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USA Pan Bakeware and Cookware Made in the USA

USA Pan is a family owned business producing bakeware and cookware made in the USA that is based in Pittsburgh PA. Our parent company Premier Pan is North America's largest manufacturer of commercial bakeware. Everything about USA pan embodies what "Made In The USA" is all about. We use all American materials, and American employees to manufacture the World's Finest Bakeware. Constructed from Aluminized Steel, and coated with our proprietary PTFE & PFOA free non stick coating named Americoat this bakeware is not only commercial grade quality, but provides superior release and even baking everytime. USA Pan offers a limited lifetime warranty on all of our pans from faulty materials or faulty workmanship.

Lodge Cast Iron American Made Skillets

Lodge Cast Iron American Made Skillets have been manufactured in South Pittsburg, Tennessee for well over 100 hundred years. Through fires and the great depression Lodge Cast Iron Skillets have continued to be Made in the USA and evolved into the ultra modern manufacturing company it is today. Please note that the Enameled Cast Iron products are not Made in the USA, only the cast iron products are.

Starting in 2013, The Lodge Seasoned Carbon Steel line was introduced. The pre-seasoned (oiled) skillets, which are available in an assortment of sizes have found appeal to professional chefs and outdoor enthusiast. Just use one for yourself and you will see why these brutally tough pans are so popular with all types of cooks and chefs.

Because consumer demand exceeded the factory's (Foundry) capacity, Lodge was able to plan a sizable expansion of their South Pittsburg plant in 2014. Thee were able to add new melting systems, sand systems, an even another molding line, with an additional seasoning lines they have nearly doubled the capacity to make cast iron in the USA putting even more Americans to work.

Please visit the Lodge Cast Iron website to learn more about their American made cast iron skillets. Their website feature care and use tips for their cookware as well as video tours of their foundry where they make cast iron skillets in the USA.

PandaGrip American Made Jar Opener and Closer

PandaGrip American Made Jar Opener and Closer that does not require grip strength to operate. Its unique, self-retractable band allows you to open and close lids of any shape and size...from nail polish and glue bottles to the family-sized jars. It's small enough to fit inside a pocket or purse, yet powerful enough to open the most stubborn lids.


POWERFUL: Requires no grip strength to use

HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE: A flexible, patent pending, self-retractable band adapts to any shape and size lid from from .25" to 4.5" in diameter

GENTLE: The polymer encapsulated band won't damage lids like metal-toothed jar openers

PORTABLE: Easily fits inside a pocket or purse

HIGH QUALITY: High-strength band and highimpact polymer construction

As we age, our grip strength decreases and those already hard to open lids become even more difficult. For people suffering from arthritis, opening a lid can be even more painful. PandaGrip is designed to help people keep their independence by making it easy and fun to open and close lids without having to rely on others.

For more information about PandaGrip, please visit us at our website.

EZ DUZ IT Made in the USA Can Opener

EZ DUZ IT Made in the USA Can Opener. The model 88 red handle can opener has chrome plated handles, is gear driven, has hardened and sharpened cutters, and is comfortable. The EZ DUZ IT made in the USA can openers reminds us that American made is the best in the world.

When you purchase your American made can opener from Sierra Valley it comes with a lifetime warranty because of the outstanding quality of this product.

American Kitchen cookware

American Kitchen cookware. Cook like the professionals with sleek, high performing stainless steel cookware and non-stick cookware from American Kitchen®. Our growing collection of premium cookware and products inspire delicious meals, conversation, and experiences with your family and friends.

Enjoy Confidence in 100 years of quality… American Kitchen cookware is made in America by Regal Ware, a trusted, family-owned manufacturer of quality cookware for more than 100 years. Our professional-grade stainless steel pots and pans are expertly made and carefully inspected by highly trained workers in the Wisconsin Regal Ware plant to ensure your cookware and bakeware meets your most rigorous expectations. It's important that you feel confident in every piece you add to your American Kitchen collection, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on every product we sell.

We're proud to present…

Stainless Steel Cookware

Our tri-ply stainless steel cookware is made with three layers of premium metals that provide consistently superior heat conductivity and cooking performance. Reviewers love the quality, construction, durability, and ease of cleaning, and are particularly fond of the stay-cool handles. Consistent temperatures mean your meats and vegetables will brown or sear at a lower heat without scorching. Serve up a lifetime of impressive meals with this long-lasting, beautiful cookware!

Non-Stick Cookware

Looking for kitchen basics that are easy to use and produce gourmet results? Non-stick cookware & bakeware from American Kitchen combines the ease of non-stick cooking with the professional performance of our tri-ply stainless steel construction. Our PFOA-free Eterna® non-stick cooking surface allows for easy-release of foods and quick cleanup. Durable and versatile, we offer a variety of non-stick pots and pans. Serve up delicious results without the fuss!

Check out American Kitchen cookware and start creating delectable, effortless dishes today!

American Kitchen cookware can be ordered online or purchased in person at a great number of retail stores like the following locations:


Cutco Store

Atlanta, GA 30305


Cutco Store

Wilmette, IL 60091


Cutco Store

Castleton, IN 46250


Cutco Store

Novi, MI 48375

Cutco Store

Okemos, MI 48864


Cutco Store

Edina, MN 55435

Kitchen in the Market

Minneapolis, MN 55407


Cutco Store

Creve Coeur, MO 63141


Cutco Store

Erie, PA 16509

Cutco Store

Springfield, PA 19064


Cutco Store

Austin, TX 78746

Cutco Store

Frisco, TX 75034

Cutco Store

Houston, TX 77069

Cutco Store

Plano, TX 75075


Antigua Mexican and Latin Restaurant Cooking Classes

West Allis, WI 53219

Milwaukee Public Market

St. Francis, WI 53202

Boom Cups disposable cups made in the USA

Boom Cups disposable cups made in the USA are all the rage at parties and BBQ's. Each Boom cup come with a great drink recipe printed right on the cup. With these great American made disposal cups you will be host and bartender all in one. Boom cups come printed with the following cocktail recipes right on them: Cosmo, Long Island Iced-T, Manhattan, Margarita and F-BOOM. You add the ice then simply fill the cup to the labeled lines with the ingredients for the drink. No need for shot glasses or shakers it is all done in the Boom Cup. They promise more favorite recipes are coming soon.

Not only are the Boom cups easy to make drinks in and look great they are good for the earth too. How can a disposable drink cup be good for the earth? Very easy, Boom Cups are made by a company that is acting responsibly and using recycled material for their American made cup. This accomplishes several different important goals for many Americans. It creates jobs in the US which is great for all of us. American jobs means Independence for another America. Using recycled material greatly reduces waste and is better for everyone around the globe. Could they have just made the cups the cheapest and fastest way looking at just the bottom line? Sure they could have but this is an American company that cares.

Boom cups disposable cups made in the USA are available in 20 or 50 count bags. You can buy them directly on Boom Cup's website or look for them at your local retailer. If your local store does not yet carry Boom Cups, tell them about them and ask they to stock Boom Cups. Stores want to sell you what you want, just create the demand.


Vita Craft Corporation American Made Cookware

Vita Craft Corporation American Made Cookware has been being made for the past 73 years. Vita Craft American made cookware made of high quality stainless steel cookware in Shawnee, Kansas. We are very proud that during an era when manufacturing jobs are moving overseas at a rapid rate, Vita Craft remains hand crafting cookware in the USA. Our cookware is crafted by people who take painstaking measures to ensure that each piece meets the highest quality standard possible and all of our products carry a lifetime warranty.

American Made cookware by Vita Craft is a 5-ply, composed of three layers of pure aluminum and aluminum alloy, with the finest surgical stainless steel on the inside and outside. The lightweight aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat, making Vita Craft efficient with energy while cooking. The stainless steel is an alloy combining iron and other elements to create a hard surface that is durable, resistant to wear, easy to clean, sanitary, and can be highly polished for an attractive, permanent finish. Vita Craft products are not coated and are made out of the highest grade materials for maximum health benefits and product durability.

When you cook with Vita Craft's 5-ply, vapor seal design, you:

• Retain food's vitamins, minerals and enzymes

• Boost food's flavor

• Enhance food's appearance

• Save energy (both personal labor and appliance energy)

• Save time (faster food preparation)

• Save money (less meat shrinkage, less vegetable loss, no cooking fats or oils, low heat, no utensil replacement and more meals at home)


Preserve Purposeful Plastics. Since our founding in 1996, Preserve has sought to offer a new way of thinking about the everyday products we use. After all, products are more than just products. They have implications and effects far beyond the box or bag they come in. Each one carries a cost. Preserve offers better products—ones that look good, do their job well and require no compromise from our customers or our planet.

