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Droll Yankees American Made Bird Feeders

Droll Yankees American Made Bird Feeders makes more than 100 different products that proudly bear a tag "Made in America by American Hands." When you buy a bird feeder from Droll Yankees you are directly supporting hard working Americans.

Droll Yankee is continuing a Tradition of forty years of making American made bird feeders and accessories. Droll Yankee understands in a market full of "Made in China" tags, they are being committed to producing high quality bird feeders through the hard work of American Hands on American soil. Employed Americans pursue the American dream, pay taxes, have more freedom and liberty.

Editors Note: When reviewing this website it is clear this company understands and is passionate regarding American made. It appears that everything they sell may be American made, however there are many products. All the products randomly reviewed were Made in the USA and very well marked. If in doubt don't buy it or check with them directly.

Nature House Inc. Bird Houses and garden hardware 100% American made

Erva is a manufacturer of Bird Houses and garden hardware 100% American made. Erva makes over 400 garden related hardware products including hooks, hangers, and shepherd staffs for flower and plant baskets. Erva also manufactures an extensive line of bird feeding hardware including birdfeeders, birdbaths, poles, hangers, and the most comprehensive selection of squirrel and raccoon baffles available anywhere. Erva acquired the Nature House company in 2006, maker of the finest aluminum purple martin houses. We continue to produce these houses at our manufacturing plant in Chicago IL.

Our family owned business is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017. Please visit our showroom. We enjoy offering plant tours to our visitors.

Nature House does carry one imported line from Germany. They do a very good job of displaying on every item's origin and the vast majority are Made in the USA


Aspects proudly manufactures products in the USA. We appreciate the loyalty our customers have shown to us over the years and we in turn strive to continue to offer quality, innovative products that are backed with a Lifetime Guarantee. We further support independent retailers by never selling our products in the deep discount outlets. High quality products made in the USA

Our philosophy at Aspects is a simple one; manufacture the best feeders possible to ensure years of enjoyment to both the birds they are designed for and for the people who use them. We continue to manufacture all items in our Rhode Island, USA facility with the best materials available. This enables us to confidently stand behind every item with our Lifetime Guarantee.


Birdfeeders Made in Michigan include high quality lighthouse style birdfeeders, natural bird feeders, rustic bird feeders,  jelly bird feeders, sunflower bird feeders, thistle seed bird feeders, and decorative glass bird feeders. The bird feeders are handcrafted from pine, cedar, and engraved glass.


RollerFeeder from Minnesota are the makers of quality squirrel proof bird feeders, made in USA since 1998. Our patented bird feeder is guaranteed squirrel proof designed to roll, spin, and befuddle squirrels.

P & S Country Crafts

P & S Country Crafts of New Hampshire make Handmade American crafts including bat houses, bird houses, word turned items, and more. Based in Bristol, New Hampshire


TEXAS~OnBoard of Texas is home of the best little bird house in Texas!  Specializing in Home & Garden Decor with Rustic Texas Flair.  All items are hand made with recycled and

reclaimed materials. Never mass produced-MADE IN THE USA!

Barn in the Sticks

Barn in the Sticks is a small family owned and operated online retail company in Southern Wisconsin.  Our focus is on wildlife habitat.  Most orders will ship within 24 hours of being received. I have been involved in helping wildlife habitat since I was very young, helping release pheasants for the local Rod & Gun Club, helping my father set up wood duck houses, plant trees and bushes, and putting up bluebird houses.  When my brothers and I were young, every winter we would go out and clean out the wood duck houses, so the following spring we could watch the ducklings on the pond. Along with offering products from manufacturers, we will also offer step by step photographed instructions on how to build your own habitat.


PetGuard Since 1979, PetGuard has practiced the philosophy, which embodies the commitment to you and your pets, to provide only natural alternatives for a healthier environment and lifestyle. People today are concerned with the important relationship between nutrition and health. We are all concerned about actual ingredient sources, seeking products free of artificial ingredients, by-products, colors, preservatives, excess sugars and salt. At PetGuard, our concern for minimizing toxic chemicals in our environment and sensitivity for improving our lifestyles extends to our pets as well. Veterinarians agree that well fed pets contract fewer diseases, look healthier and are more active than pets that do not receive a healthful, well balanced diet. All pets deserve the benefits from a lifestyle of optimum nutrition, exercise, good grooming habits and regular veterinary visits. Our natural pet care products offer the discriminating and conscientiously concerned pet parents the opportunity to provide pets with the same health benefits that we all seek for ourselves.

