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SOLUS-Solutions and Technologies L. L. C.

SOLUS-Solutions and Technologies L. L. C., of Virginia is a registered service-disabled veteran-owned small business that develops advanced truck and trailer aerodynamic drag reduction technology to reduce our nations oil consumption. The SOLUS team is comprised of long haul fleet partners, engineering and manufacturing companies, and leading heavy truck aerodynamicist.

Royalty Core

Royalty Core opened in 2009 and designs and builds the best custom performance truck grilles on the market. Royalty Core is the industry leader in custom grilles for Chevy, Dodge, Nissan, Ford, GMC, Jeep, and Toyota trucks. We make the most durable grilles around because we specialize in corrosion-resistant T304 stainless steel technology. All Royalty Core products are made in the USA and are designed with quality and performance in mind. We use the best CNC machinery, tooling, hand fabrication, TIG welding, powder coating, paint, and finish with proprietary methods. Our team is meticulous with regular testing to ensure maximum reliability, durability, and performance in all environments and climates.

Throttle Down Kustoms

Throttle Down Kustoms designs, engineers, and builds automotive bumpers, frames, skid plates, and accessories. All in house and designed with work vehicles in mind, our products are made from laser-cut solid steel and hand-welded by certified, trained professionals. All of our products are made in the USA, in the small town of Moore, Montana. We build custom fabrications including enclosed trailers, street rods, Jeep frames, rock crawling buggies, diesel powered truggies, and more. We offer our customers the best quality frames, so we build mandrel bent frames since they are sturdier and more precisely made. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products.

Owens Products Running Boards Made in the USA

Owens Products Running Boards Made in the USA. Owens Classic was created 1965 with the invention of the Classic fifth wheel hitch and the Owens fifth wheel recreational trailer. In time, the business evolved and grew into the manufacturing of a variety of commercial trailers using the same fifth wheel concept. Along the way, Owens designed the first aluminum running board in the market in 1977, which made it easier for our fifth wheel customers the to reach and unlock the fifth wheel hitch located in the truck bed.In 1989, Owens sold the fifth wheel hitch and a few years later also sold its trailer manufacturing plant, enabling the company to concentrate on its core business: automotive accessories.Owens is a dominant force in the automotive aftermarket with product lines of plastic, fiberglass and aluminum running boards, aluminum tool boxes, dog boxes,K9 containment units, Jeep hoods, garage and trailer accessories, as well as it's custom-made products. Our products encompass nearly every make and model of truck, van, SUV and more from Ford, to Jeep, to Nissan and beyond.During November 2007, Gary Kirtley, II purchased Owens Products and made several internal changes. Today, the company is a strong and profitable company continuing to be family-owned and -operated.All of the high-quality products that Owens sells are proudly made right here in the USA at our state-of-the-art facility in Sturgis, MI.

Aromatic Fusion, Inc

Aromatic Fusion, Inc is introducing Fresh by Express Scent as a new line of Solid Gel Air Fresheners to the automotive market. Fresh Solid Gel Air Fresheners are the perfect way to keep your car stylish and smelling clean.  Express Scent Fresh Solid Gel Air Fresheners are made with our proprietary solid gel technology, and MADE IN THE USA, in our manufacturing facility just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Express Scent solid gel technology out performs other materials for fragrance delivery and brings a new level of artistry, detail and style to the car air freshener market.  As experts in the novelty car air freshener market Express Scent will be bringing new designs out annually to keep the Fresh line fresh and exciting.


CAR-FRESHNER Corporation is still a family owned business and is still headquartered in Watertown, New York. CAR-FRESHNER produces the LITTLE TREES air fresheners in its three factories in the United States: Watertown, New York; Berlin, New Hampshire; and DeWitt, Iowa. CAR-FRESHNER supplies most of the world with US-made Tree-shaped air fresheners.

VaccuFlex Vacuum Attachment

The Vaccuflex vacuum attachment was invented because, "Necessity is the mother of invention." The necessity in this case of course is to clean in small places were an average vacuum hose could not reach. This resulted in the invention of Vaccuflex, a uniquely engineered cap constructed of thermoplastic rubber that attaches to a vacuum hose, enabling the use of small diameter, flexible tubing.