Plastics have radically transformed the kinds of products available for use in our daily lives, from cars to cell phones to cups to candy wrappers—but they're also curious and sometimes confusing materials. From our first days as a company, we have used only recycled plastic to make our Preserve products. We use plastic because it is a widely available and useful material. And more importantly, by using only recycled plastics, we keep them from piling up in landfills, we save resources like energy and water, and we reduce carbon emissions and other impacts.

Plastics are coded with numbers 1-7, not to categorize which plastics are more or less benign or recyclable, but simply to differentiate them.

Kitchen Products Include:

Food Storage

Measuring Cups

Mixing Bowls


Cutting Boards

Tableware includes:




Oral Care products includes:


tooth picks

Tongue Cleaners

All of our products are made in the USA*.

We choose to manufacture here because:

Most of our retailers are in the USA; we can ship products shorter distances, which reduces our carbon footprint.

We believe in the power and talent that drives US manufacturing. We can control the quality and purity of our plastics, thereby ensuring their safety for our customers.

Please note Preserve makes razors, however the razors are assembled in Mexico.

ManPans Cookwear

ManPans Cookwear When you unpack your first Manpan, you will be holding an American made product. Every part of our pans are made in our Spokane, Washington manufacturing center. The unique, leading edge design, finish and durability were created by our in-house engineers and built by a trained team of American workers. We are proud to be in your kitchen.


sabaknife is taking kitchen cutlery to the next step with knives crafted in the USA from the finest steel available. SABA professional chef knives combine hand made quality with modern technology to build razor sharp chef knives that will last for years.

Cleaning Supplies made in Michigan

Cleaning Supplies made in Michigan include Unmarx reusable cleaning pad that easily erases marks on clothing, Xtreme Cleaner and Surface Protector, Visor & Helmet Treatment, Glass Guard for crystal clear windows, Optics Surface Treatment eyeglass cleaner and Lavender Yogo Mat Cleaner, crocheted kitchen scrubbies and dish cloths, room & linen Spray and

BagSavr for plastic garbage bags.

Fortune And Glory

Fortune And Glory is a very diverse online marketplace of Made in America gifts and essentials. All prices are out-the-door with 100% free shipping on every item! Our goals are simple: restore American manufacturing in particular and American manufacturing in general! Our broad selection of items includes: furniture, toys, apparel, vises, pewter gifts, kitchenware, houseware, clocks, indoor and outdoor décor, knives, lighters, birdhouses, and much more!

Environmental Systems Distributing

Environmental Systems Distributing (ESD) of Florida offering American made whole house, under-sink, counter-top, shower and specialty water purification products. If you are on city tap water, you don't need expensive and wasteful reverse osmosis technology to make top quality drinking water right at your kitchen sink for under $0.03/gallon. Free shipping to Lower 48 USA. Stop the Lug-A-Jug drill.

McCombs Counterpanes and Quilts

McCombs Counterpanes and Quilts of Illinois produces traditional and modern quilt designs. Baby, Shower, Birthday, and Holiday Gifts. Quilts, Blankets, Cozy Flannel, Cotton, Personalized Gift Boxes. Kitchen Accessories and placemats Hot Pads Tortilla Warmers Potato Bakers

DayStar Apparel inc

DayStar Apparel inc of Georgia manufactures restaurant style aprons in North Georgia.  The company continually sources raw materials from other USA Made manufacturers and prides itself on improving our economy by producing higher quality aprons at an aggressive pricing structure that fits within most restaurants budget.  DayStar sells exclusively through distributors, but links and referrals are easily accessible via their website.


KettlePizza is a new product that will transform a traditional kettle grill (like a Weber kettle) into a real pizza oven! Made in Massachusetts, fun to use!

Engelbrecht Grills and Cookers

Engelbrecht Grills and Cookers Built in Central Illinois , Engelbrecht Grills and Cookers will not be surpassed in quality, durability, and performance. In fact we tell our customers "You'll be handing this grill down to your grandkids". We specialize in wood or charcoal grills tailored for camping, tailgating or backyard grilling or bbqing. Everything we build is built heavy and built right. Check out our Braten series of grills. These grills allows you to make southern style bbq or western style bbq. Or with it's 3/8? solid stainless steel cooking grate, you can get amazing grilling results. Shop online for quick delivery.

The Holland Grill

The Holland Grill is not an "ordinary" gas grill. Made right here in the USA, we cook food better and do it more easily than any gas BBQ grill made. Period. Many have tried to copy our unique indirect grilling system but none have succeeded. If you're looking for a gas grill that's easy to use and grills the most tender, juicy food you'll ever taste, you're looking for a Holland Grill. Great food, no flare-ups and hassle- free!


MAK GRILLS The Superior Wood Pellet BBQ-Smoker-Grill This rugged, durable, and precision-built Smoker-Grill is made in the U.S.A. to last a lifetime. All of the critical components are made of easy-to- clean, rust-proof stainless steel. The large capacity hopper holds an entire 20 pound bag of wood pellets so it can run for 20+ hours on the low setting without having to add fuel.

PK Portable Kitchen®

PK Portable Kitchen® is the finest cast aluminum barbecue grill available on the market today. The classic design of our unique barbecue grill will enhance the beauty of your patio or deck. The durable construction

of this grill will ensure many years of enjoyment grilling, smoking or roasting your favorite recipe. The hinged grid allows easy refueling with charcoal or wood chips during low heat smoking and roasting. The versatility of this grill allows you to use it as a smoker, high-heat searing, or slow roasting, You'll have unbeatable cooking control. While The PK Grill is an excellent addition to any backyard, the oven can be easily be detached for tailgating and camping.

Giroux Landscaping

Giroux Landscaping provides 10 years of expert service in the creation and installation of beautiful custom patio and outdoor kitchen designs. Call today to have your dream patio become a reality.

Beckeys Kountry Kitchen

Beckeys Kountry Kitchen of Michigan makes Kitchen Jams, Jellies and Sweet Breads. What started out as just offering our restaurant guest homemade style jams and breads has grown to a point that we are sending our jams and breads all over the country. Our moist and sweet breads like Apple, Banana, Peach and Blueberry Zucchini have been popular with our guest.  It's not uncommon to have them come in just to buy a few loaves of bread to take home to enjoy. Our Jams and Jellies are served everyday to our guest in our restaurant and we also sell them in 1/2 pint mason jars for our guest to take home. Our unusual jam flavors are quickly becoming popular, like our Raspberry Jalapeno jam, and our Moon Shine Jelly just to name a couple, we have over a dozen different flavors to choose from and our flavor list is growing.

Notting Hill Decorative Hardware

Notting Hill Decorative Hardware of Wisconsin creates high-end hardware for cabinets and furniture. Our artisan line includes: knobs, pulls, handles, back plates and appliance pulls featuring exceptional detail and craftsmanship. Notting Hills decorative kitchen & bath hardware features period-inspired designs.  Collections range from Arts & Crafts to Victorian. We also offer Classical, Nouveau, Romantic, Rustic Lodge, Tropical, Beach and Whimsical Eclectic Styles.

John Boos products

John Boos products These carts and tables are used by many famous Chefs across the USA!

Sunset Hill Stoneware

Sunset Hill Stoneware is a family-owned, full-service production pottery company recognized for their custom Signature Stoneware™ logo products featuring customized 3-dimensional clay medallions. The company combines old world technologies with modern innovations to create handcrafted coffee mugs

and beer steins or customers ranging from leading Fortune 500 companies to national parks, museums, gift shops and resorts. The functional stoneware is individually handcrafted in the U.S.A. and distributed in America from coast-to-coast.


Tableboards; exceptional, stunning, substantial, and museum quality for the kitchen and dining room table. Designed and handcrafted for both contemporary and traditional settings.

Jacob Bromwell

Jacob Bromwell is a specialty housewares company that manufactures authentic campfire, kitchen, and fireplace products for families of yesterday, today, and for generations to come. As America's oldest housewares company established in 1819, we offer a select group of timeless products that modernization has not improved. Our classic products take people on an emotional journey into nostalgia and tradition, and allow them to find joy in the simple and genuine American past as an antidote to our over-perfected

modern lifestyle.