Pawgevity - Food for Pets

Pawgevity - Food for Pets of Virginia manufactures real raw, organic foods and unique treats for cats and dogs to promote health and longevity.  All ingredients are sourced locally from small family farmers.  Our foods are produced in a USDA human grade production facility in Virginia.  We're involved from Farm to Bowl - 100% USA grown and made.

Hollywood Stars American Made Dog Treats

If your dog is a star and I bet it is, shouldn't it only get Hollywood Stars American made dog treats? Don't settle for anything less than dog treats made in the USA for your Star pet! Your dog will love training and performing when the treat is from Hollywood Stars. With two different flavors to chose from your star dog may be doing flips to get more.

Hollywood Stars knows that pet owners want to give nothing but the best to our furry friends. That is why most of our insist our pet treats be made in the USA where our track record of safety is fantastic. Hollywood Star's website is full of information about their products to convince you of their devotion to making a high quality pet treat.

Hollywood Stars American Made Dog Treats are available Nationwide at Walmart as well as on Amazon. Since there are Walmarts everywhere and Amazon reaches everyone you don't have an excuse to not buy American made dog treats! And if you send a picture of your Dog Star Hollywood Star dog treats may even feature your pet on their website, talk about the star treatment!

Many thanks to Kathy for letting us know we should include this great company on the directory. We are very proud to be able to list this dog treat company along side the other wonderful dog treats made in the USA we have found over the years. In our home if a treat or pet food is not made in the USA we leave it in the store. Too many American pets and their owners have fallen victim to dangerous imported pet products. The epidemic of tainted pet food that took the lives of so many American pets was one of the reasons that Americansworking was created.

Barkin' Biscuit, LLC

Barkin' Biscuit, LLC of New Hampshire make healthy 100% natural vegetarian dog treats in a variety of flavors. No salt, soy, corn, or byproducts. Baked with organic ingredients. MADE IN THE USA!

Loving Pets Corp

Loving Pets Corp  of New Jersey makes Barksters which were born from a simple idea - to create a treat we can all feel confident and comfortable giving our pets. How? By making them delicious, all-natural, low in fat, and using only U.S. farm-grown ingredients. Barksters Krisps dog treats are holistic, great tasting, guilt-free snacks (they're only 12 calories each) that supports U.S. farmers and are produced entirely in the U.S.A.

Lucky Paws

Lucky Paws proudly presents PupCakes 2 go, the first ever microwavable dog treats. Run by Melinda Kirk, this unique concept of a canine cupcake, has spread quickly throughout pet boutiques nationwide. PupCakes 2 go, made of all natural and organic ingredients, can be microwaved in less than 3 minutes creating a tasty and totally unique experience for families and their pets. PupCakes 2 go achieved Best New Product of the Year 2010 at the Global Pet Expo. Featured in various magazines and publications as a top pick and chosen as one of the gifts in the coveted "Hollywoof" swag bag, PupCakes 2 go has quickly become the new "it" product

Pet Factory

Pet Factory is one of the few remaining manufacturers in the United States who actually use USA raised cattle hides and manufacture in the USA. We feel that American Beefhide chews are what demanding pet owners want and we provide the highest quality: thicker and longer lasting chews.

Make sure you check here for even more choices for American Made dog toys and treats. Please visit often as we are adding new products all the time.


KONA'S CHIPS the unique brand of dried chicken jerky treats for dogs. Made from premium 100% USDA inspected chicken breasts, Kona's Chips are All-American produced in America, processed in America, packaged in America, and sold to American pet owners. You can be assured in knowing that your dog is safely sinking his teeth into a healthy and safe snack! Inspired by our own experience with foreign pet products, Kona's Story Kona's Chips are produced with a passion for dogs, with safety and health our primary concerns. As a loving pet owner, you want to be assured that the treats you give your dog will not make him ill or have any long-term ill health effects. When you know the treats are a 100% All-American product, made with love, you can trust that you are giving your dog the best.

