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Please be aware these generators are assembled in the USA and are not 100% American made.

Winpower was founded in 1925 and produced devices for generating electricity using the wind to power them. Through the years Winpower has continually diversified products lines and marketing channels. In World War II Winpower produced thousands of 1.5 kW DC and 5 kW AC generators for the Corps of Engineers. At the beginning of the Cold War, Winpower supplied thousands of 15 kW Civil Defense generators. Many are still going strong today providing backup power for the Government, small municipalities, and standby for small community wells & lift stations.In the 1950's, Winpower introduced its most successful and enduring line, the tractor driven power take-off (PTO) generator. Farmers found that having reliable backup for frequent power outages was a wise investment. Winpower is a thriving generator manufacturer based in Minnesota. Our core lines are tractor driven PTO generators marketed through distributors nationwide. The agricultural markets, primarily dairy, swine, and poultry, producers are the common end users for PTO generators. We offer tractor driven PTO generators to accommodate tractors in the 60-100 horsepower range.

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