ALFI USA High Performance kitchen knives are astonishingly sharp, versatile, and specifically designed to tackle the most demanding kitchen tasks day after day. The combo of high performance and painless price makes it an essential staple for every kitchen.

Made in California with pride & aerospace-precision by a family-operated business.

Lamson & Goodnow Cutlery

Lamson & Goodnow Cutlery is still handcrafted in Shelburne Falls by American workers. We're proud to say that over 177 years later, we still produce the finest cutlery and kitchen tools made in America.

Rada Kitchen Store

Rada Kitchen Store We've been making kitchen knives for America's cooks since 1948 – and through the

years the lessons we've learned have been simple. Buy the best high carbon, stainless steel. Machine the blades to a razor sharp edge. Ship orders within 48 hours. Charge a fair price. Treat our customers as we ourselves would like to be treated. And never lose sight of our desire to make cooking easier and more fun. As it turns out, it has been a recipe for success.

CUTCO Cutlery

CUTCO Cutlery is the largest manufacturer of high-quality kitchen cutlery in the United States. We employ over 700 manufacturing and administrative employees in Olean, NY. CUTCO'S primary focus is in the design and manufacturing of the highest quality of knives in the world

Georgetown Pottery

Georgetown Pottery has been handcrafting fine porcelain on the coast of Maine since 1972. With a flare for style and consciousness of function, we create pottery that is beautiful enough to display, yet durable enough for everyday use. We make each piece by hand at our Georgetown studio. Our offerings include items for the kitchen, bath, dining room, garden and home. Everything is microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe, and lead-free. Our brushwork patterns celebrate the beauty of Maine, while our exquisite glazes are vibrant and colorful with a decidedly Asian feel.

Kitchen Craft Cookware

Kitchen Craft Cookware of Wisconsin was first manufactured in West Bend, Wisconsin over 100 years ago. You can feel secure in the fact that you are investing in the best and investing in America. Kitchen Craft cookware was originally created by a unique merging of layers of metal originally three layers, then seven layers. This merging of surgical stainless steel and aluminum alloy ensured that heat spread smoothly and quickly  without hot spots  across the bottom of each pan. This process also gave the metal a seamless way to conduct heat evenly on all sides of the cookware. Through technological and

metallurgical advances, Kitchen Craft Cookware is now formed out of one sheet of 110 gauge surgical stainless steel. This creates the most even heat conductivity imaginable, resulting in the most energy efficient thermal core cooking system available.

ManPans USA

ManPans USA  When you unpack your first Manpan, you will be holding an American made product. Every part of our pans are made in our Spokane, Washington manufacturing center. The unique, leading edge design, finish and durability were created by our in-house engineers and built by a trained team of American workers. We are proud to be in your kitchen

Jonthan's® Wild Cherry Spoons

Jonthan's® Wild Cherry Spoons ~ the leader in wooden spoon design. We offer beautiful handmade cherry wood spoons of all kinds. The Original Lazy Spoon® is a favorite of Rachael Ray and was featured as one of Oprah's favorite things in 'O' Magazine. Our spoons are also loved by Christina Perillo (aka Christina Cooks) and creative cooks around the world. Jonathan's® Spoons creates spoons for all your kitchen needs: baking, cooking, mixing and stirring; plus we offer spoons for left handed chefs! Our

folding tongs are fantastic for serving salads and baked potatoes, as well as multiple kitchen tasks. All soons are handcrafted in Pennsylvania from beautiful wild cherry wood that is sustainably harvested from well managed forests. Our spoons are the perfect choice for the all natural kitchen. Every spoon is handcrafted in the United States of America.

The Homer Laughlin China Co

The Homer Laughlin China Co. remains the largest domestic pottery employing over 1100 skilled workers in a 37 acre facility. As a leader in the china design and manufacturing market, Homer Laughlin has pursued the issues that matter most: lead-free dinnerware, durability, contemporary design and timely


Microplane Home Series Fine Grater Made in the USA

Microplane Home Series Fine Grater Made in the USA

Made in USA Can Opener (Black)

Made in USA Can Opener (Black) This American made can opener was first sold in 1954. The original company that sold it is the It was the now long gone U.S. Swing A Way company. Can you believe some of these openers are still working 40 years later. It is because they are made from carbon steel, have skip proof feed wheels and are gear driven. It's cutter, gears and wheel are all treated with heat and are plated with zinc. Now newer, thicker and more comfortable handle pads have been added. Although a little larger this is almost the same great can opener just better. Nothing was compromised in making this product. No shortcuts were made to just save money.

Our commitment is providing the very best service for the very best American made can opener ever made. We are proud that our openers have a legendary reputation. We will never allow that to change. Buy American made and create jobs!

Pyrex® glassware

Pyrex® glassware is a must have for any serious kitchen. Available in an array of functional shapes and sizes, each individual piece can be used for baking, cooking, microwaving, serving, and storage  Pyrex glass bakeware is always manufactured  in the U.S. and our packaging proudly displays the American flag and the "made in the USA" label.

Vermont Bowl Company

Vermont Bowl Company  "Our goal has always been to make things ourselves, and not become a retailer of imports. We believe "Made in America" is important and for us it goes beyond patriotism."

Nordic Ware

Nordic Ware is a family-owned, American manufacturer of kitchenware products founded in 1946. From our home office in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we have marketed an extensive line of quality cookware, bakeware, microwave and barbecue products for the last 60-plus years. Nordic Ware's first products were ethnic bakeware products such as our Rosette Iron, Ebleskiver Pan and Krumkake Iron. An innovative manufacturer and marketer, Nordic Ware is best known for its Bundt Pan. Today, there are nearly 60 million Bundt pans in kitchens across America. (check the label as they have a tiny amount of imported items but 98 to 99% Made in the USA)

Super Skewer BBQ skewer

Super Skewer BBQ skewer has a crafted wooden handle and dual stainless steel tines. The Super Skewer' s design eliminates the need for hot pads when kabobing because the wooden handle eliminates heat transfer from the barbeque. The dual 19? long stainless steel tines stop your kabobs from rotating on the skewer when being turned. The tines will not rust and are easy to clean, and the 19? length allows you to

remove your barbeque's grills and shish kabob your food over the complete width of the standard barbeque – this gives more evenly distributed heat to your chicken, steak, shrimp, vegetables, or whatever you're grilling. Custom lengths available on request Restaurant and Commercial pricing available Made in the USA

D-Lux 57

D-Lux 57 of California makes high quality fashion retro aprons for women and kids. Made with love in the USA.

Gram's Apron

Gram's Apron  All of our aprons are proudly made in the USA.   If she cooks, bakes, cleans, gardens, paints, is handy, entertains, is superwoman, or she just wants to look great while she does what she does best . . . we have an apron for her!"

New Retro Dining

New Retro Dining - 50's Style Residential and Commercial Retro Dining Furniture. Quality Kitchen Furniture Proudly Crafted by American Workers! Our 1950's style retro furniture is as comfortable as it looks.  We provide retro dining furniture for diners, restaurants, ice Cream stores, youth centers, employee break rooms, game rooms, and your very own cool-daddy kitchen with a retro 50's style. Don't be fooled by low quality foreign imports. Our 50's style new retro dining furniture collection is Proudly Made in the U.S.A., and built to last a lifetime.

Laffy Daffy

Laffy Daffy We design and build step stools that are safer for kids because they don't tip over. We were tired of our own kids falling because of unstable step stools and so the idea was born. Now our kids safely use their step stools all over the house to wash hands, turn on lights and help in the kitchen. Our step stools have legs that flare out as they go down so the base ends up wider than the top. Even standing on the very edge the stools do not tip over. In addition to step stools we also sell growth charts, cork boards and other items. We take great pride in all of our products and guarantee quality. The items can be purchased as you see them or you can contact us for customizations. All items come fully assembled and ready to use. Check back often to see what is new at Laffy Daffy

Texas Rope Doormats

Texas Rope Doormats is your source for all types of rope doormats with an endless number of uses and themes. There's no better value for a such a unique, hand-made woven commodity. These soft rope doormats are Hand woven in Texas with a polyolefin fiber rope, this quality rope door mat combines a great look with durability and easy maintenance. Available in a many different colors,sizes and can be customized to support your favorite team colors, school colors, pro team, or any color pattern you want to make a statement and complete a desired look at manufacturer direct pricing! There's no better value for a such a unique, hand-made woven commodity. These rope doormats are ideal for Boats, RV's, camping, gardening, entry ways, kitchens, bathrooms, by the pool, on steps, on the deck, or on the floor by your sink in the kitchen, bathroom, or bar. They can be used as a door mat, a mat or as a rug.

