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American Made Vitamins and Supplements Directory. Would you want to take vitamins made overseas? Count me out for sure, I'll stick to Vitamins Made in the USA. We have more standards and regulations here in the United States than other parts of the world. Don't risk your health to the unknown, buy products Made in the United States.

pHresh greens

*pHresh greens the only 100% organic alkalizing raw superfood pHresh greens is a product that was created particularly with one thing in mind: YOUR HEALTH.   pHresh greens is made with 16 ingredients that were carefully selected for their high pH. It is 100% organic ensuring that you will get all the ingredients' benefits without any harmful chemicals, additives or fillers. pHresh greens is also gluten free, animal free, non irradiated and non GMO. Its ingredients have been slow dried under 70°F/21.1°C to help retain its life energy. pHresh greens is made from the natural produce itself, thus ensuring you are getting the nutrients from each of the ingredients in a natural state, just one step removed from picking the produce from your own garden. pHresh greens will help deliver optimal nutrition to every cell in your body!

USA Laboratories

*USA Laboratories nutritional supplement products are all Pharmacist made in U.S.A.

Hampshire Products

*Hampshire Products is an international distributor of Hampshire, Westhaven Labs, Natural World Supplements, and Worldwide Herbals vitamins, health supplements and homoeopathic pain relief remedies.  All products are manufactured in the United States.


NutraSense has been manufacturing its line of high quality, American made products since 1995. We offer products that are unsurpassed in quality and efficacy and are backed by clinical science. Our customers include a broad scope of international consumers via distributors, healthcare stores and professionals, pharmacies, and the internet.  What distinguishes NutraSense from the other supplement companies is the fact that our branded supplements are produced and manufactured in the USA using only USA manufactured ingredients. All manufacturing is performed under highly regulated procedures according to good manufacturing practices (GMP). Rest assured, NutraSense delivers only pure, quality-controlled nutritional supplements.

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