Healthy Dog Treats

Healthy Dog Treats - Made in USA Only - Best Slow-Smoked Beef Dog Food in Pet Supplies - Great Dog Training Treats - Gluten-Free Dog Treats - 1 lb. Bag - Beef Jerky Treats Your Dogs Will Love, GUARANTEED

The Renegade ® Hoof Boot

The Renegade ® Hoof Boot Is the result of this quest which lasted over three calendar years and consumed an estimated 20,000 "man hours" of development time, coupled with simultaneous "field testing" by over a dozen competition endurance-horse and rider teams covering thousands and thousands of training and competition miles on some of the most rugged terrain in the southwest. Proudly Made In The USA!

National Horse Blankets

National Horse Blankets where our goal is to provide you with the largest selection of custom Horse Blankets and accessories made from the finest quality material and workmanship "PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA". In addition to unparalleled customer service, our products not only provide all of the colors, and options necessary to create your own distinctive look and reflect that polished image, you get superior fit and functionality as well.


ScratchnAll® is leading the way in multi-animal scratchers.  The owner/inventor is a senior entrepreneur who brought manufacturing FROM China TO America.  She has an interesting story to tell. ScratchnAll® is an animal-enrichment, scratching and grooming pad currently satisfying 22 different species of animals.  The durable pad has 4 interlocking sides and can be applied flat or over corners. Uniquely, each pad contains 214 pressure points and may be used as a supplement to acupressure. Martha Stewart's animals LOVE them!

Whinny Warmers

Whinny Warmers® and Summer Whinnys™ are made in America! Completely! This is non-negotiable! Our knitting mill is an American business. The yarn spinners are all American! The socks are finished and wrapped in America. The labels on the socks are made in America. Our web hosting company is based in America and has Americans answering tech support! Imagine that! Our goal is to help horse owners help their horses, but we also want American jobs to stay in America.

Lickity Bits

Lickity Bits were specifically designed to enhance the bitting training experience for the horse and rider. Our products are carefully crafted and made in America with the finest quality ingredients. We are here to make you and your horse's life just a little "bit" better!

We have been featured in Tack 'n Togs New Product Extravaganza, Selected one of the best new products in Trail Rider Magazine, Young Rider, Western Horsemen, EQUUS, The Equine Journal, Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar, Holistic Horse and more!

Editor's note. When we checked out this site it was made clear their products are Made in the USA.


Unbreakoball  Our trademark Unbreakoball Products are made in Michigan. Unbreakoball offers high quality dog toys & breed awareness products at affordable prices. We here at Unbreakoball take a great deal of pride in our MADE IN AMERICA PRODUCTS. We support American Workers and Small Businesses!

Pet Pizzaz

Pet Pizzaz of MN produce wonderful pet beds for dogs and cats. These pet beds are made in the USA, machine washable and attractive. The dog beds are made of fleece & faux fur to make them comfortable and cozy. Many dog breeds like to burrow and these beds are specifically for them. Some examples would be Miniature Pinschers, Chihuahuas, Miniature Dachshunds, Dachshunds, Boston Terriers, Italian Greyhounds and many more. Pet Pizzaz is located in Owatonna MN.

Tribeca Pets

Tribeca Pets of NY, Michigan, and California makes beautiful, fine furnishings for Pets. Original Designs, Solid Woods, and handmade in the USA. Our custom work, making multiple dog feeders, and tremendous Dog Bowls, for breeds like Leon Bergers,Bernese Mountain Dogs, and tiny breeds. Dog Bowls, Dog Beds, Oak Crates, and Custom Work. We have 9 Years of experience with Pet Furnishings and our designs address many concerns of Veterinarians, and Owners.

Alpaca Pet Beds

Alpaca Pet Beds, Made in the U.S. Pamper your pet with a super warm alpaca pet bed stuffed with alpaca fiber. Dogs and cats love these warm pet beds because they're squishy and toasty. Owners love these alpaca pet beds because the fiber stays put! No more bare spots. Baffles in the pet bed pillow keeps the fiber where it's supposed to be. The alpaca pet bed is washable and the cover is removable for more frequent washings.


Pet-O-Beds are Made in the USA and are not sold in most stores.

