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ON THE CUFF is the first cuff shaped, bracelet like - sponge to be worn around the wrist that stops water from running down the arms. ON THE CUFF is a simple solution to an annoying problem that we all face! ON THE CUFF makes washing the face, car,boat, even bathing pets hassle free and not nearly the mess it once was!! The "one size fits all" design makes ON THE CUFF ideal for women, men and teens. Made in the USA.

HOGSWIPE® Waterless Detailin' Products

HOGSWIPE® Waterless Detailin' Products of Florida Born straight from the... 'Ol Dusty Road, Hogswipe® " Hogswipe® Brand Products proudly represent a "Spirited, American-Made", Environmentally-Conscious" Endeavor, one that creatively Markets & Distributes a Unique Line of Top-Quality, 100% & Waterless & Detailing Cleaners, Polishes & Conditioners, each granted recognition & awarded use of the... prestigious "Green"; & "Eco- Friendly"; Logos by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Havens Metal Works American made sinks and kitchen hoods

Havens Metal Works create American made sinks and kitchen hoods custom made of copper and stainless steel sinks, hoods, and high end metal fixtures. We've specialized in the advanced fabrication of custom metal since 1986 and have focused a segment of our business on distributing luxurious copper and stainless under-mount and farmhouse sinks.

Havens Metal Works products are are known for their superior American quality and are backed by a lifetime warranty. When you install a handcrafted sink or hood from Havens you are making an investment in your home that will increase your enjoyment of your home as well as the value.

If you are looking for more items made in Florida be sure to check the directory of items made State by State. There are also many other Home Improvement items made in the USA featured as well.

Mud Jug Portable Spittoons made in the USA

Mud Jug Portable Spittoons made in the USA. We manufacture and distribute Mud Jug Portable Spittoons made in the USA. Our product is tailor made for smokeless tobacco users, wine tasting, coffee cupping and for sunflower seed users. The unique funnel and base weighted design, is spill resistant and conceals odors. We offer many colors and designs including our fully licensed Realtree Camouflage Mud Jug

Bird Deter American Made

The American made Bird Deter will keep birds off of your mailbox.

It does not harm birds; they will not even attempt to perch on the mailbox

Never again have to clean off a bird mess

Designed for standard round-top mailboxes, measures 18?long & Decorative yet obscure

Easy 30-second installation – no drilling, no hardware or tools needed

To install, simply pull the paper off of the strong adhesive strips and press on to the top of the mailbox

Burger Pocket Press®

Burger Pocket Press® A stuffed burger maker that enables users to creates new and exciting recipes by sealing any kind of "toppings" on the inside, maximizing flavor and instantly making burgers more interesting. The Burger Pocket Press takes meals and barbecues to the extreme, with stuffed burgers that are filled with flavor, easy to make, neat, and fun to eat. Its American made and patent pending four-piece design shapes meat while creating a pocket that holds ingredients and then seals everything inside prior to cooking, producing perfectly shaped burgers that can be tailored for every individual taste. Perfect for home or restaurant use, the Burger Pocket Press makes anyone a gourmet chef capable of making classic or unique burgers. Cheese, meats, vegetables, and sauces are all in play, without the mess that comes from stuffing burgers by hand or eating ones with fixins' perched perilously on top.

Texas Lightsmith

Texas Lightsmith located in Austin Texas are a team of metal-smiths & fine craftsmen. Creating custom farmhouse sinks, range hoods, fireplace screens and more since 1995.  Specializing in Copper, Brass, Bronze, Nickel Silver, Wrought Iron, and Pewter


Tableboards; exceptional, stunning, substantial, and museum quality for the kitchen and dining room table. Designed and handcrafted for both contemporary and traditional settings.

The Bagel Biter

The Bagel Biter Welcome to the home of the world famous Bagel Biter. The one and only, original guillotine-action bagel slicer. Find out why over one and a half million people and countless commercial customers have chosen the patented Bagel Biter as the safest available.

Haley's Corker

Haley's Corker  is the World's only 5 in 1 Wine Tool:  Aerator, Filter, Pourer, Re-Corker and Stopper. While enjoying a glass of wine, JE Haley contemplated one device to replace a drawer full of accessories. A comet like flash of inspiration created the careful engineering.  Enhance, serve, and preserve your wine with this Swiss Army Knife of Wine Tools. All USA design and production.

Jacob Bromwell

Jacob Bromwell is a specialty housewares company that manufactures authentic campfire, kitchen, and fireplace products for families of yesterday, today, and for generations to come. As America's oldest housewares company established in 1819, we offer a select group of timeless products that modernization has not improved. Our classic products take people on an emotional journey into nostalgia and tradition, and allow them to find joy in the simple and genuine American past as an antidote to our over-perfected

modern lifestyle.

