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Handwoven by Amber Hand woven goods and gifts

Handwoven by Amber is a weaving business that I started 1 year ago. When I had my 3rd child, my husband and I decided that it was not feasible for me to go back to work, and pay a daycare to watch our children. I needed to find something to do from home. I saw a lady wearing her newborn in a baby wrap, and I immediately wanted to know how those were made. I did my research, and found handwoven baby wraps were a very sought after item. After discussing with my husband the possibility of being able to make them, he bought me a small table loom. My very first project was a not so pretty scarf. After many trials, and late night, I was able to sell a few. I eventually bought a big floor loom with babysitting money, and made myself my very own baby wrap. Since I started my weaving journey, I decided that I not only want to make baby wraps, but I want to make unique handwoven items. Handwoven by Amber produces many scarves, kitchen towels, and even gun and rifle slings. If there's anything you would like made that you haven't seen on my website, let me know, and I'll try my best to see if I can make it.

Cobalt Creek American Made Rugs

Cobalt Creek American Made Rugs sells rugs for cabins and mountain homes. Our style might be called "Rustic Refined" All of our rugs are made in the USA. We offer American Dakota Rugs, Old Hickory Rugs, Rustic Fusion Rugs and Rande Cook Rugs. Our rugs are made from premium nylon and clean easily with warm water. Most of our rugs come in 6 different sizes. Our business is American owned, our rugs are designed by Americans, and the rugs are made on American machines. We are proud of these facts and proud of our rugs. Shop us today for American made rugs and help keep jobs in America!

Sisal Rugs Direct

Sisal Rugs Direct Our natural fiber sisal rugs are beautiful, durable and affordable. By popular demand we added new sisal-like outdoor carpets and wood deck tiles to beautify your patio too.

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