Pick My Decor

Pick My Decor of Oklahoma specializes in American Made in the USA to order home decor accents and accessories for your walls, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living areas, outdoor patio and garden areas that will work well for the contemporary home, country house, rustic mountain lodge, backwoods cabin, or beach house.

Guadalupe Forge

Guadalupe Forge has been making wrought iron home accessories, including iron cabinet handles, forged iron door pulls, iron cabinet knobs, iron candle holders, iron kitchen pot racks, horseshoe hearts, iron wall hooks, and much more! The hand-hammered texture of our handcrafted iron complements rustic home interiors as well as Mission or Craftsman style homes. Our wrought iron Texas star hardware is perfect for western decorating, southwestern décor, and even a cowboy theme! We hope you'll explore our website to see how our unique wrought iron hardware can add handcrafted warmth to your home.


Ceardai is an online store selling American made wrought iron household and outdoor products hand made in New York. Our wide selection of finely crafted products includes wall art, kitchen cabinet hardware and other kitchen accessories, bathroom dcor, plant hangers, garden stakes, curtain rods with coordinated accessories, and much more. Electrical switch and outlet covers are custom made in over 20 decorative silhouettes. House signs and lawn plaques can be personalized with your name or address. Visit today to find the perfect wrought iron piece for your home or garden, proudly made in the USA.

Merle Norman Cosmetics

At Merle Norman Cosmetics, we believe in "in" sourcing. From a humble kitchen in California, Merle Norman Cosmetics started as, and continues to be, an American company. For us, "Made in the USA" is not just a cliché. It is a literal translation of who we are. Founded by an American born and bred woman who paved the way for female entrepreneurship, we are a family-run business. We opened our first Studio (franchise location) in sunny Santa Monica and built facilities in both California and Tennessee. We employ nearly 500 U.S. workers to research, develop, manufacture and package our own line of skin care and color products. To ensure optimum quality control, we house our own Research & Development department on the premises of our headquarters in Los Angeles. Using state-of-the-art technology and the finest ingredients available, we take pride in developing unique, high-quality products that address the needs of today's consumers while also presenting a broad line of color cosmetics for today's fashionable consumers. We are proud that our formulas are made right here in the U.S., along with the compacts, jars, bottles, caps and tubes in which our great products are packaged. While we may source a component from overseas, we design our line so that all product and manufacturing of the finished good is done here in the U.S. Except for a few select items such as sponges, puffs, pumps and pencils which are specialized items made overseas, we are 100% American made. That authenticity is beyond comparison in this industry.

Coffee Cups

Coffee Cups made in Michigan include the Michigan Love Mug with decorative red open heart with Michigan's upper and lower peninsula in red, Tuxedo Cat theme coffee cups, and laser engraved coffee cups.

Hadley Stoneware Mugs.

Hadley Stoneware Mugs. With over 50 pottery patterns from which to choose, you are sure to find several you can't live without! Choose from our two most popular sizes: our 8 oz regular mug and our special 12 oz flare style, or select a cup and saucer set, 9 oz. tumbler or 8 oz. julep cup. It's much easier to get through the morning with a little help from a Hadley Pottery friend such as Cow, Horse, Fisherman and Skier, or a Palm tree or Sailboat, to remind you of where you would rather be! Select 8 oz. mug and 12 oz. flare mug patterns can also be personalized with your name or other meaningful expression just for you.

Bennington Potters

Bennington Potters makes American classic mugs Whether you use a mug for fresh coffee, steaming tea, rich hot chocolate, spiced cider, soup, or a tankard of your favorite lager, the right feel is important. We offer handmade stoneware mugs in a variety of sizes, shapes and glaze colors to fit every need. Little or large hands - you're covered.

Linda Paul Studio

Linda Paul Studio of CO and CA makes beautiful tile and canvas wall art by American artist Linda Paul. Decorative tiles, stunning kitchen murals, original fine art paintings and canvas prints of inspiring landscapes, enticing vineyards and delicious cuisine that will transport you to Tuscany, Italy, France, Cajun country, Mexico and Southwest USA.

Apron Outfitters your source for American Made Aprons

Apron Outfitters your source for American made aprons made with only premium quality material. We specialize in 100% made in U.S.A aprons and chef coats. No minimum purchase required, or place a custom order starting at just 40 pieces. We also offer embroidery and imprinting with fast turn around times. Two locations offer faster shipping with a large in stock program. 20 colors of bib aprons, cobbler aprons, money aprons, waist aprons, tuxedo aprons, kids aprons.

If you are serious with buying American Made Aprons we are serious about making them for you. Our aprons are made with cotton grown, milled and dyed in the USA. The fabric, thread, buckles, boxes, bags are all American made too. All of that material is sewn and assembled by Americans. No sweatshops here!

Emerson Creek Pottery

Emerson Creek Pottery Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Emerson Creek Pottery artisans are continuing the American tradition of pottery making in a contemporary way. Emerson Creek Pottery's ceramic pieces have been featured at Mt. Vernon, Monticello, and the Smithsonian Institute. Influenced by the energy of Early American cobalt decoration, owners Priscilla Palmer and Jim Leavitt founded Emerson Creek Pottery in 1977

Billy Twang® Mercantile, American made fire-cookin’ goods

Billy Twang® Mercantile, American made fire-cookin goods. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and good barbecue is no exception Established in the heart of Houston, TX in 1992, Billy Twang® is an artisanal manufacturer of fire cooking goods, from succulent gourmet rubs to heirloom-quality spatulas and tongs. The best barbecue requires the best tools, which is why our finely-made fire cooking goods are considered by many to be the best-kept secret in delivering a mouth-watering meal We invite you to explore our collection of products and to join the Billy Twang® family. Soon you'll be building your own fires and cooking meat just like Billy himself, to the delight of family, friends, and neighbors.

American Badass Grill

American Badass Grill makes a 100% Made in the USA portable charcoal grill along with a gas grill that is 90%+ American made. America's own Badass rock star Kid Rock invites you to join him in his support of American workers. Kid Rock is tired of seeing everything sold in America being "Made in China". So he decided to do something about it and is having his American Badass Grill made in the USA.

It's time to be an American Badass and make grilling great again says Kid Rock. Unlike other celebrities complaining about things Kid Rock is putting his time and money where his mouth is. Visit his site for reviews on his grills, some uncensored videos and of course recipes.

Huntington Grills

Huntington Grills make gas BBQ grills in the USA. As a matter of fact they make them in several parts of North America. Huntington gas BBQ grills are made in the USA, built from the ground up for enjoying outdoor living. Huntington gas BBQ grills are made in Huntington, Indiana; Dickson, Tennessee and Waterloo, Ontario so a multi national company we don't often see. The steel and cast aluminum used in making these grills come from North American.

Editor's Notes: Yes this is an American Made directory and some of this companies are made in Canada. The bulk are Made in the USA and the company appears to do a good job marking where they are made. Canada pays a living wage and does not flood our markets with cheap goods that I'm aware of. Our family purchased an American made Huntington Grill around 2010 and have been very happy with it.

Deadwood Stove Company

Deadwood Stove Company of Texas makes The Deadwood Stove, which is a portable, efficient, and durable outdoor cook stove. Prepare meals with only small amounts of sticks, twigs, scrap lumber, pine cones, and other biomass material.

Wilmington Grill

Wilmington Grill brand of stainless steel cooking systems. Our "Built-for-a-Lifetime" stainless steel grills are proudly made in the USA.

There is a growing number of people discovering the joy of ownership of a Wilmington Grill. We stand behind every product we manufacturer to ensure your grill continues to bring you and your family the best grilling experience for years to come. Learn more about our "Built-for-a-Lifetime" Seven Year Warranty.

We sell our grills through local retailers throughout the United States. To find an authorized Wilmington Grill retailer near you,


lazyman  The company began as a family business in 1932 as Chicago Combustion Corporation. The founder, Louis McGlaughlin, introduced the first gas-fired broiler at the 1939 World"s Fair in New York. These first commercial units added a unique charcoal flavor to restaurant cooking and became the platform for the outdoor gas-fired barbecue grill. It has always been our desire to manufacture gas-fired barbecues that would stand the test of time and set us apart from the competition.


