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Red Land Cotton American made bedding and towels

The Red Land Cotton company make sheets and towels in the USA in a very unique way. What is unique about them you might be asking? Well they start the manufacturing process by growing their own cotton on their farm. It sounds like the name Red Land Cotton is derived from the red colored dirt the area of Alabama they are from is known for.

It appears they not only grow their own cotton but they custom gin the cotton too. This company is serious about farm to home to say the least. I believe generations ago this was very normal and I like the idea of this model returning.

Red Lands Cotton's website is very well done and easy to navigate. They let you know without searching for the information that they make all their items in the USA from their own cotton. In reviewing their site they offer bedding, towels, crib sets and several other things. We were made aware of this great patrotic compnay by one of our visitors who highly recommended it, thanks Susan.

Give them a try and see what you think.

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1888 Mills

1888 Mills Traces their deep roots to the heritage of textile manufacturing in the United States, 1888 Mills' Griffin, Georgia towel facilities were started by a group of textile veterans with a goal of making US production a part of global strategy. While the competition decided to go

"off shore", 1888 chose o make US manufacturing an integral part of its global plan. 1888 is proud to have 200 manufacturing jobs in the US along with 58 in sales and marketing. The US mill is responsible for global research and development; manufacturing high end and specialty towels; being quick to market; as well as balancing world production. These jobs support families, build schools, provide leadership for the local community, and provide

purchasing power needed to fuel the US Economy.

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