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Sound Product Solutions

Sound Product Solutions. The Audio Fox is a wireless speaker system that gives you personal volume control without the isolation and discomfort of headphones. It is a great device for seniors, hard of hearing, gamers, and those who want a personal surround sound experience.

The company's products are proudly made in America. We believe in the importance of keeping manufacturing jobs in this country.

With over 50 years of combined experience as small business owners we can clearly state our committment to customer satisfaction. Thank you for your interest in our products.

Cane Bags

Cane Bags are designed to fit all standard canes and most walking sticks and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Each cane bag has a wrist strap so you don't have to let go of your cane or walking stick, which most time drops to the floor. The Cane Bags are easily accessible for those with disabilities who have trouble reaching into a deep pockets. Cane Bags have short pockets so they don't have to dig deep for their item.

Express Ramps

Express Ramps is a family owned business dedicated to providing affordable wheelchair ramp and scooter ramp access solutions. We strive to provide our customers with helpful information, expert advise and old fashioned, quality customer service. We firmly believe in providing the highest quality, American Made handicap products at the guaranteed lowest pricing. Every ramp we carry is Made here in the USA, supporting American Families and American Jobs.

Magic Buttoner LLC

Magic Buttoner LLC we are proud to be 100% American Made. Manufacured in Small Town USA and assembled and packaged by ARC helping our less fortunate citizens. We fimly beleive in American made products and wished more companies would be proud enough to put values ahead of profits. Quality lasts forever as all of our buttoners carry a 100% unconditional free replacement.

SealSkin Medical Wrap American Made Bandage

SealSkin Medical Wrap is a US-manufactured bandage wrap that helps in the healing process. Being made in the USA has been a core belief of our company – to support local communities with jobs and patients with the best medical care possible.

SealSkin Medical Wrap is a transparent wrap that makes monitoring wound healing easier. That means less pain from applying and reapplying bandages and potentially speeding up the healing process.

The wrap is waterproof to keep sensitive areas dry. Nothing is worse than the irritation of a wet cast or bandage. With SealSkin, you can shower with confidence knowing that your wound, cast or PICC Line/IV won't get wet.

You can also easily apply and remove because the wrap is self-adhering. SealSkin won't pull your hair or skin when you remove it. That's a big improvement compared to some of the other products on the market that are down right painful to take off.

SealSkin is compact and can be used at home, on the battlefield, veterinary clinics, or in hospitals. Some common uses include: waterproofing casts, PICC line protector, hot/cold compression wrap, keeping other bandages in place.

The origin of SealSkin Medical Wrap is a personal story of a prolonged hospital stay. Christina, the daughter of SealSkin's creator spent weeks in the hospital due to pancreatitis. Doctors and nurses refused to remove her IV lines so that she could shower due to fear of a blood clot. That is when the idea for SealSkin Medical Wrap was born. They were able to waterproof the area with SealSkin which allowed Christina shower. She not only felt better but she also had a sense of dignity and normalcy back.

SealSkin Medical Wrap aims to help improve the healing process for everyone. Because we believe that if you heal better you will also feel better.

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911 Relief

911 Relief is a patented product that has been on the market for 20 years. It has an unconditional money back guarantee, and to date not 1 bottle has been returned by an unsatisfied customer. Used by 1300 school districts, 500 cities, 500 companies, State and Federal Government Agencies, and sold in retail locations.

Caskets by Design

Caskets by Design Custom Caskets & Coffins made in America Custom wood caskets for sale direct to the public. Wide selection of styles and designs, hand crafted here in the USA.

Trappist Caskets

Trappist Caskets is a work of the self-sufficient monks of New Melleray Abbey, located near Dubuque, Iowa. We are monks of the Roman Catholic Church who belong to the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance, known as Trappists. New Melleray Abbey launched Trappist Caskets in 1999, when we began selling caskets and urns directly to families at wholesale costs. Our work at Trappist Caskets provides us with both meaningful work and vital financial support. We view our casket business as a ministry – a corporal work of mercy. We hope to impart a sense of sanctity into all that we make.

Veteran Caskets

Veteran Caskets takes great pride in making our caskets here in the USA. With so many other companies buying caskets from China and Mexico, we are committed to keeping our caskets and jobs here in the United States. After all, isn't that what we have fought for? Veterans Direct Inc., the parent company of Veteran Caskets, is owned and operated by SgtMaj Gene Overstreet, 12th SgtMaj of the Marine Corps. Veterans direct is located in Plano, Texas, just outside of Dallas.