The cleaning possibilities with Vaccuflex are endless: (some of these uses require a wet/dry vacuum)

Refrigerator coil cleaning

Dryer vent lint removal

Unclogging sink drains

Auto detailing

Blowing dust from electronic and computer components

Inflating/deflating (air mattresses, balloons, exercise balls, pool floats)

Chandelier cleaning

Of course the Vaccuflex is American made. Let the Vaccuflex take your vacuum Where no vacuum has gone before.

Dr. Doormat American Made Doormats

Dr. Doormat American Made Doormats. Dr. Doormat is the first made in the USA antimicrobial treated doormat designed for home use. The mat safely destroys invading microorganisms on contact and can remove up to 99% of the debris from the bottom of your shoes simply by wiping twice. The doormat is made using environmentally friendly raw materials. The antimicrobial formula will maintain its efficacy for up to 20 washes. It is ideal for pet owners, allergy and asthma sufferers, families, new parents, eco/green conscious, fans of American made products, elderly, germaphobes, and people with compromised immune systems.

Sterling Wax Products

Sterling Wax Products are specially formulated to produce a sparkling streak-free, high gloss shine with no chalky residue left behind. Sterling Wax products create the perfect long lasting treatment for all surfaces -painted, glass, plastics, vinyl, fiberglass, metal, counter tops, etc. The treated surface will shed water, dirt, and dust long after other brands have stopped working. Sterling Wax surface treatments can be used on autos, boats, campers, motorcycles, planes, eyeglasses, windows, TV's, touch screen devices, phones, and more. All Sterling Wax Products are designed to make future cleaning easier and less frequent and helps the environment by eliminating the need for harmful soaps and detergents.

Wheel Tire Detailing Tool

Wheel Tire Detailing Tool will help show off your awesome ride during car show events. Keep tire dressings on your tires not your wheels. The Wheel Shield Tire Detailing Tool adjusts for 15 to 20 inch wheels. Keep vehicle wheels and rims shielded from tire spray. A must have for the clean car enthusiast – saves you time and work! Simply cover your wheel, aim, and shine.

Zane Products Inc

Zane Products Inc.  We are located in Allen Park Michigan. We sell a product for detailing cars. Adjustable for 15 to 20 Inch Wheels, Easily Adjust to Pre-marked Wheel Sizes, Locking Fastener Holds Secure, Circumference Lip for Complete Coverage, Comfortable Handle, Unique Patented Design, Made In the USA From Recycled Plastic. HOW IT WORKS! The ingenious convex shape of Zane's patented Vehicle Wheel Shield allows for full coverage of protruding spokes, hub caps, spinners and even valve stems. The design of the outer circumference lip provides a tight fit for complete coverage and the comfort handle is

strategically positioned for easy, one-handed use, leaving the other hand available for applying tire treatment sprays only to the rubber.

RIMS STAY CLEAN! Overspray won't attract dirt and soil to brakes and behind wheels. Tires and rims maintain a professional, clean appearance ... just as if new! Car enthusiasts will save time and eliminate frustration of having to clean away tire spray from rims and wheels. Plus, when finished, Zane's Vehicle Wheel Shield can be easily rinsed and stored for future use.

HOGSWIPE® Waterless Detailin' Products

HOGSWIPE® Waterless Detailin' Products of Florida Born straight from the... 'Ol Dusty Road, Hogswipe® " Hogswipe® Brand Products proudly represent a "Spirited, American-Made", Environmentally-Conscious" Endeavor, one that creatively Markets & Distributes a Unique Line of Top-Quality, 100% & Waterless & Detailing Cleaners, Polishes & Conditioners, each granted recognition & awarded use of the... prestigious "Green"; & "Eco- Friendly"; Logos by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Majilite Automotive

Majilite Automotive Tomorrow's Technology Today Majilite Automotive serves the automotive OEM markets with creative design, innovative materials processing and engineered technology for solutions to the most demanding "A" surface applications in the industry today. Operating for over 70 years, our US operations are ISO 9001 and MED accredited. 45% of all sales are for export. Our products are in use in many current vehicles, in applications such as headrests, bolsters, arm rests, door panels, steering wheels and seating.

Rizk National Industries

Rizk National Industries has been in business and incorporated since 1976. Our company has grown to become a major manufacturer of American made battery chargers, booster cables, and transformers for both the national and international markets. We specialize in the highest quality commercial, industrial, home type automotive battery chargers, marine chargers and booster cables. We also manufacturer and sell specialty type battery chargers. The World's Best Battery Chargers Made In The U.S.A.

