Handle Grips are a new and patented product that will change the way you use and enjoy your tablet or eReader device. One of the biggest problems with tablets is your ability to position and hold it comfortably without the fear of dropping it. Whether you're standing doing a presentation, relaxing in your favorite chair while online shopping or baking cookies with your children, TORCHGRIP® American Made Tablet Handle Grip provides a stylish and secure solution to get the most from your tablet. IT'S A GRIP: TORCHGRIP®'s design gives you incredible ergonomic control of your tablet when you are on the move. The grip was carefully designed to fit the human hand while providing you confidence to securely hold your tablet. This is because the grip is contoured and angled to allow your hand to naturally "lock" around it. Finally, the lightweight design adds only 2.6 ounces to the total weight of your tablet device removing another user complaint with cases being heavy, bulky and unpleasing to the eye. IT'S A STAND: The moment you set your tablet down, TORCHGRIP® becomes a versatile stand! The grip rotates 360 degrees allowing you to set the viewing angle of your tablet in both portrait and landscape configurations. Even while relaxing and surfing in your favorite chair, TORCHGRIP® gives you many options to comfortably stand your tablet on your lap to, well, stay relaxed.

TORCHGRIP Computer Tablet Adjustable Stand and Handle Kit for iPad and Other Tablets ? VERSATILITY - Kit includes one base and one grip-handle. Fits ALL iPads and most other tablets. Multiple viewing angles in portrait and landscape as a stand or grip while on the go.

PORTABLE - Grip-handle locks into place and is easily detached from the base ring by the push of a button for easy stow and go. Fits all hand sizes - child to adult!

STRONG, SECURE and DURABLE - Made in USA with high performing polycarbonate and ABS polymers.

STYLE and CHOICE - Grip-handles are interchangeable with new designs planned for the future.

SECURELY attaches directly to your tablet OR to your non-silicone, non-fabric based tablet case or shell with REMOVABLE yet extremely POWERFUL 3M VHB adhesive, pre-installed on product. Holds up to 50 pounds!

Size (LWH): 4.25 inches, 1.25 inches, 6 inches ? Weight: 2.56 ounces

Shipping weight: 6.4 ounces

BAK USA Tablets assembled in the USA

BAK USA Tablets were created because the Bak family was looking for a location to assemble their purpose built tablets. They had a goal of bringing jobs back to the USA and creating an affordable PC Tablet to be used around the world in educational and industrial applications.

After much thought they decided on Buffalo New York for some very strategic reasons. They now employ a very diverse workforce in Buffalo and many members of this workforce had been on the employment sidelines for quite awhile. BAK USA is a result of private investment combined with a local government opportunity designed to bring jobs to their local area.

BAK USA's products can not be called "Made in the USA" because they not. They are instead assembled in America in Buffalo New York. The components required are not made in the USA so it will be a long time before we can call a Tablet made in the USA. Please educate yourself about this company and I think you will find it deserves our support.

BAK USA is now assembling several different products in Buffalo and state on their website they also partner with Microsoft and Intel to make this project work.

Advanced Digital Cable Inc.

Advanced Digital Cable Inc. was founded in 1997 and has grown to be a key manufacturer of Coaxial, Electronic, Industrial and IMSA Traffic Signal cables.

Nestled in the Smoky Mountains, ADC was built from the ground up with progressive and innovative technology and equipment. Its people are dedicated to developing and manufacturing the highest quality products in the industry.

ADC spent the majority of its first 7 years private labeling its products for other leading manufacturers in the Electrical and Electronic Industries. ADC's level of quality has consistently met the stringent standards of some of the biggest names in the industry. We now offer these same quality products under the ADC label.


We have two manufacturing facilities. Our original location in Hayesville, North Carolina has 130,000 square feet of manufacturing space and our new location in Blairsville, Georgia has over 140,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Two Technologies, Inc

Two Technologies, Inc.® of Pennsylvania. You may not know our name or recognize our logo, but you've seen our products - every day, throughout the world. Two Technologies has been designing and manufacturing customizable, rugged mobile, industrial, hand held computers and handheld terminals for industrial and commercial applications since 1987. With over 400 GEM partners, 4,000 customers and over a million products in the field, our rugged mobile computers and industrial terminals can be found in a multitude of different applications: surveying and measurement, transportation and distribution, medical, manufacturing, field service, hospitality, agriculture, security, government, gaming, and everything in between.


AML of Texas manufactures handheld computers for barcode data collection applications, e.g. Inventory management, as well as small interactive kiosks for applications such as price checking, hospitality, time clocks, access control, and many other uses.

Damage Control Products LLC

Damage Control Products LLC It's like insurance for your Laptop . . . If you can't charge your laptop it's worthless. The AC power pin where your charging cable connects is very fragile and weak. If it gets damaged your laptop won't charge and the cost to repair it is huge! Some of the problems that you can have when this connector is damaged are noted on the right. Technically the JerkStopper™ is a CRD (Cable Retention Device). It was designed to utilize any existing port (USB, RJ11 or RJ45) on a laptop computer as a stay or restraint to keep the very fragile AC power connector from being damaged from day to day tugging and pulling and jerking on the power cord.


ACCES (Acquisition Control Communication Engineering/Systems) Founded in 1987 in San Diego, CA, supplies an extensive range of analog input, analog output, digital, serial

communication, and isolated embedded computer I/O boards and solutions. Serving medical, military, robotics, gaming, point-of-sale, kiosk, homeland security, transportation, automotive, factory automation and control, University research and many more embedded electronic and computer equipment industry applications.

Votronics Inc

Votronics Inc of Texas is a domestic ISO9001:2000 certified Electronics Contract Manufacturer that offers manufacturing services to the technology industry. Our services included printed circuit boards, assembly, electro-mechanical assembly and box builds. We have over 50 years of combined experience. We have developed an aggressive business model that allows us to manufacture products in 5 days or less and ramp to production must faster than our competition. This model is an tremendous advantage for our customers in meeting their tough market demands. We have been in business since 1998 and have a proven track record of being a quality manufacturing partner for our customers.

American Progressive Circuits,Inc

American Progressive Circuits,Inc of Illinois American Progressive Circuits,Inc is leading printed circuit board manufacturers in America. We manufacture creative PCB.

Rapid Marketplace

Rapid Marketplace is an American company that develops ecommerce software for manufacturers, distributors and fulfillment companies. Our expertise goes beyond ecommerce to include internet marketing techniques that help our customers sell more of their products. Many of our customers themselves are American manufacturers. All of our staff and development are located in Medina, Ohio. When your business works with the Rapid Marketplace team, you are supported by good old-fashioned American ingenuity. We recruit and develop local talent and maintain our corporate office in the same community where we raise our families. All of our ecommerce software solutions are innovated and developed here in the United States of America ... by Americans! And when you call for support or to ask a question, you won't be connected somewhere overseas. Our entire team is based in the Medina, Ohio and is dedicated to serving our customers first and foremost!

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