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Preserve Purposeful Plastics. Since our founding in 1996, Preserve has sought to offer a new way of thinking about the everyday products we use. After all, products are more than just products. They have implications and effects far beyond the box or bag they come in. Each one carries a cost. Preserve offers better products—ones that look good, do their job well and require no compromise from our customers or our planet.

Plastics have radically transformed the kinds of products available for use in our daily lives, from cars to cell phones to cups to candy wrappers—but they're also curious and sometimes confusing materials. From our first days as a company, we have used only recycled plastic to make our Preserve products. We use plastic because it is a widely available and useful material. And more importantly, by using only recycled plastics, we keep them from piling up in landfills, we save resources like energy and water, and we reduce carbon emissions and other impacts.

Plastics are coded with numbers 1-7, not to categorize which plastics are more or less benign or recyclable, but simply to differentiate them.

Kitchen Products Include:

Food Storage

Measuring Cups

Mixing Bowls


Cutting Boards

Tableware includes:




Oral Care products includes:


tooth picks

Tongue Cleaners

All of our products are made in the USA*.

We choose to manufacture here because:

Most of our retailers are in the USA; we can ship products shorter distances, which reduces our carbon footprint.

We believe in the power and talent that drives US manufacturing. We can control the quality and purity of our plastics, thereby ensuring their safety for our customers.

Please note Preserve makes razors, however the razors are assembled in Mexico.


IntelliDent Products of Michigan makes Protection by Prevention IntelliDent Toothbrush Shields, the surgical mask for your toothbrush and IntelliDent MouthGuard Shields - Advanced Barrier Science (ABS) protecting your Oral Health and your overall health. Convenient, affordable, hygienic barrier for the devices that you put into your mouth.

Preserve Toothbrush

Preserve Toothbrush was designed by dentists and engineers to be an innovation in both oral care and eco-friendliness. Also known as "the toothbrush made from yogurt cups," the Preserve Toothbrush was designed by dentists and engineers to be an innovation in both oral care and co-friendliness.

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Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Systems Made in the USA

Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Systems Made in the USA. Lately teeth whitening has become a huge phenomenon. Who does not want a whiter, brighter smile since it is one of the first things that people notice about you. It is not a mystery that whiter teeth make you look better, younger, attractive, and even more confident.

Our teeth whitening systems are MADE in the USA. Each of our products are Hygienist trusted, tested by dentist and approved by both. Our products are even FDA registered. We proudly stand 100% behind our products. Like you we take your beautiful smile seriously.

Rockstar White

Rockstar White produces the best teeth-whitening products for at-home and dental offices And at the best price! Dentist recommended, All natural, Certified kosher, and Made in the USA. (fluoride free, sugar free, gluten free, sulfite free, alcohol free, and animal free). Rockstar White offers the strongest at-home teeth-whitening products on the market. This allows results that will WOW you within several sessions instead of weeks like other brands. Desensitizers, without the use of fluoride, are used to keep your gums and teeth safe and out of pain - delivering "the WOW without the OW™".No strips or boil and bite trays. So forget about your difficult and disappointing experiences with other teeth-whitening delivery systems; Rockstar White's tray system uses a food grade impression material that makes an instant impression of your teeth allowing a truly custom fit. The better the fit the better the results.

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