GATOR PIT of TEXAS, LP is family owned and operated.  Our manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas and is dedicated to ensuring QUALITY and AFFORDABLE OUTDOOR BBQ

PRODUCTS for everyone.  Our custom BBQ Pits  are hand-welded and individually inspected.  We offer a LIMITED WARRANTY on all BBQ Pits and a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY (ask for details) on selected pits on all of our products.


Primo makes it fun to cook. But more importantly, Primo gives your food the absolute best flavor. You need to taste the difference! Primo grills are the ONLY ceramic grills made in the USA. Our founder and leaders oversee the entire creation process to ensure each grill meets our quality standards

Hasty Bake Charcoal Ovens

Hasty Bake Charcoal Ovens - In 1948, Grant Hastings produced the first Hasty-Bake Charcoal Oven. As one of the original manufacturers of the "backyard barbecue," Hastings was a pioneer in the industry. Specifically, Hasty-Bake introduced the first portable unit, the first hooded unit, and a new method of cooking using indirect heat. Hastings' design controlled the intensity of heat by using vents, a heat deflector, a ventless hood and an adjustable fire box, revolutionizing the method in which food was cooked. Though our company has undergone many changes in the last 60+ years, the basic design of Hasty-Bake Charcoal Ovens remains unchanged. Built for the discriminating outdoor chef, each Hasty-Bake creates a cooking

environment that produces meals that are superior in taste. Our adjustable fire box offers you the flexibility to grill, bake or smoke your food. Additional features such as a grease drain system and "V"-shaped grills work together to virtually eliminate flare ups. An accurate thermometer helps you maintain your desired cooking temperature. Our removable heat deflector lets you cook with indirect heat while baking or smoking. And our ventless hood holds in heat and smoke allowing it to rotate around your food. Each Hasty-Bake is constructed by hand in Tulsa, OK from only the highest quality materials. With proper care and basic maintenance, you can expect our black powder finish, cold-rolled steel ovens to last for 15 to 25 years (or longer). Our solid stainless steel models can be expected to last virtually forever!

Patio and Camp

Patio and Camp- A complete line of portable outdoor: Wood stoves.  Grills. Smokers.  Cookers. This steel bodied wood stove is great for back yards and campsites alike. Collapsible design allows for easy cleaning, storage, or compact cargo.  Its light enough for the average person to carry and very simple to set up.  No tools required.  Simple slide fits for all parts. PAC stoves provide intense heat and conserve wood better than other fire pits.  Enjoy the torchlight and warmth around a PAC stove in your patio, garden, or campsite. PAC grills and smokers give you many options for versatile cooking: Hot plates, charcoal

barbequing, roasting, baking, and smoking.  Even Dutch oven and wok cooking! We do not believe in offshoring. The PAC Stove will outlast other cheap foreign imports. Some stoves may contain recycled or reclaimed materials.

Fire Magic Grills

Fire Magic Grills of California has a 75-year history of manufacturing high performance, stylish and versatile outdoor cooking products, Fire Magic offers a full line of premium grills, accessories and island systems  all made in the USA from the highest quality materials, with the most advanced features for todays discerning outdoor cook and backed by the industry's best warranty program.

Tuffy BBQ Mats made in the USA

Tuffy mats are designed and manufactured here in the USA using recycled tire rubber which helps reduce the number of tires being dumped into our landfills. The material has passed very stringent testing for safety including the FMVSS # 302, this is the most important one because it test for fire and flame resistance. Tuffy mats are safe with your upright grill, smoker, fryer, or kamado cooker whether it uses charcoal, wood pellets, gas, or electricity as its heat source. Clean up is very easy because Tuffy mats resist animal fats, fish oils, grease, sauces, and marinades, so all it takes is some warm soap and water to bring the smooth rubber surface back to new. Tuffy mats also work great under garbage or recycle bins, lawn mowers, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV's and UTV's while storing them or while working on any of these motorized products to help keep from losing any of the little parts in the dirt or snow. Tuffy mats can also be reversed to expose the ribbed bottom to clean your feet before entering a motor home, camper, 5th wheel, or tent while camping. When the grooves are dirty simply pick it up shake it and replace clean and new. With proper use and care your Tuffy mat will last for decades.

Because they are made with fresh ground recycled rubber they have a very strong "rubber" smell when you open the box, simply lay it outside and let it "air out" for a couple of days and the rubber smell will be gone.

Made in USA

Passes FMVSS test #302 For Fire and Flame

Safe For Use Grills - Smokers - Fryers - and Kamado Cookers

Heat Source Can Be: Charcoal - Wood Pellet - Gas - Electricity - Infared

Resist: Animal Fats - Fish Oils - Sauces - Grease - Marinades

30? x 42? 1/4? Thick Smooth Surface-Ribbed Bottom - Wt aprox. 7lbs

Safe for use on Composite Material


A Cookshack electric smoker oven will produce professional quality barbecue on your table, every time, without a hassle. Cookshack technology has eliminated the need for labor-intensive manual operation of old-fashioned pit barbecue smoking. Cookshack electric smokers use a combination of an electrical heating element and small wood chunks to cook and flavor the smoked foods you crave! All Cookshack products are proudly made in the USA.

Grill Accessories

Cookshack has all the accessories you need to get the best results from your smoked food! Do you want to make great stuffed jalapenos, try a pepper popper! A few more are rib-racks, jerky rods, temperature probes, cold smoke baffles, smoker covers, & extra grill racks of all sizes. Check them out to take your smoking experience to the next level!

Sauces & Spices

Cookshack sauces, spice blends, and rubs are original recipes developed in our own barbecue restaurant over 50 years ago. Use them to create a true pit-smoked barbecue flavor. These products are blends of spices and herbs that enhance the flavor of the meat. Pick up a Spice Sample Kit and try them all.

Deneen Pottery - Handmade Mugs made in the USA

Deneen Pottery is a second generation family business established in 1972 by Peter and Mary Deneen in Saint Paul, MN. What began in a two-car garage, today occupies over 17,000 sq/ft and employs over 50 skilled craftspeople. While our business has grown, the goal of Deneen Pottery remains the same: create functional, beautiful, hand-thrown stoneware for our clients.

We are so fortunate to collaborate with businesses – both small and large, from coast to coast – through manufacturing handmade pottery mugs in the USA. We are proud to carry forward a long tradition of hand-thrown stoneware designs that meet your personal or business needs.

Our process involves an entire studio of highly skilled individuals working as a team to produce the level of quality and craftsmanship that goes out our doors each day. Over 24 pairs of hands touch each piece – that begins as a lump of clay and ends as a twice-fired piece of Deneen Pottery. While every piece shares the same level of quality, each one is also individually created by hand so that no two are exactly alike. We high-fire to 2165º F (cone 6) which means unparalleled durability. We are so proud of our work that we stamp our family name on the bottom of every piece we make!

Capitol Cups

Capitol Cups of Alabama is a manufacturer of customizable reusable spill-proof insulated travel cups. The cups are microwave/ dishwasher safe and Made in America. Capitol Cups utilizes

patented designs and manufacturing processes to produce cups that are attractive, durable while still being cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Preserve Colander, Made in the USA Small (1.5qrt.)

Preserve Colander, Made in the USA Small (1.5qrt.)

Kano Korn LLC Concession Equipment Made in the USA

Kano Korn LLC Concession Equipment Made in the USA. We carry concession equipment, concession supplies and drinkware that includes: popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, snow-cone machines, condiment dispensers, plastic drinkware and more that is all made in the USA

While most of the Kano Korn LLC Concession Equipment is Made in the USA, not all of it is. The reason we listed this company is they make it very easy to determine which is American made and what items are not. They also really promote machines and equipment that is made in the USA. So as always check the label before buying anything.


Epicurean® Every professional or at-home chef knows the importance of a good cutting board. At Epicurean®, we use premium, eco friendly materials for our innovative and highly functional cutting surfaces. Traditional Epicurean® cutting surfaces gain their natural look and texture from the organic fibers that comprise them. Each color reflects a unique blend of fibers, layered together and pressed with a food-safe resin to form a durable sheet with unequaled food preparation properties. Our new Eco Plastic Cutting Boards, made with recycled high density polyethylene, come in a variety of stylish colors. No

matter what size, model, or color you choose, rest assured that your Epicurean® cutting board is durable,

dishwater safe, and made in the USA.

