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ATI of California. At ATI we make heavy-duty amplifiers with proven circuitry, meticulous assembly and rigorous testing designed to deliver state-of-the-art audio for years- all designed by us and built in our own US factory. It's a simple story, "American Muscle built by American muscle."


Rane manufactures in the USA because it is the best way for us to produce the musical instruments and professional sound tools our customers demand, respect, and deserve. It simply makes sense. Rane is proud to define, design, manufacture, and support all of our products from our single facility in Mukilteo, Washington USA. Doing so allows us to have a deep understanding of our product, our customer needs, and gives us a superior ability to support our products and react to customer wants and needs.

Orb Audio

Orb Audio home theater speakers and stereo speaker systems are an award-winning combination of superb sound and small, attractive design. We manufacture our Mod1 and Mod2 satellites in California by a team of skilled craftspeople with substantial experience in the industry.  By selling direct to our clients, we can afford to spend money on quality, American manufacturing. Our innovative direct business model allows us to manufacture our speakers with the highest quality audio components and expensive, handmade materials while keeping prices very reasonable.  Toss aside the notion that price equals quality - it dosn't apply here.

Orb speakers are every bit as good or better than competing systems that sell for more than double our prices! Big sound, small speakers - fill your room with sound, not boxes.  If you want to shrink the size of your speakers without sacrificing sound quality, these are the speakers that will end your audio search.  Great sound.  Compact size.  Good looks.  An elusive combination of features finally captured in one great, expandable system.

Milbert Amplifiers

Milbert Amplifiers Mobile Tube Amplifiers & Preamp/Crossovers Vacuum Tube Audio Equipment for Cars & Guitars 100% tube car amp handmade in USA since 1986 Milbert is most certainly the Holy Grail of auto sound." -The Robb Report Collection, June, 2005?

Blue Echo Solutions

Blue Echo Solutions is a Consumer Electronics company dedicated to providing Manufacturers and Consumers with products and services that will enhance the Consumer Electronics

experience. We are doing this through innovative products and solutions, as well as by building great relationships and through world-class customer Service.

AEGIS Power Systems

AEGIS Power Systems has been designing and building reliable and efficient custom power supplies since 1995. We offer a complete line of switch mode power supplies and power converters for our customers. AEGIS manufactures standard power supplies, custom power supplies, and special application power supplies for use in a variety of applications in many markets including military power supply applications.

AEGIS can build units with unusual specifications and high complexity. We have experience building reliable power supplies for military and industrial use. AEGIS understands the value of technical accuracy in mission-critical situations. Our power supplies are built for long life and many are or can be ruggedized in design to meet portions of many military power supply environmental specifications.

AEGIS Power Systems is a proud USA manufacturer of Commercial Off-The-Shelf products

Advanced Digital Cable Inc.

Advanced Digital Cable Inc. was founded in 1997 and has grown to be a key manufacturer of Coaxial, Electronic, Industrial and IMSA Traffic Signal cables.

Nestled in the Smoky Mountains, ADC was built from the ground up with progressive and innovative technology and equipment. Its people are dedicated to developing and manufacturing the highest quality products in the industry.

ADC spent the majority of its first 7 years private labeling its products for other leading manufacturers in the Electrical and Electronic Industries. ADC's level of quality has consistently met the stringent standards of some of the biggest names in the industry. We now offer these same quality products under the ADC label.


We have two manufacturing facilities. Our original location in Hayesville, North Carolina has 130,000 square feet of manufacturing space and our new location in Blairsville, Georgia has over 140,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Macrotron Systems, Inc

Macrotron Systems, Inc. of California offers Electronic Manufacturing Services in PCB Assembly/Test, Ultrasonic Welding, Laser Marking/Engraving and Pad Printing. Operations are in Fremont, California in Silicon Valley. Customers served since 1984. We provide manufacturing services to build other companies products so they can label them Made in USA.

GizzMoVest Products

GizzMoVest Products are designed and constructed in the USA in Goleta,California (slightly north of Santa Barbara).  We locally employ Designers, Press operators, Seamstresses and Assemblers in our small but state-of-the-art facility. Wherever possible, the raw materials we use are also domestically-produced. We are the only US manufacturer of molded Cases for GPS devices. We use superior Design, Materials and Workmanship to distinguish our brand. Our products are performance-driven by the users themselves and are not dictated by marketing companies who don't care and often presume they must go offshore. GizzMoVest actually EXPORTS our US-made products to individual buyers all over the world. it is very important to EXPORT US products to reverse the trade deficit.

Tribute Visual Memories in Motion

Tribute Visual Memories in Motion "Our displays are well suited for commercial, informational, and advertising, as well as for home and personal use. These big bright LCD panels display your images and movies with ease, and are built for the wall. Aircraft grade aluminum frame with a gloss black anodized finish. Just what you need to show off your best pictures. With an IR remote and simple graphical menus, you have complete control of all features and functions. These units are built for images and video. All models can also play mp3 sound files. You can even play a background sound file while your slide show is running. The image quality is great. It is like looking at a new LCD TV monitor. Your

images will look great!"

Zero Surge American Made Surge Protectors

Zero Surge American Made Surge Protectors are manufactured in New Jersey. Whether for home of business you can protect your expensive and even ordinary electronics with a well made surge protector. Don't put up with degraded or intermittent performance from your equipment when all it may need is good clean noise free power. Surge protector can even protect your home or business from fires in some cases where electronics hit by a surge may burst into flames.

It is reported that since 1989 none of Zero Surge's patented products have never been failed to a surge or fire because they are designed to handle even the worst surge. Not only will you be getting surge protection the American made Zero Surge protector will also be removing EMI/RFI noise that causes disturbances from your power line.

Please visit their site to find out more information about these Surge protectors made in the USA.

Alltec Corporation

Alltec Corporation, headquartered in the United States , is an international, full service manufacturing company that provides Surge Protective Devices (SPDs), lightning protection equipment, and grounding systems to protect sensitive electronic equipment loads from direct and indirect lightning activity. We are a global corporation who believes in the importance of supporting local communities. Alltec Corporation's home office is based in Canton , NC , USA . We are proud to be a manufacturer and supplier of a complete family of lightning protection products that are Made In America. These products include, but are not limited to, Electrolytic Grounding Systems,  Lightning Charge Dissipation Systems, Early Streamer Emitter Terminals, Exothermic Welding Equipment, and Surge Protective Devices (SPDs).


Seura Televisions strive to elevate luxury technologies to fine-art status, creating products that bridge the gap between technology and décor. With innovation at the heart of the business, Séura continues to drive its products to new and unexplored territories. Every product is

engineered and hand-crafted in Séura's facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Incorporating the latest technology into your home doesn't mean compromising your décor. Séura's vanishing mirror TV provides a crisp television image and, when turned off, a fashionable mirror remains without a hint of its technological applications.  The Enhanced series and Deco Series bathroom TV's function as mirrors as well.  The Lumination Collection lighted mirrors add a

brilliant sculptural element with impeccable style.  The Storm outdoor TV is the perfect year- round weatherproof TV Solution.


*Element is an American Company. While we have many International Trade Partners and Retail Customers, it has been a high-priority of ours to produce products in America! After 2 years of hard work and planning, we are proud to announce that Element will begin to produce some of its large screen size TV's in the USA – effective January 2012! To our knowledge, Element will be the only brand of TV's assembled in America. We hope you will look and ask for these products if you are shopping for TV because America Matters


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