Car Decal Geek

Car Decal Geek of Michigan manufactures die-cut vinyl decals for cars and trucks in the USA. Car Decal Geek is a site devoted to die cut vinyl decals and stickers. We know that we say that they are for cars, but the truth is, you can stick these bad boys just about anywhere. We tried to design awesome and unique decals that you don't see every day.

Be Cool

Be Cool, America's leader in power cooling technology, has done it again with Be Coolant, an Extended-Life, Super Duty Coolant & Antifreeze that is ideal for all applications. Be Coolant features a new-generation earth-friendly biodegradable, propylene glycol formula that protects cooling systems and aluminum components down to 26 degrees below zero (F). Be Coolant is made in the USA

Tom's Differentials

Tom's Differentials All Tom's Differentials Brands and Kick Ass Axles are made in the United States.  Top notch, high quality products.  Far superior to the imported products.  My pricing is very competitive.  Check us out!  Support America by buying American made products!

ProMaxx Tool American Made Exhaust Manifold Tools

ProMaxx Tool American Made Exhaust Manifold Tools. ProMaxx make high quality precision tools for the removal and replacement of broken exhaust manifold mounting studs in many Ford, General Motors and Dodge engines.

You can ask any professional automotive technician to fill you in about the top two challenges when removing broken exhaust manifold mounting studs from any cylinder head and you will most likely hear; drilling on center and drilling at right angle to the head/stud. These issues combined with other factors amplify the challenge of the repair and elongate the time to physically complete the job. We took this problem on as a challenge.

We are proud of the fact our tools are made right here in America using only the highest quality aluminum and stainless steel. Because our tools are machined to close tolerances we are the right tool for precision applications where quality and repeatability are critically important. Our approach is very unique to problematic repairs and brings machine shop operation accuracy to your techs and the vehicle – without the need to pull the head, the engine, or the cab.


MagnaFlow got its start as a natural extension of Car Sound Exhaust systems. Our parent company specializes in superior catalytic converter technology and has spent the last 30 years earning its reputation as a market leader around the world. We're proud to continue this tradition through producing the best sounding, best performing and most durable exhaust components in the world. If you're looking for quality, power and sound, then you're looking for MagnaFlow. As a market leader, we proudly manufacture all of our products in the USA using premium components and the latest technology. Our products range from direct-fit converters and cat-back systems to universal mufflers and builder's kits for fabricating your own custom system. As an ISO-9001 certified company we believe in our product's ability to perform and back it up with a lifetime warranty

Porter Mufflers

Porter Mufflers They are back! The famous heavy-duty mufflers that were used by the original hot-rodders in the 1940s and '50s are available once again. For those who are not familiar with Porter Mufflers, they are vintage steel-pac mufflers that have a very deep, desirable, unique sound. Porter Mufflers are still hand manufactured right here in the U.S.A. just like they were back in the 1930s.

GIBSON Performance

GIBSON Performance, one of nations leaders in aftermarket performance exhausts.  Gibson Performance offers performance exhaust parts for all makes and models of Trucks, SUV's, American Muscle Cars, Side x Side's, Marine, Motor home, and Diesels. The Cat-back systems are available in aluminized or high quality stainless steel and is manufactured for easy bolt-on installation which includes zinc plated hangers and clamps. Direct fit headers are available in chrome, stainless or ceramic coated.  50 State Legal Gibson Performance exhausts are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. and backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty


USA ALL AMERICAN, INC, offers The Best from the U.S.™ oil & fuel additives, spray-lubricants, grease & de-greasers.

Our products are also formulated for industrial, aviation, marine, military, mining & railroad applications. Our formulas, our labels, our bottles, & our caps are all 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.!!!

Dura Lube

Dura Lube. Originally introduced in 1986, Dura Lube was intended as a special engine treatment for the trucking industry. Incredibly, the reports began to come in on Dura Lube's amazing attributes. Because of these reports, a decision was made to bring the product to the general automotive consumer market.

An infomercial was produced in 1992, using no actors, only "real people", such as mechanics, race car drivers and average car owners. The excitement generated by this concept served as a springboard for the entire infomercial campaign. The drama of live demonstrations provided the consumers with an iron clad, credible testimonial to the incredible aspects of Dura Lube.