Lifetime Cookware a legacy of American manufacturing

Drawing on its unique 12-Layer Solar Cap construction, Lifetime Cookware is designed to be the best cookware choice available for preparing healthy, nutrient-dense meals using very little moisture. How you cook your foods and what you choose to eat are important and can affect how you look, how you feel, even how long you live. Lifetime can be used for all kinds of cooking it is specially designed to use the "minimum moisture method", also known as waterless or vapor cooking. Foods literally baste in their own natural juices while they cook, making them retain more nutrients, come out moist and flavorful, and be much healthier for you and your family!

Manufactured in West Bend, Wisconsin, Lifetime Cookware benefits from a legacy of cookware manufacturing expertise in a factory that has been in continuous operation since 1909. With a dedicated, multi-generational workforce, Lifetime Cookware represents the best of what the enduring American workforce has to offer and our extensive product line of high-performance cookware makes Lifetime is the obvious choice for the discerning and health-minded cook. It is a once-in-a-lifetime investment that can make all the difference in how you prepare healthy meals for your family.

Lifetime Cookware is part of the American Made Cookware Collection found on this directory. Like many other great products Lifetime is proudly made in Wisconsin since 1909

Diamond Craft

Diamond Craft Featuring the finest in American Made 7 ply surgical stainless steel cookware with our unique whistle valve vent system, designed to retain valuable nutrients and food flavor

Lustre Craft Cookware

Lustre Craft Cookware of Wisconsin is manufactured in America in a green certified factory. The factory has over 100 years of security and service with refurbished presses that were used during World War II to make artillery shells. Lustre Craft cookware offers oven safe handles, dripless edges, vapor seal covers that allow for water-free cooking instead of waterless, and a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects or workmanship.


Cogworks makes tableware, cutting boards, bookmarks, accents, boxes, and more. All our items are crafted in our woodworking shop in Antrim, New Hampshire. We offer an extensive selection of made in American items which include cribbage boards, fly boxes, lazy susans and our unique wooden gears. From wedding gifts and favors to corporate gifts, our personalized items are perfect for celebrating special moments.  At Cogworks we ensure every item we make demonstrates quality materials, great design, and fine craftsmanship.

Fire & Light

Fire & Light hand-poured colored glass tableware has a way of drawing the eye,enchanting the viewer with the unique play of light that filters through its rich spectrum of colors and textures. This enchantment is not simply a quality of the glass or its pigmentation, but of the very way in which it is made, the very hands that pour and press it, the beliefs and spirit that drive the people who craft the product, and the community from which it originates. Fire & Light colored glassware is a product whose history is a kind of future, where age-old craftsmanship meets innovative manufacturing, utilizing post consumer glass as a resource. But it's the beauty that will get you, the twinkle of light on the surface of a

watery blue bowl, and the knowledge that we get as much happiness out of making the colored glass bowl as you will from having it on your table.

Heath Ceramics

Heath Ceramics is one of the few remaining mid-century American potteries still in existence today. We have been making tableware and tile for over a half-century right here in our Sausalito, California factory. Our crew of 40 skilled craftsmen (many having been here for 20+ years) still makes every product on the premises

Hadley Pottery

Hadley Pottery, Set the Table and Start a Tradition. Hadley Pottery is a beautiful reflection of you, your creativity, and your style. Passed around the table, and passed down from generation to generation, each piece represents the things you cherish most. Hadley plates are the perfect way to start your collection, and start a conversation with your family!

Jered's Pottery

Jered's Pottery  of  California. We make fine, modern dinnerware for the changing tastes of our community. We make them durable, safe and with the best methods and materials available. Beautify your table.

Liberty Tabletop®

Liberty Tabletop® is Americas Flatware Company™.   Our flatware is made right here in New York at our factory, Sherrill Manufacturing.  We are the only flatware manufacturer still operating in the United States.  Sherrill Manufacturing is a family run business and was founded back in 2005 when we bought the Oneida Ltd. manufacturing site here in upstate New York.  Now with our own brand, Liberty Tabletop, we offer a range patterns all made with the finest 18-10 stainless steel.  The stainless steel we use is also certified 100% Made in USA ensuring safety for you and your family.  Our plant is operated on municipal hydro-power from Niagara Falls.  Creating jobs in America, good old fashioned quality, environmental responsibility, social responsibility to our workforce & community, and health and safety of our workers & customers is what we are all about and what sets us apart from the imports. By selling direct we can offer you the highest quality flatware at prices equal to or better than the imports you find in stores!  Patterns can be viewed and purchased on our website. Visit our site today and check out our patterns, all backed by a 25 year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We think you will be amazed!

Evert Fresh American Made Reusable Green Bags

Evert Fresh Corporation was founded, In 1988, as a manufacturing distributor of healthy chemical free, earth friendly products. The American made reusable green bags, for extending shelf and freshness of fruits, vegetables and cut flowers, was our first venture. Discovered by NASA in 1993, The green bags allowed space travelers to enjoy fresh produce on the Space Shuttle missions. (Please see photos on our blog).Due to quality control issues we moved all manufacturing of all out products to the USA in 1999. Our film is FDA approved food grade and the inert ingredient is a natural mineral also FDA approved. All ingredients are impregnated into the film during manufacture so nothing can be left on food stored in bags. We have been a member of BBB Since 1988 and to date have never had a complaint! The Green bags are the only means of storing organic produce that allows It to remain Organic!

High Strength and Quality New Milk Crates Made in USA.

Milk Crates Direct - High Strength and Quality New Milk Crates in Various Colors at Best Prices Made in USA. These Crates are a great way to store and organize a multitude of items around you home or business, they stack and nest on top of each other. They can withstand the elements, can be used as a stepping stool or building a support for a stage, etc... Everybody has seen these around, they have been used by all dairies across our great land for many decades.

Behrenberg Glass Company

Behrenberg Glass Company of Pennsylvania makes Glass plates, light fixtures and globes We specialize in clear glass plates for decoupage, engraving, hand painting and etching. We sell textured glass for restaurants, and we sell paperweights that can be used for decoupage, engraving, hand painting, etching, or sand carved. We can also engrave, or carve on a graphic of your making.

Anchor Hocking

Anchor Hocking has manufactured high quality glassware in the United States of America for over 100 years!

Tervis Tumblers

Tervis Tumblers are manufactured and assembled in the USA (exclusive of certain emblems). Each tumbler is carefully hand-assembled to meet our high-quality standards.Tervis Tumblers are virtually indestructible!  We want your Tervis Tumblers to work well & look great forever.  That's why we put so much effort into ensuring they are nothing short of superior quality.  But if, despite our uncompromising

dedication, your Tervis Tumbler should become defective in any way, just return it to us & we will gladly

replace it.

Bentley Plastics

Bentley Plastics is a family owned business nestled in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains of central Arkansas. We are surrounded with beautiful scenery and wildlife, it is not uncommon for a few of them to try and come in for a visit. Our family has been working hard for over 25 years producing quality products at a competitive price, yet still, providing a dependable and strong company for our employees and customers.

Heath Glass

Heath Glass is handblown in an 80-year-old glass-making factory in West Virginia. Every piece is touched by no less than ten glass-workers, each of whom is committed to preserving the craft of American handblown glass. We use them every day - from O.J. in the morning to mojitos at night. Heath Glass: Preserving the craft of American glass making. Now that's refreshing!

Shop Tervis tumblers, made in America and guaranteed for life since 1946 at

Private Spacers Portable Multi-Purpose Privacy Screens

Private Spacers portable multi-purpose privacy screens are made with 100% recycled materials in America and even hand folded by American Workers! These American made room dividers have many more issues like props for theater and drama, you can paint them, decorate them, use for displays and much more.

Strongest Coat Hanger In The World is Made in the USA

The world's strongest coat hanger is made in the USA. The company is actually named "The Worlds Strongest Coat Hanger" and they believe in protecting your investment in clothing and equipment by using a good strong hanger. Their hangers are so strong they can support scuba equipment, fishing waders, law enforcement body armor, fire fighters turn out gear and of course your everyday clothes and suits.

Visit their site and watch the video and you will also see they proudly proclaim American made and the hangers can be ordered directly from their site in a variety of colors.