West Paw Design

West Paw Design of Montana. Pets add quality to life and West Paw Design's objective is to give them quality in return with durable toys, beds and apparel made in the USA. The eco-friendly company uses recycled, organic and recyclable materials in many of its products and continually incorporates sustainable strategies into its manufacturing process. Since 1996 the Bozeman, Montana-based company has gained a strong and loyal following by offering products that are people, pet and planet-friendly.

King Cuddler Nest Bed

Made In USA Dog Bed King Cuddler Nest Bed. Large Brown Sherpa. Outside Dim. 33x23x7?. Inside Dim. 30x20x7?. Removable Washable Cover. specializes in Avian Enrichment toys, parts & products. CBT offers the most bird toys made from the largest variety of USA made parts used (combined with other parts too), eco-friendly parts, USA made 1?,2? 3? parrot rings & pudgies & all toys are handmade in the USA. CBT has a large variety of foraging, shredding, natural parts, plastic & more created toys of varying textures to tantalize your finch/keet to macaw beak is a small family owned and operated bird toy manufacturer, we were created in the wake of the recession and out of the necessity to help Americans keep their jobs. All of our toys are made from 100% American Made materials and components this is without exception. When you buy from us you help keep the jobs of hundreds of Americans across a variety of niches. Our goal is to provide top quality bird toys to every bird owner in America

The Designer Pet Eatery Food and Water Bowls Made in the USA

Reicher Enterprises LLC would like to introduce a new, made in America, pet bowl that could revolutionize how your pet eats in the future. The Designer Pet Eatery creates a custom installed look that can be achieved by each and every pet owner. It is a pet bowl that is mounted within the wall and elevated to the height desired. Your pet will benefit by the elimination of neck strain, which will aid digestion.

You will benefit by not having the obstacles of bowls on the floor taking up space or tripping over them. This will eliminate dirt accumulating around the bowls or the inconvenience of picking up bowls to sweep or mop. This growing trend may change pet feeding from "fast food" to "fine dining."

Sierra BioScience

Sierra BioScience is a small family run company located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lake Tahoe. The founder, Barry Farris, is an award winning inventor with more than two dozen issued patents for sterile pharmaceutical storage and delivery devices. When Barry was alerted to the need for cats to be enticed to drink more water, he saw what was available and knew that plastic, especially cheap foreign made plastic is porous and will support the growth of all sorts of pathogens. After dozens of prototypes and numerous experiments the Glacier Point Pet Fountain was introduced in November 2009 at a National Meeting of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and was met with rave reviews. The ceramic basin is made in California from American clay and glazes that are certified lead and toxin free. All the fittings are made in America. There is only one USA based fountain pump company and we use their American designed pumps which are assembled elsewhere. Glacier Point Fountains are 85% American made and should we find a USA pump company then

we will proudly boast that we are 100% "Made in America".

USA PETS- Dog & Cat Supplies, LLC

USA PETS- Dog & Cat Supplies, LLC  We provide a wide variety of quality MADE IN USA pet products.  We have researched our products and have made every effort to feature only USA made products. Our goal in providing such products, is to aid the US economy, support the American worker, and express love and pride for the USA.

Glacier Point Pet

Glacier Point Pet Water Fountains is a small family-owned company near Lake Tahoe, California. We provide a line of pet water fountains made in America with American designed parts. Our fountains feature:

non-porous high fired lead free ceramic basins that are easy to clean and keep clean,

an inline charcoal filter to remove chemicals and other harmful toxins from the water,

a foam prefilter to block saliva and large particles from clogging the pump,

professional grade pump from the only USA based fountain company (Americandesigned pumps are assembled

outside of the US)

certified water safe antimicrobial fittings,

an automatic glass bottle refill system and

grounded electrical plugs.

We have the only refrigerated pet water fountain with an electronic chiller that maintains a water temperature of 60

degrees to increase water consumption and absorption. Glacier Point Pet Fountains are designed to prevent costly pet

health problems such as constipation, kidney disease, and urinary tract infections. All veterinarians know that water is the cornerstone of preventative cat health therapy. Glacier Point Pet Fountains provide clean, fresh water that is the closest alternative to the pure water of mountain springs and streams found in nature.