The Old Pine Box

The Old Pine Box of New Mexico. The Old Pine Box - Simple.  Unique.  Beautiful.  Masterfully Crafted. If you're looking for something that more closely aligns with your personal values or more appropriately suits the life of someone you love, we hope you'll look to us to assist you.  Our units are crafted in New Mexico.  Delivery in NM within 24 hours if necessary and we ship Nationwide.

Brazos Walking Sticks

Brazos Walking Sticks located in Texas creates handcrafted, made-in-the-USA walking sticks and canes. Our staffs are ideal for anything from hiking to neighborhood strolls. Accessories include compasses, medallions, spike ferrules and more. For personalization, add custom laser engraving. Located in central Texas' Brazos River Valley, we offer American craftsmanship and superior customer service.

Kentucky Walking Sticks

Kentucky Walking Sticks Hand crafted walking sticks and canes created by eastern Kentucky folk artist. Types of walking sticks and canes include, Curled/Twisted, Traditional, Carved Snake, Crook Neck Canes, and Shepherd's Staffs.

Sassie Classie Designs

Sassie Classie Designs Walker Pouches Made with colorful fabrics. Handy large pocket in front and smaller pocket in back. Handle loops over front walker bar and attaches to itself with hook n loop. Your personal custom colors and themes can be ordered with a 7-10 lead time..Spot clean

Amigo Mobility International, Inc.

Amigo Mobility International, Inc.  of Michigan  was founded by the inventor of the first  battery –operated, power mobility product, Al Thieme. Designed for people with walking  disabilities, Amigo power-operated vehicles/scooters are USA-made in Bridgeport, Michigan. Committed to Improving Lives Through Mobility®, multiple product lines include healthcare, commercial, transportation services and senior-active lifestyle. Niche products include the Shabbat Amigo (allows full observance of the Sabbath for Orthodox Jews); active seniors enjoy the collapsible lightweight travel model –the TravelMate – with lithium ion battery pack option; SmartMover is used by visitors or personnel inside libraries, hospitals, museums, and other public facilities for safe and convenient transportation; SmartSensor is added to select Amigo models to prevent impact with pedestrians (primarily in retirement facilities); the Alert Light is a battery-operated (strobe or solid beam) safety access!


Convaid's core mission is to provide special needs children, adults, and their families the highest quality compact-folding lightweight wheelchairs. Our complete range of mobility products seeks to improve their lives and that of the caregivers, by enhancing capabilities and promoting independence. Convaid has grown to become a world leader in pediatric strollers and other mobility aids; and we continue to innovate for the future. All Convaid adult and pediatric wheelchairs are manufactured in the USA.

Urn Garden American Made Collection

Urn Garden American Made Collection. You are here because you want to support American jobs and manufacturing. Urn Garden is on online memorial company that showcases American artists and craftsmen that are creating cremation urns, jewelry, and memorial gifts with loving care and compassion. Whenever possible we highlight local businesses and artists here in the U.S., in an effort to keep jobs in our country.

Over the years, we've put together a great collection of artists that do excellent work and provide

high quality products in mediums such as metal, wood, ceramic, blown glass, fiberglass, and stone. Our American made cremation urns are beautiful and unique, giving you the ability to choose designs that are specific to the history, hobbies and interests of the man or woman you're honoring. Whether it's golf, motorcycles, birds, or butterflies these memorials are crafted with excellence. Here at Urn Garden, we care about your desire to honor your loved one the right way, and we want to do our part to provide the best products and options for you to do just that.

Depending on the choice your family has made regarding burial or scattering the ashes, you can get an American made urn jewelry from precious metals or a bronze art sculpture created in foundries here in the USA. Shopping for an urn is not the most pleasant of tasks, but we can certainly help make your choices easier and help create a fitting tribute that honors the memory of your loved one. Visit our website or call 1-888-876-1467.

**Please note that Urn Garden also sells imported items. They do a great job of displaying their American made collection separately.

Nelson's Woodworks

Nelson's Woodworks We guarantee you will be 100% satisified with our handmade urns! Our cremation urns are entirely made by hand of the finest hardwoods in our Minnesota shop. Please browse the tabs to the left to see what we currently have to offer to you. If you have something in mind that you don't see please contact us! We can help you make your ideas come to life.

Arizona Urns

Arizona Urns I provide unique wood cremation urns. My round urns are turned on a lathe. Great care is used in the production of my cremation urns  with attention to detail as my priority. Each urn is hand made, one at a time. I use the finest grades of hard wood available and I provide quality cremation urns to the public at a fair price. These cremation urns are not cheap stained woods. They are made from exotic or domestic, top quality, hard woods.

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