Dr. Doormat American Made Doormats

Dr. Doormat American Made Doormats. Dr. Doormat is the first made in the USA antimicrobial treated doormat designed for home use. The mat safely destroys invading microorganisms on contact and can remove up to 99% of the debris from the bottom of your shoes simply by wiping twice. The doormat is made using environmentally friendly raw materials. The antimicrobial formula will maintain its efficacy for up to 20 washes. It is ideal for pet owners, allergy and asthma sufferers, families, new parents, eco/green conscious, fans of American made products, elderly, germaphobes, and people with compromised immune systems.

Birdwell Cleaning Products Inc American Made Cleaning Products

Birdwell Cleaning Products Inc American Made Cleaning Products. Since 1945 this company has been producing cleaning items for Household, Equine, and Industrial customers. These cleaning products including brooms and mops are all proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. Since our beginning, we have always been large enough to handle all of your needs but small enough to treat you like our only customer with great service.

Since 1945 Birdwell has been making cleaning tools in the USA. They have a catalog of over two hundred items all made right here. Their site does a great job of marking which items are made in the USA verses assembled here. Please check them you for yourself.

Sunshine Clothesline Laundry Dryer

Sunshine Clothesline is a small manufacturer of quality Clotheslines and Flag Poles. We make the Sunshine Clothesline, the original umbrella outdoor clothes line and it has been selling to families in the USA for over 100 years. We build a clothesline that is durable, folds up for storage, is assembled and fully roped. Our various models were developed from practical use and our story is simple we like to make good quality products that serve a useful purpose and will last a long time. You can visit our website to see pictures of our Clotheslines and Flag Poles we proudly make here in Parkersburg IA.

Pacific Sands, Inc.

At Pacific Sands, Inc. we help you simplify your life, naturally.

We are makers of household and commercial cleaners and spa chemicals that work as well or better than national brands, but are eco-friendly, biodegradable and healthy for you and your family.

Our product line-up includes:

Oxy-Boost ultra-concentrated oxygen bleach stain eliminator

Natural Choices green cleaners that make your house sparkle.

Ecoone hot tub chemicals that leave your water crystal clear and your skin silky smooth and baby-soft! (If you have a spa you HAVE to try Ecoone. You'll be amazed!)

Great for people with allergies, sensitive skin, or multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome.

We welcome visitors to our 100,000 sq. ft. office and manufacturing facility in Kenosha, WI.

Best Drying Rack

Best Drying Rack of Missouri, Iowa, Idaho, Ohio, Michigan. Our clothes drying rack and other laundry products are quality made in America. They will last years. Our product line includes our round wooden clothes drying rack, a large heavy duty outdoor umbrella clothesline that holds 4 loads of laundry, and a hand washing kit to help make washing even the most dirty clothes easy. We are a family owned business with top notch customer service.  We are always happy to answer any questions that you have about our products.  We answer our own e-mails and phone calls so there is no big call center that is just interested in getting your order.


Jiffy® Steamer manufactures over 16 fabric steamers and clothes steamer models including  the popular Esteam®, with only the finest industrial and professional components available. Jiffy® Steamer customers throughout the world enjoy the ease of use when steaming clothes or fabric in their home or business, simplicity of the process and the omission of the ironing board.

Housewares made in Michigan

Housewares made in Michigan include Designs organic cedar soap dishes for soaps and  essential oil racks for displaying/storing bottles of essential oils and roller ball holders; ice bucket and wine cover designed to cover the ice bucket to extend the chilling time of wine; laser engraved glasses, mugs, salt & pepper shakers, soap dispensers, candy jars, cookie jars, candle holders, picture frames, ornaments; antler wine racks; metal wine racks; BagSavr trash container; chalkboard stemware;  Michigan bottle openers; Michigan shape cutting boards; Michigan shape cookie cutters; Michigan shape ice cube trays; Petoskey Stone nightlights, Petoskey Stone wine stoppers; maple wine bottle shape cheese boards, pizza peel paddle, chopping blocks and turntables; candle scent warmer; granite cheese server;  aromatherapy scent kit; decorated and embellished glassware;  patchwork quilts; unqiue and functional pottery;  tumblers, glasses, cheese tray from recycled glass; Michigan photo bookmarks, bottle stoppers, coasters, cutting boards, nightlights, ornaments, sun catcher; Petoskey Stone picture frames and coat hooks; single handed servers; stuffed burger system; metal condiment trays, napkin holders, toilet paper holders, wine glass racks.

Plastaket Manufacturing

Plastaket Manufacturing of Lodi California has their focus on producing only juicers and on building the best juicer resulted in a juicer that is universally recognized as the most durable, juicer on the market. Since 1955, many juicers have come and gone from the market but the Champion Juicer remains the gold standard of the industry: the most durable, heavy-duty juicer and still the only US-made juicer on the market. Champion Juicer – The Juicing Expert since 1955

Waterstone Faucets

Waterstone Faucets of California. Welcome to Waterstone® Faucets, an innovative design driven company. We are very proud that our faucets are all designed, engineered and made in America! We invite you to spend a few minutes with us to discover the many exciting products we offer and to get "a feel" for our corporate culture. All of our USA made products have a life time functional warranty, and are available in 31 beautiful finishes. Please check us out and proudly support the USA.

Epicurean® knife holders

Epicurean® knife holders provide safe knife storage and style. They don't harbor bacteria and are dishwasher safe! Each knife holder is crafted with the same materials used in traditional Epicurean® cutting surfaces. The unique wood composite gives each piece a natural, organic feel, while offering advantages, such as dishwasher cleanup and temperature resistance to 350°F / 176°C. Items in natural and slate colors are National Sustainable Forest certified

New West Knifeworks

New West Knifeworks makes 100% American made chef knives that takes Yankee ingenuity to the cutting edge. At New West we combine the finest grade, USA high-carbon, alloy steels  with striking, handcrafted handles,  to make precision tools that are as beautiful as they are functional. Described by

Fine Cooking Magazine as ‘Knife Art,' our knives reflect our belief that cooking is an art, and the knife is the artist's brush. We also believe in Yankee know how and the American craftsman- that's why all of our knives are backed by a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

Block Knife Sharpener Made In The USA

Block knife sharpener is an American made patented flex design, made to pick up on any knifes original cutting edges. So you can only get your knife sharper when drawing knife blades threw the sharpener. Block knife sharpeners take very little to no steel off the knife, yet you will get knives razor sharp quite fast. We have how to videos on how you can sharpen different kinds of cutting edges and knives on this website. We sharpen any style serrated edge knives, Pocket knives, Kitchen knives, Fixed blade knife, Swords, Hatchets, Scissors and lots of odd shaped cutting edges found around the house.

Don't forget to check out our Knives Made in the USA page.

DMT Diamond knife sharpeners made in the USA

DMT Diamond Machining Technology is proud that all DMT Diamond knife sharpeners made in the USA at the company's Marlborough, Massachusetts facility for more than 35 years. By continually resisting the lure of cheap foreign manufacturing, the company is able to ensure the highest levels of production quality and provide the most responsive customer service. Today, DMT is recognized as the worldwide leader in diamond sharpening, utilizing superior, single-crystal diamonds to create unrivaled and award-winning sharpening tools for use in woodworking, gardening, cooking, camping, fishing, hunting, outdoor and winter sports, police/security and industrial applications. All DMT products are made using the highest quality materials and workmanship and are guaranteed to be free of defects.

Just as DMT products are built to last, so is the company itself. Since the company's beginning in 1976, it has earned a reputation the world over for superior quality, innovative designs and the ability to originate products that meet ever-changing market needs and demands. Over that same period, while Massachusetts has seen a dramatic shift in its manufacturing economy—away from textiles and machinery and towards software and medical devices—DMT has thrived by developing new products and opening new markets in Europe and Asia.

"We are proud that DMT Diamond knife sharpeners made in the USA has continued the tradition of quality manufacturing that Massachusetts has always been known for," said Mark Brandon, president of DMT.

DMT remains committed to producing 100 percent of its diamond sharpeners at its Marlborough facility. As a sign of its success in the marketplace, knock-offs of DMT's signature polka dot patterned sharpeners are now made in China. But, owing to its superiority in the category, members of the Chinese speedskating team recently contacted DMT to obtain sharpeners to give their skates the proper edge.

