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The Barfly Swatter American Made Fly Swatter

The Barfly Swatter is a unique, Made in the USA product. We are a new

company rolling out a new and unique product that we think will bring smiles, laughter and enjoyment.

They bring smiles and laughter wherever they are displayed. Originally intended to just hang on a nail behind a bar as a conversation piece, they have become quite popular as a souvenir. They are very large and get a lot of attention.

Bartenders love them. Almost all bartenders have a personality as an entertainer and humorist. They love showing the Barfly Swatter to customers to invoke laughter and good times.

The development of these swatters was based on the premise that "if there is such a thing as a barfly, should there not be barfly swatters? A sense of humor is required in order to appreciate them.

We make swatters for other venues as well, such as The Horsefly Swatter, The Sports Barfly Swatter and the Swamp Swatter for the very large critters along the southern coastal area.

The swatter itself is a very effective insect killer. It's impossible to miss any flying biting insect with them. One might think that the holes in the swatter area are too big and that small flies could escape through a hole. But the odds are better that they will not escape in that way. The grid tends to impact the insect, cutting it in half or worse. Actually they are like a drone strike to most any insect.

The Horsefly Swatter was designed with the boater in mind. Anyone who has gone fishing in a coastal area where those green headed biting horseflies can ruin your day, will find the Horsefly Swatter quite useful. The horsefly is not easily gotten rid of. Once they hone in on you, they don't quit no matter how many times you slap at and miss them. They are very quick and come right back to bite.

Our swatters are one piece and made of sturdy polypropylene. They are flexible and virtually indestructible.

As a manufacturer, we are able to offer wholesale volume and pricing to retailers from boat dealers, sporting goods, bait and tackle shops, resorts etc. But, we offer retail sales through our website.

Bird Deter American Made

The American made Bird Deter will keep birds off of your mailbox.

It does not harm birds; they will not even attempt to perch on the mailbox

Never again have to clean off a bird mess

Designed for standard round-top mailboxes, measures 18?long & Decorative yet obscure

Easy 30-second installation no drilling, no hardware or tools needed

To install, simply pull the paper off of the strong adhesive strips and press on to the top of the mailbox

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