Fortune And Glory

Fortune And Glory is a very diverse online marketplace of Made in America gifts and essentials. All prices are out-the-door with 100% free shipping on every item! Our goals are simple: restore American manufacturing in particular and American manufacturing in general! Our broad selection of items includes: furniture, toys, apparel, vises, pewter gifts, kitchenware, houseware, clocks, indoor and outdoor décor, knives, lighters, birdhouses, and much more!


ShopProgress  provides a streamlined and efficient way to buy Union-made, US-made, and eco-friendly promotional items. We have pre-selected products that are useful, practical, well-designed, well-made, and adhere to our highest-in-the-industry standards for sourcing and manufacturing.


OHSAY USA We offer 100% guaranteed quality Made in USA gifts for the whole family.We feature products twice a week at 10-70% off retail prices. You will discover unique home and outdoor gifts, toys, pet products & more. Our mission is to help our neighbors by stimulating job growth and renewing a sense of pride and opportunity in the place we live. We provide Americans a central source to buy quality US made goods from inventors, designers and even companies who have been around since the 1800's.

Sierra Valley Trading Company

Sierra Valley Trading Company is a growing, friendly company located in the largest alpine valley in North America, the beautiful Sierra Valley of California. We live here for many reasons, not the least of which is the pioneer spirit that guided the discovery and settling of  this special place. To surround ourselves with what we love - a place of pastoral beauty in the midst of straightforward and time-honored American values is truly a privilege. Our products are drawn only from American companies, some of which, have been manufacturing for over 100 years. There's a difference between cheap imports and quality American made goods. We only offer products that we use ourselves, and proudly, only products that are labeled  MADE IN USA is a full service distributor with the capability to supply individuals, small and large business and federal agencies with occupational safety for law enforcement, fire & rescue, military, industry, assembly, construction and office personnel.We are a small family-owned business. We are registered with Dun & Bradstreet. We are US Government CCR Certified. We are a Department of Defense supplier. We are EDI compatible. Building America's Premiere Work Boot Web Site

The New England Trading Company, Ltd

The New England Trading Company, Ltd. Every item we offer you is made in New England, most are handcrafted by artisans of various trades. Each item is hand-selected for it's superior quality, superb craftsmanship, or unique artistry. Our store carries ONLY Made in USA gift items, some of them from local crafters and some from American companies.  We have a physical store in Northfield, OH and an on-line store.  From well known companies we carry Lenox china (only the sets made in USA!), Glass Eye Studios vases & bowls, Smoky Mountain Pottery, Bay Pottery, Emerson Creek Pottery, Kinkade Paintings and Prints, Root Candles, Crossroads framed prints and artsy lamps, Vermont Teddy Bear, White Mountain Puzzle, Channelcraft Toys, Esperanza Threads organic cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts and onesies.  From artists and crafters we carry Amazing Wind Machines, Mr. Soggs Creatures plushies, Girlfriends and Glass stained glass, Calico Goose Tole and Decorative Painting, Balticsmith Jewelry, Donkey Doodle Jewelry, Hall Wood cuttingboards, Glass Meangerie, Burford Metal Art, and more.  Free shipping on orders over $50 to continental US.  Check us out!


NORTON'S U.S.A., we sell only products made in the United States! We wanted to do something positive to support the American worker and the American manufacturer, so we have spent the last eight years researching American made goods. We have over 300 manufacturers from around the country and we add new companies everyday. Purchase American Made Products with ease. When you shop at NORTON'S U.S.A., you help keep America working! 400 Lageschulte St., Barrington, IL 60010

American Made Gift Store

American Made Gift Store our gift store has AFFORDABLE purses, lap quilts, soy candles, organic soaps, embroidered hand towels and placemats, Christmas & snowman Tees, and more made right here in the mountains of North Carolina.  Our purses and handbags are genuine one of king originals.  Every effort is made to assure the highest quality gifts, we back our products with a money back guarantee.   New gift items are coming... jewelry and stained glass to name of few.

Ball and Buck

Ball and Buck located in Boston. We're an all American company born and bred with red, white, and blue running through our veins. The things that make us American, have always been the things we create. By incorporating the freedom and honor fought for by our forefathers  while emphasizing American quality over foreign quantity, we're refocusing on the pride America once had. Through hard work, honesty, & integrity, Ball and Buck is bringing America back to her roots. Our current product line includes button down shirts, sandals, belts, Roger Tee's, and Pocket Tees.  In addition to our own product line, our Boston based store sells over 30 other made in USA brands.

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