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California Custom Caps 100% Made in the USA Baseball Hats

California Custom Caps. We are 100% Made in the USA cap manufacturing company. Our commitment to customer service and excellence in craft has made us one of the top leading cap manufacturers. We offer a wide variety of different options and offer various competitive pricing. If you are in the market for new caps, please check out our website.

We can meet all your baseball cap needs because we do it all. We make hats for sports teams to company logos, favorite places, and lifestyle expressions. If it can fit on a hat, we can make it for you. That's the California Custom Cap difference.

Break North American Made Hats and Shirts

Break North American Made Hats and Shirts. Everything Old Is New Again at Break North. Break North is a boutique lifestyle brand based out of Ogden, Utah. It creates new-school looks with old-school materials. The underlying ethos behind the brand is to produce cool cloths for grown-ups. In saying this we mean that we care about how our clothing is produced and want our customers to share our concerns. Sourcing in the Unites States is just one aspect of that. Durability is and breaking out of the world of fast fashion is another. Break North strives to make durable goods whose style extends beyond flash-in-pan trends. Once we sell you something, we don't want to sell you another, unless it's a gift for someone else. Finally, Break North doesn't want to steal the show with branding. We are committed to minimal branding that allows our customers to shine brightest.

The brand debuted in July 2016 with a Kickstarter campaign pushing its signature Harris Tweed 5-panel hats that are cut and sewn in Connecticut. The handcrafted, durable fabric elevates the casual 5-panel. And they were produced with thoughtful, sustainable sourcing that you will come to expect from Break North.

Not limited to just hats, Break North also introduced a line of t-shirts in the fall of 2016. These shirts are made right here in the United States from an organic bamboo and cotton blend. Some say it is the most comfortable t-shirt they own. These shirts feature a stealth logo graphic printed in clear water-based ink.

O'Farrell Santa Fe - custom cowboy hats made in the USA

O'Farrell Santa Fe - custom cowboy hats made in the USA. There is truly something special about wearing a hand made custom cowboy hat that excites most people. We know because we feel it too. That is why we have been hand-making fur felt hats in America with old world techniques for 30 years.

Ruthless Cowboys American Made Clothing

Ruthless Cowboys American made clothing is deeply rooted in the values of family, loyalty, and diligence. We are an American made clothing brand that focuses on pride, service and freedom. Recognizing hardworking American citizens, first responders, and those who have served our country. This brand is for all ages that have a relentless adoration and dedication for this country and want to show it off for all to see.

Rather than being a massed produced t-shirt company, Ruthless Cowboys is a statement. It's a bond. Having the flag printed on our items is not just a symbol, it's a lifestyle, and it's about the honesty, the valor, and the perseverance of individuals in the USA. The values that we share not only reinforce the hard work and persistence of each thread and wire bent but also have a communal effect of bringing people together. The team helping with this business make an enormous impact because they not only believe in the vision but they also wholeheartedly support the products that go from a dream to a reality.

Grown out of San Dimas, CA, Ruthless Cowboys began production on their first shirt in 2010 as a passion, but it wasn't until 2013 that the company decided America needed more than just an American made shirt.

An enormous amount of research goes into each every single product to ensure that all materials used to make our products are truly from the United States of America. Working with local vendors has also been a top priority for us because we fully understand that working locally helps build support for communities.

Remember, it's not your hat or your boots that makes you a Cowboy. It's what is in your heart. So, if your heart is pumping red, white, and blue, you know that this brand is for you. You can wear it with honor and be proud of the job that you do to put food on the table for you and your family.

Welcome to the family.

Apocalypse Design

Apocalypse Design - Rugged outdoor gear for Alaskan Conditions, designed and made by Alaskans in Fairbanks, Alaska. Deep in the Alaska Range, southwest from Mount McKinley, stands The Apocalypse. This jagged 9,000 foot peak caught mountaineer Dick Flaharty's eye during a winter expedition in these isolated Revelation Mountains. When Dick founded his custom outdoor gear and expedition clothing company in 1983, he named it Apocalypse Design after this formidable, untamed peak. The peak remained unclimbed for three decades, until Alaskan alpinists Clint Helander and Jason Stuckey summited Apocalypse in April 2013 by a bold route they named "A Cold Day in Hell".

