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Annie's Woolens Personalized Christmas Stockings

Annie's Woolens Personalized American Made Christmas Stockings. Annie's Woolens features 100% Wool Personalized Christmas Stockings made in the USA will add old-fashioned charm to your home for the holidays. Choose from our Scandinavian or Ragg Wool Designs with embroidered names. Our American made Scandinavian Designs include PET and Baby's First Christmas Stockings. Each handmade Personalized American made stocking is individually knit to ensure heirloom quality. Special embroidered personalized stocking name options are available. Also offers originally-designed Lodge-style Christmas stockings, knitting patterns and kits and wooden stocking hangers.Since 1988.

Commercial Christmas Hardware Made in the USA

Commercial Christmas Hardware Made in the USA. This company makes hardware for you to hang Christmas decorations on your home or business. Their goal is bringing innovation back to the Christmas light clip business and supporting U.S. manufacturing at the same time.

American made quality is the result of their goal. All of their Christmas light clip and stakes are made in the U.S.A. They use only quality materials from reputable suppliers. This products include UV stabilizers, which help protect from the sun's damaging rays. Because they directly oversee manufacturing, using the most rigorous quality control measures they ensure their products meet the highest standards expected for commercial Christmas hardware made in the USA.

This company does not sell directly to the public. Their products are sold through retailers across America. Currently they did not list the retailers. I suggest contacting them for advice as to where to find these products.

The Wood Works of Cedar Springs

The Wood Works of Cedar Springs makes Christmas Nativity Scenes and other Christmas decorations made in the USA for your home. This company makes far more than American made holiday decorations such as wild life scenes, doll houses, jewelry boxes and much more. They build each items like they were building it for themselves.

Visit their website to see everything they make and you will see they have a lot of nice testimonials from customers and many samples of their USA made work.

Independence Bunting & Flag Corp.

Independence Bunting & Flag Corp. was born through the necessity of having to compete with cheap imports. We were originally in the Christmas Holiday trade when a customer of mine showed me a pleated fan being imported. He asked me if I can make a product that would be able to compete with the price of the import. After experimenting for awhile, I was able to build and patent a machine that can make a much better product and for less cost. We made this product for our customer for a number of years. We then decided to increase our product line, use a higher quality material and offer our line to the public via the internet. Today we offer many items, from pleated fans, bunting, flags, bows and many other products, all Made in America.

Holiday Light Hooks

Holiday Light Hooks of Kansas are made of aluminum which allows you to - "Put em up and leave em up"

Olympic Holiday Lighting

Olympic Holiday Lighting Fabricator of Custom, Holiday and Novelty rope light displays, Olympic  Holiday Lighting designs and hand crafts all of its displays here in the USA one-at-a-time using only the finest selection of materials available. OHL is committed to an ongoing effort for a 100%   Made  in USA product. This not only includes the actual materials used for the displays themselves (Steel, Powder, Wire Ties, etc.) but to the actual tools we use, the consumables used for those tools (Welding wire, grinding wheels, cut-off disks, etc.), packing materials, office supplies, local vendors, etc. We are constantly reviewing our assets for their manufacturing origin and then seeking out suitable Made-in-USA replacements if necessary. There is one item which we have not been able to satisfy our criteria with yet and that happens to be the rope light itself. Although the rope light we use is of superior quality to most others on the market, to our dismay, we have not been able to find/source a US manufactured product and are coming to the conclusion there simply aren't any manufactures based here in the US.

Outdoor Nativity Sets

Outdoor Nativity Sets of Florida is an American Made outdoor Christmas decorations company created to provide holiday decorations in support of the true meaning of Christmas. Complete Nativity Scenes in several sizes, holiday yard art and window decor available.

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