On the heels of the successful infomercial, Dura Lube was rolled out into the retail industry in the spring of 1993. Dura Lube then added comprehensive retail support with a North American ad campaign tagging retailers with 30 second TV commercials, infomercials, radio promotions, and a multi million-dollar NASCAR corporate sponsor ship program, which included Title sponsorship of 2 Winston cup races and a primary sponsorship of the Dura Lube NASCAR Busch Grand National Race Car.

In 2005, Dura Lube underwent an ownership and management change to help control the rapid growth both domestically and internationally. Although the formula has never changed the competition still tries to mimic the success and great products of Dura Lube. Our commitment to customer service and overall belief that Dura Lube is the best lubricants on the market place is indisputable. Thank you for choosing Dura Lube, you will not be disappointed. Dura Lube is proudly made in the USA


WeatherTech® Automotive Accessories for Virtually Any Car, Pickup, SUV or Minivan!

HMC Industries, Inc.

HMC Industries, Inc. located in Iowa manufactures fuel transfer tanks such as the GC-30 and GC-20 Gas Caddy.  We also manufacture the GP-1 rotary pump which is a component of the GC-30 and GC-20.  Our products are American Made by Americans in Marshalltown, Iowa.  The tanks are 14 Gauge welded steel with a beautiful epoxy powder coat finish.


TechAFX supplies aftermarket components for the the Performance Vehicle Enthusiast. We specialize in items that help "gearheads" upgrade their vehicle's Fuel System with the highest quality components available today.

Our A-N Fittings are made for us by a company that supplies the US Military. Our Hose products are American Made by a company that supplies the US Auto Industry.

TechAFX is a full scale provider of engineered solutions for your vehicle's high performance needs. The goal of all our products is to help your vehicle go down the road more efficiently and to help you unlock some impressive performance gains while looking good doing it. Each TechAX product is Engineered for a specific vehicle application. The products that we offer are designed to improve the safety & performance of both current production vehicles and many early Muscle Cars. TechAFX products, like our Bottom Feed Air kits, have been Engineered to improve engine cooling, reduce aerodynamic drag, increase fuel mileage, improve vehicle handling, and perform under off-road conditions for track prepared vehicles.


Mr. Bob Silicone Hoses

Mr. Bob Silicone Hoses  High quality made in USA Silicone hose kits for Dodge/Ford/GM diesel trucks.

Stage Right Transmissions

Stage Right Transmissions is a retailer and wholesaler of stock and performance parts for popular, domestic, rear-wheel drive automatic transmissions. We design and manufacture innovative performance parts including the ONLY available Billet Adjustable Servo on the market for the GM TH200-4R and TH700-R4 transmissions. (Yes, they are different!) We have Stage Right Transbrakes and are always researching new ways to help you go faster consistently. Please visit our site periodically for updates. ALL parts are manufactured in the USA, by Americans, with American materials. Our quality is unsurpassed!

Editor's note. When we vetted this site everything checked out and we found it to be a very patriotic website.

Titan Speed Engineering Inc

Titan Speed Engineering Inc of California. From drag strips (asphalt, sand and water) and circle tracks (paved and dirt) to road courses, dry lakes and pulling tracks, Titan-equipped racing teams enjoy the competitive advantages of superior engineering and craftsmanship. Every Titan oil pump, clutch and rocker arm is made in the USA, utilizing the finest materials available. In- house manufacturing assures optimum quality control. As racers ourselves, Titan engineers and craftsmen have always been at the forefront of technology. We work enthusiastically toward goals that are bold and make a difference.We are dedicated to continuously improving everything we do — performing better and faster than our competition. American-made materials and in-house manufacturing assure optimum quality in everything you buy.

Scorpion Racing Products

Scorpion Racing Products of Florida makes high performance automotive and marine engine parts including Rocker Arms, Lifters, Pushrods, Valves, Valve Springs, Fuel Rail Kits, Throttle Bodies, Fuel Pump Pushrods, Lubricants and more.

The Brassworks

The Brassworks reproduces and restores radiators for antique and classic cars, trucks, and custom street rods. Cores are available in flat tube & fin, round tube & fin, honeycomb, or cartridge.  For over 30 years, we have confidently stood behind each handcrafted radiator.