FauxPaw Productions

FauxPaw Productions Cookie Jars, Pet Treat Jars, Pussy Cat Bowls Dog Bowls Art and Ceramics, Pet trophies, Pet awards, Pet Supplies. Incredible hand made ceramic plates, vases, bowls and much more in the Fauxpaw Gallery. Everything is original, hand made, and signed by Debby Carman.

Petiwraps Dog Grooming Aids Made in the USA

Petiwraps Dog grooming aids made in the USA are a dog nail grooming aid to show the nails and keep the hair out of the way. PetiWalkSocks is a padded bottom sock that protects the dogs paw from cold, hot and other painful surfaces while walking.


udogu  Our small dog harness is ideal for walking your dog. Our easy-on harness is easy to adjust to fit your dog properly. It goes on and off easily and is secure and safe for your dog. The udogu small dog harness is handmade in the USA

All Star Dogs

All Star Dogs Officially licensed collegiate team pet products including jerseys, collars, and leashes, dresses, and ceramic dog bowls. Our non-sport line includes over 200 styles of dog outerwear coats and jackets, denim articles, designer cheerleader uniforms, and much more!

BUB dog

BUB dog designs and manufactures dog outerwear. 100% waterproof rain coats, turn-out fleece coats, winter coats, and more. Unique in that BUB coats DO NOT use Velcro - which catch hair and wear poorly over time. We are a high performance coat fused with style. No slipping from side to side, and complete with a protective belly panel, BUB coats are the perfect fit and design for your companion.

The Chase Coat Classic

The Chase Coat Classic uses only the highest quality materials and workmanship. Our coats are designed for exceptional fit, ease of movement, and maximum durability. You won't find another coat on the market that stands up to our rigorous standards. The Chase Coat will keep your dog warm and dry in the most severe weather. Features a tough water- and wind-repellent Neoprene® shell, warm polyfill insulation and a soft, plush Polartec® Classic fleece lining.

We have also added The Chase Coat Classic Rain Coat this Spring, which features our signature lighter tough water-

and wind-repellent Neoprene® shell, and our lining is a soft 100% cotton Terry Cloth breathable material.

This Fall we will also be featuring our signature neoprene shell severe weather coat in camouflage with the Polartec

lining for the owner who enjoys outdoor sports and shares that hobby with their furry family member.

All coats are custom hand made in Farmington Hills, MI with custom sizes ranging for 11" in length to foal size, ships with a free slouch scarf and customized with your pet's name embroidered on coat.

Inner layer of polyfill, lined with a soft faux sheepskin•Contouring around the haunches for warmth and fit

All weather protection through rain or snow

Can be used Fall, Winter & Spring

Can be stored/hung on hanger as shown in the site logo above

Custom Hand Made in USA

Custom sizes ranging from 11" in length to foal size

Ships with a free slouch scarf

Customized with your dog's name

ll Star Dogs

ll Star Dogs Officially licensed collegiate team pet products including jerseys, collars, and leashes, dresses, and ceramic dog bowls. Our non-sport line includes over 200 styles of dog outerwear coats and jackets, denim articles, designer cheerleader uniforms, and much more!

Animal Suspension Technology

Animal Suspension Technology Pet Support Suit The AST Pet Support Suit™ is a heavy-duty support and control harness for dogs. We deliberately overbuild our harnesses to provide unbeatable support and control, combined with durability and comfort.

Tasman’s Natural Pet

Tasman's Natural Pet – Our Bison and Elk Leather Collars and Leads are made entirely in the U.S.A. , starting with the Bison and Elk leathers made in our Wisconsin tannery.  Founded in 1947, Tasman is a family owned business, which supplies the world with raw, salted cattlehides for the manufacture of leather, and are one of the largest exporters of cattlehides in the United States .  We produce leathers for the U.S. Military as well as other government contracts and private manufacturers.

Be Bop USA Pet Products

Be Bop USA Pet Products Every dog has his day, and collar with matching leash. Because animals are part of the family, it's only fitting that they be outfitted to impress.Quality, integrity and value are woven into every product made by Be Bop USA. You can rest assure that our customer service and 4 Paw Guarantee© will exceed your expectations and you will love outfitting your dogs in fun Be Bop USA products. All products are designed and made in Oregon.