Ten years after its founding, Apocalypse Design was named Alaska Exporter of the Year by the Alaska State Governor. A loyal worldwide following, from Hollywood filmmakers to polar explorers, recognizes Apocalypse Design as the highest quality outdoor gear made. Every piece of equipment and clothing is designed and sewn at Apocalypse Design, in Fairbanks, Alaska. This allows us to pay attention to the quality of every stitch. As an example of our commitment to excellence, all our products carry a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

The owners and employees are active in the Alaskan outdoors. Our experiences include mountaineering, ocean and white water kayaking, skiing, bicycle riding, caving, snowmachining and dog mushing. As such, our standards for clothing and gear are very high to ensure that it holds up to the demands placed upon it when in use. This dedication to product excellence is carried through to the management team that is responsible for the preparation and construction of the products.

MAXIT Designs, Inc.

Started in 1985 MAXIT introduced the first versatile headwear, the HEADGATOR 6-in-1. By 1987 MAXIT was the first company to introduce high tech moisture wicking base layers to the NFL. Proven on the football field, MAXIT was a PROLINE supplier to the NFL for over 14 years. MAXIT garments have beeen worn in environments as demanding as Antarctia, Mt. Everest and the deserts of the Middle East. Worn by professional athletes, recreational sports enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, law enforcement officials and the U.S. military troops. For over 25 years, this family owned business has have been committed to manufacturing in America, and manufacturing the most comfortable, durable performance apparel available.

Headwear made in Michigan

Headwear made in Michigan include reversible hats by Turtle Gloves in several fun designs; ear flap

hats, eyelash yarn hats, newsboy hats, and knitted hats by Uniquely Worked; angora hats by Tailspin; cadet style caps by Dirty Girl Racewear.

My Hats

My Hats are "Made in America" that's Made in USA! Let's all unite and bring jobs back to the USA! Every time a My Hat sells 5lbs of food is donated to the Northampton Survival Center. If you live in the area or visit you can find My Hats in Details, located in Thorn's Market, 150 Main Street.


VIPER HEADWEAR's mission is to provide the market's best quality headwear for tactical/military operators at a reasonable price.  We refuse to subscribe to the "one-size-fits-all"  concept of many in our industry.  All of our products are proudly crafted in the United States of America, and will always continue to be.  We know our customers.  We have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for their sacrifices and unwavering dedication to protecting our freedoms.  Every member of VIPER HEADWEAR will ensure that our customers receive the workmanship and customer service they truly deserve.

New England Cap and Embroidery Company

New England Cap and Embroidery Company  New England Cap and Embroidery Company has been a casual headwear manufacturer and embroidery service provider since 1990. While best known for our baseball caps, we also manufacture a number of other cap styles for sports and street wear.

Polly Singer Couture Hats

Polly Singer Couture Hats Based in Lexington, Kentucky, Polly Singer Couture Hats has been in business almost 20 years.  All hats are made by hand in our studio, using vintage wooden hat blocks to create wearable works of art.  The hats are blocked, sewn and made by hand.  Much of our business is custom.  We work with clients in designing their hats for events such as the Kentucky Derby, weddings, social galas and other events.  At Polly Singer Couture Hats, we strive to support other American based businesses.  Most of our business is done over the internet, helping ladies pick out hats for their special occasions.  We love what we do and encourage everyone to do "Made In The U.S.A".

Competition Headwear

Competition Headwear was founded in the early 1980s and acquired by the present owner in 1992. Our factory is located in Denver, Colorado, where every cap is manufactured and embroidered according to each customer's desired specifications. Our factory operates 200 heads of embroidery equipment and has the capacity to produce nearly 4,000 caps in a single day. We are the only supplier of caps cut, sewn, and embroidered 100% in the United States of America with a 5 star ASI Rating

Samuel's Hats

Samuel's Hats offers a variety of women's and men's handmade designer hats manufactured and sold in the USA. We are the leading provider of women's high-end Kentucky Derby Hats and Church Hats. For decades, Samuel's has been a pioneer in the designer hat industry with simple and classic to embellished and elegant. We are proud to serve our domestic customers in addition to providing local jobs.

Bollman Hat Company

Bollman Hat Company Founded in 1868, Bollman Hat Company is America's oldest hat maker. A leading manufacturer, designer, and distributor of headwear, Bollman provides the world with top brands, including Bailey®, Betmar®, Country Gentleman®, Eddy Bros.®, Helen Kaminski®, Jacaru®, KANGOL®, Karen Kane®, and PANTROPIC®. In addition, we are a primary supplier of private label headwear to brands and retailers covering fashion, outdoor apparel, uniform and formal wear, and sports markets. Our employee-owners manufacture wool felt, fur felt, and straw hats and caps in our factory located in Adamstown, Pennsylvania, USA. Our people are proud to cover the world with unparalleled products that provide protection, comfort and style to millions throughout the world. Bollman Hat Company is a member of American Made Matters, an organization with a mission to educate consumers on the importance of buying U.S. made goods to strengthen the American dream.


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