Brassworks radiators are proudly fabricated in our facility in Paso Robles, CA.


Kwik-Lift was developed for the car enthusiast but quickly evolved into an affordable product that appeals to professional auto re-builders and repair shops. Kwik-Lift is the car lift solution for safety and convenience. Our company began in Tulsa, Oklahoma where we have built tens of thousands of car lifts. Our products are made in the USA, and we ship all around the world. Over time, our product offering has grown to include mid-rise, two-post, four-post, alignment racks, and many other types of lifts that we distribute from Challenger, Bendpak, Quality, and others. In 2015, we began selling tire machines and balancers, air compressors, and other shop equipment for commercial repair shops and dealerships.

Worth N.A., LLC

Worth N.A., LLC is a leading manufacturer of American Made above the ground lifts and tubing benders. Our goal is to remain number one in QUALITY, SERVICE and DESIGN. Worth manufactures the heaviest, most comprehensive line of lifts in the industry. Our lifts range in capacities from 6,000 lbs. to 100,000 lbs. Worth tubing benders have proven to be the heaviest in design for over 45 years. In choosing the Worth line of equipment, you do not have to sacrifice quality for price.

Backyard Buddy

Backyard Buddy Quality Four Post Automotive Lifts and Lift Accessories Made in the USA American structural steel and materials American Welding Society Certified Welders

Green Earth Technologies American Made Green Motor oil

Green Earth Technologies American Made Green Motor oil. At Green Earth Technologies they are "purpose" driven. With a belief that American consumers have lost confidence in big business, conscious capitalism strives to be a wake-up call for free enterprise to return to its innovative and empowering roots.

As you probably already know there are very few "green" products available on the shelves for people who are willing to "do their part". For many years those products that were available were either not really green, too expensive or maybe didn't work. The goal at GET over the years was to provide a comparable "green" product at comparable price VS traditional products within in the same category designation to demonstrate whether or not consumers would choose the "green" choice. We even coined the phrase which became our motto "SAVE THE EARTH – SACRIFICE NOTHING" meaning that consumers and customers alike should not have to give up value or performance when choosing to go "green". We proved this as we gained and maintained distribution within our country's largest retailers and, through our efforts, made "green" the LOGICAL CHOICE.

At Green Earth Technologies you will find some of the most earth friendly motor oils ever made, that work and are affordable. Not only will you find American made green motor oils but also small engine oils, bar and chain oil and Penetrating Lubricant oil.

Do yourself and Earth a favor and use products made by purpose driven people. The products are American made environmentally preferred lubricants and cleaning products that allows concerned consumers who care about the environment and American energy independence to do their part without sacrificing value or performance. Save the Earth - Sacrifice Nothing®.

AW would like to thank Michael D. for bringing this company to our attention.

AW dedicates this listing to our Green friend Catherine of the Golden State.


MotorKote Developed in 1992, by a PHD research scientist at Michigan State University, MotorKote is a super friction reducing lubricant. MotorKote is a revolutionary product with an extremely loyal following in the trucking, farming and racing industry and growing everyday. MotorKote fans are seeing the benefits in many agricultural, marine, smaller engine, and every day applications as well.

Into Great Brands, Inc. purchased MotorKote in 2003 and the brand has more than doubled in size. Though the packaging has changed since Into Great Brands has acquired MotorKote, the same outperforming friction reducing product has remained the same. Today, MotorKote products are sold all across America and in over a dozen countries. The product stands out from the competition because it works!

Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils

Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils The term "100% Pure Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil" has long carried with it an industry connotation for being one of the best sources of high quality lubricant base stocks in the world.  Our BRAD PENN® refinery, the oldest continuously operating lube oil refinery in the United States, still refines 100% Pennsylvania grade crude oil. PA grade crude oil is a very thermally stable paraffinic crude oil which contains no asphaltic constituents.  This makes it an ideal choice from which to refine premium quality base oils.Because we use only one crude stock, our refined products are of consistently high quality and performance.BRAD PENN® brand products are truly "MADE IN THE U.S.A."  American Refining Group's Bradford, PA refinery is the home of "The Green Oil®" that racers, engine builders and enthusiasts alike have all come to know and love!  The unique green color and outstanding performance of our Penn Grade 1 High Performance Oils set them apart from the competition.