Dynamic Accents Ltd

Dynamic Accents Ltd  Dynamic Accents Ltd manufactures top quality wooden pet gates, pet crates and other fine pet accessories in Wooster Ohio.  Utilizing native Ohio hardwoods and eco-friendly non-toxic water based finishes in combination with precision mortise and tenon joinery our products are handcrafted with care and attention to detail. Because our pets deserve the best, please visit our website at

Spike and Paco Wear make Pet ID tags in the USA

Spike and Paco Wear, is a website based company that provides great quality customized engraved pet ID tags and ID collars in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is so important for your pets to be wearing a tag that can help bring them home in case they become lost. Spike and Paco Wear make Pet ID tags in the USA to make sure if your beloved pet wonders off they can be reunited with you! You can not be too safe when it comes to keeping loved one safe.

Jake ID

Jake ID of  California. We identify and protect your gear with personalized gear tag webbing. Have your name, phone number or email address woven into a gear tag. The information is easy to spot when traveling and will never come off, no matter the outdoor use. We have scuba gear ID, surfing gear ID, Dog collar ID, Cat collar ID, Cell phone ID, Sunglasses strap ID.

Friendly Dog Leash Walker

Friendly Dog Leash  Walker of North Carolina was created out of pure need for a Tangle Free Walker!  This small online business has been in operation for 5 years now.  We make these leashes in the Western North Carolina mountains!  We have sent them throughout the country and abroad!  This product is different from standard coupler systems and really works!

Dog Collar Fancy

Dog Collar Fancy Our Beautiful Fancy Crystal Jeweled Dog Collars and Leads are hand-crafted from only the finest materials, and our designs are hand made in the U.S.A. Absolutely gorgeous! We're sure you'll agree that Dog Collar Fancy is the place to shop when your dog needs a beautiful designer Crystal Dog Collar to stand out from the crowd. Please check the label, this company also sells pet clothing that we could not distinguish if they are American Made or not.

At Sam’s Dog Hut

At Sam's Dog Hut "we strive in manufacturing the Finest Pet Products available. Our products are more than just simply saying Made in the USA"

Marine Dog Pet Supplies produces American Made Leashes

Marine Dog Pet Supplies produces American Made Leashes. All our own leashes,leads and collar's are salt water proof and made in the USA. Our Hands free leash doing more then ten different things to make life with your dog easy. Our own brand name products made here in USA.

Please note that Marine Dog does also sell some imported items as well. Please check the label before buying anything. The reason they ate listed here is because they make their own American Made leashes and collars. Marine dog also operate a bricks and mortar store in addition to internet sales.

In reviewing this company I found they offer a great feature on their website that list recent pet food recalls. That is really helpful information.

If you are looking for American made leashes and collars Marine Dog does offer wholesale according to their website.

There are many other Pet supplies made in the USA listed on this directory.

This and many other products are Made in New York

Packin’ It Easy™

Packin' It Easy™ Horse and Snowmobile Saddle Pack. Quick access to all your supplies while riding. The first non-leather saddle pack ever made. Saddle Packs with optional Icy Cold Pack™ inserts that keep canned drinks, perishables and even fresh trout icy, icy cold for several days. Fits like you want! Packin' It Easy™ saddle packs protect your horse from kidney damage with no flopping or bouncing even over the roughest terrain.

Traveller Trading Co.

Traveller Trading Co. is a Leather Goods Maker located in Concord, NC.  Established in 2010 by craftsman Brock W. Norris, each product is individually handcrafted using traditional techniques and the finest materials available. High Quality handcrafted leather goods.  We use the best leather and hardware available to make products which will last a lifetime.  We specialize in belts, wallets, dog collars and leads, but also make custom accessories such as key fobs and custom logo'd belt buckles.

Ruff Dawg

Dog Toys Made in the USA by Ruff Dawg Whether you have a Sheltie or a shepherd, a boxer or a Bichon-Frise, Ruff Dawg has the right toy for your dog. These 100% superior-grade, rubber retrieving dog toys are made in the USA and are great for any size pooch. Founded in 1999 by dog enthusiasts, Ruff Dawg is your source for premium dog toys. Ruff Dawg — changing the way pets play.

Ark Naturals Products For Pets

Ark Naturals Products For Pets Ark Naturals products are all manufactured in the USA in FDA and USDA facilities. All of our ingredients are premium human grade and are free of unwanted additives. All of our labels include full ingredient disclosure. All of the products are veterinarian recommended and formulated.