Today, DMT products are exported to more than 27 countries and this export business accounts for 25 percent of the company's total revenue. Even during the height of the recession, DMT was able to boost sales 18 percent.

"Our growth during difficult economic times is a testament to the quality, performance and innovation of our products," said Brandon.

DMT currently holds 11 U.S. and foreign patents on its products. Just one example of the company's groundbreaking innovations is its Diamond Wave. What began as an idea to create a new product was ultimately developed through the use of computer aided design to give the Diamond Wave the exact specifications necessary for precision sharpening all tools with curved edges. It is the first diamond sharpener to combine convex and concave abrasive surfaces.

RussTick Natural Woods Firestarters

RussTick Natural Woods Firestarters are easy to pack and carry for a camping excursion. Each firestarter is carefully handcrafted and created from a bundle of assorted twigs tied with jute twine and then wrapped with a piece of salvaged White or Yellow Birch bark. Hemp is then wound around the bundle to hold the firestarter securely together. The end of the twig bundles are dipped in a complex variety of natural resins that dry shiny and hard and help waterproof the wood. This combination of salvaged birch bark and natural resin combines to create a quick-catching fire propellant. Because of the waterproofing resin, RussTick Natural Woods firestarters can even be lit when damp, making them perfect for lighting fires in your outdoor fire pit. RussTick Natural Woods firestarters are ALL natural and environmentally friendly. There are no harsh odors, unnatural chemicals, or airborne toxins…only safe, clean, breathable air.

Help MyShelf

Help MyShelf of Iowa make Decorative Wire Shelf Cover & Liner Kit. A turn-key, low cost solution to upgrade wire shelving in minutes Keeps items from tipping over and falling through

the wires.

- Easy to Install

- Covers all models of existing wire shelves

- 2015 ADEX Award for superior product design and quality

- All tools provided for installation

Havens Metal Works American made sinks and kitchen hoods

Havens Metal Works create American made sinks and kitchen hoods custom made of copper and stainless steel sinks, hoods, and high end metal fixtures. We've specialized in the advanced fabrication of custom metal since 1986 and have focused a segment of our business on distributing luxurious copper and stainless under-mount and farmhouse sinks.

Havens Metal Works products are are known for their superior American quality and are backed by a lifetime warranty. When you install a handcrafted sink or hood from Havens you are making an investment in your home that will increase your enjoyment of your home as well as the value.

If you are looking for more items made in Florida be sure to check the directory of items made State by State. There are also many other Home Improvement items made in the USA featured as well.

Mud Jug Portable Spittoons made in the USA

Mud Jug Portable Spittoons made in the USA. We manufacture and distribute Mud Jug Portable Spittoons made in the USA. Our product is tailor made for smokeless tobacco users, wine tasting, coffee cupping and for sunflower seed users. The unique funnel and base weighted design, is spill resistant and conceals odors. We offer many colors and designs including our fully licensed Realtree Camouflage Mud Jug

Bird Deter American Made

The American made Bird Deter will keep birds off of your mailbox.

It does not harm birds; they will not even attempt to perch on the mailbox

Never again have to clean off a bird mess

Designed for standard round-top mailboxes, measures 18?long & Decorative yet obscure

Easy 30-second installation – no drilling, no hardware or tools needed

To install, simply pull the paper off of the strong adhesive strips and press on to the top of the mailbox

Burger Pocket Press®

Burger Pocket Press® A stuffed burger maker that enables users to creates new and exciting recipes by sealing any kind of "toppings" on the inside, maximizing flavor and instantly making burgers more interesting. The Burger Pocket Press takes meals and barbecues to the extreme, with stuffed burgers that are filled with flavor, easy to make, neat, and fun to eat. Its American made and patent pending four-piece design shapes meat while creating a pocket that holds ingredients and then seals everything inside prior to cooking, producing perfectly shaped burgers that can be tailored for every individual taste. Perfect for home or restaurant use, the Burger Pocket Press makes anyone a gourmet chef capable of making classic or unique burgers. Cheese, meats, vegetables, and sauces are all in play, without the mess that comes from stuffing burgers by hand or eating ones with fixins' perched perilously on top.

Texas Lightsmith

Texas Lightsmith located in Austin Texas are a team of metal-smiths & fine craftsmen. Creating custom farmhouse sinks, range hoods, fireplace screens and more since 1995.  Specializing in Copper, Brass, Bronze, Nickel Silver, Wrought Iron, and Pewter

The Bagel Biter

The Bagel Biter Welcome to the home of the world famous Bagel Biter. The one and only, original guillotine-action bagel slicer. Find out why over one and a half million people and countless commercial customers have chosen the patented Bagel Biter as the safest available.

Haley's Corker

Haley's Corker  is the World's only 5 in 1 Wine Tool:  Aerator, Filter, Pourer, Re-Corker and Stopper. While enjoying a glass of wine, JE Haley contemplated one device to replace a drawer full of accessories. A comet like flash of inspiration created the careful engineering.  Enhance, serve, and preserve your wine with this Swiss Army Knife of Wine Tools. All USA design and production.

Fasta Pasta®

Fasta Pasta® cooks rice, vegetables, soups, casseroles and even a great chocolate cake!  Fasta Pasta® is a perfect gift for students, the elderly, disabled, the RV crowd, couples, single moms, and working families on the go. Fasta Pasta® saves time, energy and water while producing a deliciously hot meal every time. Tell your friends about Fasta Pasta®. Thank you for purchasing our American Made Product

Nut Demander

Nut Demander is hand made by our family in Ohio. The Nut Demander is a nut cracker made to easily crack hard shell nuts such as Black Walnuts, Brazil nuts, and Macadamia nuts. Each Nut Demander is made with quality materials, hand-polished To A mirror shine or painted. The Nut Demander is made of

American-Forged, hot-rolled C-channel steel. Made to exact dimensions in a our Ohio machine shop. All- steel construction means Nut Demander isn't just built. It's over-built heirloom quality

Accent Pizza Peels

Accent Pizza Peels are hand-crafted, produced with natural, untreated basswood and manufactured right here in the U.S. We take pride in our workmanship and guarantee the quality of each and every pizza peel we make. Your satisfaction is our main concern. Proper seasoning (use mineral order) and and hand washing will give you years of use. Check out our versatile product line and our factory-direct pricing! A standard size and custom size available!

At, we have a passion for handmade pottery, ceramics and stone jewelry. Our goal is to bring you beautiful handmade pottery and ceramics treasures from the very best U.S. artisans, not found elsewhere. We want to give you access to their amazing talent and unique one-of-a-kind art pieces and beautifully handcrafted functional pottery tableware, serve ware and home decor creations. We sell only high quality U.S. hand made pottery and jewelry, crafted to last a lifetime.  Free shipping on orders over $100.  Enjoy shopping with us!

Sauce Crafters Inc.

At Sauce Crafters Inc. we are celebrating 20 years of manufacturing and bottling many award winning and delicious sauces. Hot sauces, Barbecue Sauces, Wing Sauces and more. From mild to extreme heat. Some of the worlds hottest sauces are made right here, and certainly some of the tastiest.The names of some of our sauces are Colon Cleaner, Rectal Rocket Fuel, Satans Rage, Satans Ghost, Hellhound, Swamp Honky, Widow No Survivors, Orange Krush, and many many more. Have some fun and visit our website today. Don't forget that these products are not just good for you, but they make fantastic gifts as well.

Cookin Wit’ Gus

Cookin Wit' Gus  Offers an exclusive line of BBQ sauces and seasonings. Our six rub/seasonings range from mild to spicy and are available in three sizes. Our three herb seasonings all have unique flavors and can be used on all types of foods. We also offer four seasoned fry coating/gravy mixes tailor crafted for all the meat types and are available in mild and spicy. Rounding out our product line are our eight sauces. They range from traditional BBQ sauces to basting/injecting sauces, mustard based sauces, and an exciting blend made with fresh peach, mango, & pineapple. All our products are 100% additive and preservative free. Our Herb Seasonings are diabetic friendly so you can continue to enjoy our products. As we say it here, "Life's Good When You're Cookin Wit' Gus"


GlassDharma – The Original Glass Straw, handmade in the U.S.A Glass Straws are the latest eco-trend with GlassDharma leading the way as more and more people across the globe say "No Thanks!" to plastic straws.  Known for their uniqueness, strength, and beauty, GlassDharma straws are about the best life has to offer - healthy living promoting a healthy world with  a "touch of glass".

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