Brice Thomas Radiator / CGJ Charge Air Coolers

Brice Thomas Radiator / CGJ Charge Air Coolers of Alabama is a manufacturer of "all aluminum" radiators, charge air coolers and industrial oil coolers. All our heat transfer products are made in the USA..  We manufacture the most extensive lines of charge air coolers in the the industry. Whether you need a charge air cooler for your Freightliner or a special application, we can build it to your specifications. We also manufacture a full line of industrial, truck and antique radiators. We just have introduced our new C-Bar design industrial oil cooler design. This it a core design that is built to replace the old bar and plate design oil coolers. The new design has proved to me more durable and more efficient that the old traditional design bar and plate oil coolers. We specialize in special build oil coolers and other aluminum heat transfer products. Check out our website for the latest in aluminum heat transfer products.

The Brassworks

The Brassworks reproduces and restores radiators for antique and classic cars, trucks, and custom street rods. Cores are available in flat tube & fin, round tube & fin, honeycomb, or cartridge.  For over 30 years, we have confidently stood behind each handcrafted radiator.

Brassworks radiators are proudly fabricated in our facility in Paso Robles, CA.

The Auto Truck Electric Co

The Auto Truck Electric Co Specializing in Domestic Cars, Heavy & Light-duty Trucks, Marine and Industrial Alternators and Starters Classic, Hot Rods & Antique Restorations are our Specialty. Over  40  years of experience 25 years in the same location. Family run. All work guaranteed

UnderCover, Inc

UnderCover, Inc. is the world leader in manufacturing of ABS Plastic hard shell tonneau covers for pickup trucks.  Our covers come in 3 models – the Classic in a textured black finish, the stylish SE in textured black finish and the smooth SE which can be painted to match your truck.  These are the lightest, strongest and most durable hard shell covers on the market.  Our covers are easily removable by 2 people and come with equipment for storing on your garage wall.  Keep your stuff secure and dry with an UnderCover Tonneau Cover.  Check us out.  Are products are sold nationwide by reputable truck accessory dealers.  Find a dealer near you at our web site.  Made in America since we started in 2000.

Freedom Air Filters

Freedom Air Filters now makes an Re-Usable Pre-Filter! In addition to our current product line, Freedom Air Filters will be offering our newest innovation, a re-usable pre-filter. This pre-filter is designed to fit over the existing under- the-hood filter as well as the cabin filter.

Freedom Air Filters' pre-filters, proudly "made in the USA", are constructed with a water-repellent material designed to prevent rain and snow from entering your engine. These re-usable pre-filters will not only keep your filter cleaner and drier, but they will save you money by extending service intervals.

Freedom Air Filters' pre-filters are designed to filter out debris as small as .005". A cleaner, drier air filter will aid in maintaining horsepower throughout the life of the air filter. In fact, these pre-filters are designed to protect your engine and performance without sacrificing airflow. Keeping your air filter clean will also result in improved fuel efficiency.

Pre-filters are designed to be used over and over again as they are easily cleaned with soap and water.

Feel free to view a short testimonial video based on the Agricultural side of Freedom Air


DualLiner bedliners are 100% made in the USA and provide maximum truck bed protection. Each DualLiner comes with custom-fit sidewalls, ZeroSkid rubber floor, and a true lifetime warranty. For real truck bed protection, choose DualLiner, The Only Bedliner That Works!™


Geneva is a woman owned company and a leading American manufacturer of quality products that include truck storage units, catalog racks, and garage gear with diamond accessories.  We' ve been fabricating sheet metals goods since the late 30's. Geneva is located 35 miles from Chicago and is proud to say "Made in the USA."  Check out all our products.

Empyre Off Road

Empyre Off-Road is a leading provider of aftermarket grilles and vinyl decals for Toyota Tacoma trucks. Our grilles are proudly manufactured in an industry leading fabrication shop located in Utah and our decals are produced in house.