Purrfectplay "the perfect toy for your pet - naturally!" Purrfectplay  is simply dedicated to producing the best toys possible for your pets while keeping you informed about the role synthetics and chemicals play in undermining your pets' health and the welfare of our planet. We are not flashy and you will probably never see our products on the shelves of your local mega store. Purrfectplay  is a member of American Made Matters

Puddle Out

Puddle Out cleans everything from nose prints on windows, little footmarks on highly polished furniture, biddy-grits around feeding stations, fur-ball ickey-up, cat pan tidy-up, and "contest" marking.  It totally removes urine smell (even the strongest male marking orders) and does so quickly without a lot of work.  Many of our customers have dog-only homes and find Puddle Out as effective as our feline owning friends. Puddle Out is used and recommended by veterinary, grooming, boarding, and animal sanctuary establishments for its safe and effective ease of use. Product of the USA... Made in Bristolville, Ohio


Petstairz  of South Carolina make the density foam Petstairz 100% in the USA. The steps are a low impact pet safety product for furniture friendly pets. The low impact STAIRZ enable your pets to navigate furniture with ease while allowing for joint longevity. They also help to prevent back and neck inquiries that can occur when pets jump to and from high places. They can also be utilized for rehabilitation and exercise. The high density polyurethane foam construction is flexible, lightweight and portable. Each step is individually fabricated and bonded which helps to achieve maximum support for all size pet weight distributions. They can support all breeds. The steps weigh from 2 lbs to 8 lbs but once utilized can hold all small and most medium sized breeds. The STAIRZ ship with a skid resistant permanent adhesive back strip. The STAIRZ are available in six sizes!  The Stairz are shipped in a beige Shearling fabric cover. Optional Designer covers are sold seperately. The stair covers are machine washable and interchangeable. Leopard, black ,pink and faux mink covers available upon request.

The Tick Key

The Tick Key was invented in Watertown, Connecticut in 2003 after several years of designing & redesigning. Since then, it has been tested over and over again and has proven to be the premier tick removal device on the market. A product that is proudly manufactured in Connecticut (USA).


PurePet The PurePet Promise Since 1988 - The PurePet philosophy of "Purity for your pet - purity for the planet" means our products are safe for pets, safe for people, and safe for the environment. PurePet products are 100% natural and organic and are made in the USA. PurePet does not engage in animal testing. All PurePet products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Watercolor Pet Portraits

Watercolor Pet Portraits by Carol Wells Using your photo as a reference, animal artist Carol Wells will create a custom painting of your favorite dog, horse, cat, or any companion animal.

Mountain Ridge Gear, LLC

Mountain Ridge Gear, LLC makes high-quality American made packing gear for outdoor enthusiasts. As a 21-year veteran in the military, I developed an affinity for tough, modular outdoor packing equipment built to withstand heavy weight over long periods in harsh climates. After retiring, I traveled extensively and have gone through numerous equine panniers and packs that didn't hold up. Out of frustration, I designed my own outdoor gear, including panniers made for all sizes of equines and saddles, rugged backpacks, pommel bags and pouches. All the gear is made to order right here in beautiful Peyton, CO!

Simanovich Protection Dog

Simanovich Protection Dog Located in Conover, NC Simanovich Protection Dog is a leading provider of fully trained guard dogs. With over 30 years of experience, as German Shepherd trainers, our dogs trained by the Simanovich team improve the quality of life and increase security for families and individuals who seek personal protection. Simanovich dogs have been carefully selected & trained at the highest international standards to offer peace of mind and

security to their companions.

Susan's Saddle Stands

Susan's Saddle Stands of Texas makes custom designed saddle stands with repurposed leather, horse shoes, conchos, etc made by an Italian who was made in

Edgewood Leather Company

Edgewood Leather Company of New Mexico offers a premium line of English tack and accessories. You can be assured that every Edgewood product has been handcrafted and carefully inspected here in  our New Mexico facility.  Traditional styling with a contemporary feel - Edgewood stands the test of time.  A quality product Made in America from American cowhide, expertly tanned in the USA,  excellent customer service, affordable prices - there is no better choice than Edgewood.


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