VertiRack Manufacturing Co

VertiRack Manufacturing Co. of Pennsylvania makes the highest quality and most convenient to use line of aluminum ladder racks available. Our products are manufactured of anodized aluminum and stainless steel for a lifetime of trouble free service. All Made in the USA

Signature Door Inc

Signature Door Inc. of PA believes Made In The USA. IT MATTERS. From its humble beginnings in 1989, Signature Door Inc. has repeatedly brought beauty and quality to the door manufacturing industry. With technological changes, Signature Door continues to evolve, bringing higher standards of excellence and more customer options to the table. We want to make your Dream Entry come true. This is our commitment to you! Door and glass designs were selected to satisfy a wide variety of architectural tastes. On the custom side, your imagination is the limit. Like a piece of fine furniture, a wood door adds warmth, prestige and value to your home. Please accept our thanks for your trust in our vision, products and knowledge as it enables us to serve you even better with each passing year. Join us in preserving and creating American jobs. Our Doors, Decorative glass, laminated glass, iron grill, and accent windows are manufactured here in the United States in Altoona, PA

Rhino Trunk and Case

Rhino Trunk and Case is America's premier trunk and case maker. We've been supplying trunks and cases for decades and have become one of the world's largest manufacturers of trunks. No one offers as many styles, sizes and color options. Combine that with our excellent customer service, high quality and fast shipping times, its no wonder we've become an industry leader. In 2005, Rhino Trunk and Case moved into its current 17,000 sq. ft. facility. All design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution is handled out of this location in Rochester, NY.

Rickson Truck Wheels

Rickson Truck Wheels As owners of ¾ and one-ton pickups, we were frustrated with the rapid wear and poor handling of our 16? light truck (LT) tires. Plus, when we really loaded up our rigs, we felt that our safety was marginal… at best. As engineers and innovators, we knew there had to be a better answer. Using a commercial-grade tire made sense, but there was no wheel available to put them on our trucks and we didn't want to use adaptors. We figured that if we wanted better handling, improved tire wear, and a larger safety factor, with a direct bolt- on fit, that others must too. Frustrated at the lack of availability of such a wheel, we set out to produce 17.5? & 19.5? wheels in the correct bolt patterns and hub bores for our trucks, and now, for virtually any application that can benefit from an upgrade to commercial- duty wheels and tires. We are proud of that fact that we manufacture our wheels here in Hunt Valley, Maryland, U.S.A.


GET HER COVERED This is the perfect windshield cover.  It does not have hooks or straps which never work. No magnets to let you down. If you are tired of scraping snow and ice, you need this cover.  It is easy to use and will keep your doors from freezing shut.  When it is hot outside keep your inside and your belongings nice and cool and hidden from prying eyes. It is not your mamma's cover.  This is 1000 denier and 100% made in America.  This is the perfect gift idea for the outdoorsman who has everything.


Goodyear makes wiper blades in the USA. Please check the model, all models may not be made in the USA


Multi-Tek - Custom Cable Assembly, of Oregon is an ISO 9001:2008 certified custom cable and wire harness manufacturing company in Portland, OR. We deliver 100% defect free cable assemblies.

Rebel Wire

Rebel Wire  -  "American Made for Real Rods" Every Rebel Wire kit is hand-built from heavy duty, flame proof, SXL wire in our shop in Tennessee, USA.

Cadillac cars and SUVs

Cadillac is one the oldest car brands in the world, in the USA only Buick is older. The company was named after the founder of Detroit Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. The Cadillac crest we are all so familiar with is based on Cadillac's coat of arms.

Cadillac was quickly established as one of America's premier luxury car brands and remains so even today. Cadillac was always pushing ahead with technological advances, introducing many innovations introduced into the marketplace we all take for granted today. Their list of achievements is very impressive with accomplishments such as cars with full electrical systems, the first clashless manual transmission and even the steel roof. Cadillac's V8 engine set the bar for the US Auto industry.

Of course like other auto makers all Cadillacs were made in the USA for many years. They still have quite a few plants in the USA however they also have plants abroad now like most multi-national corporations. They still do have plants in the USA where they assemble cars and SUV models. Like any other American auto brand it is doubtful that Cadillacs are 100% made in the USA, however the United Auto Workers (UAW) have done a great job identifying the models the UAW build in the USA and the models built in other parts of North America. The models listed here are only the models the UAW has identified as UAW built in America. Please note that Cadillac does not seem to market or identify their autos as being American Made. Due diligence is required and is made easier by the chart you will find after the listed models. The chart will guide you how to tell where a car was made. The following list was provided for 2017 models.

Cadillac ATS

Cadillac CTS

Cadillac CT6 (excluding plug-in hybrid)

Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac Escalade ESV

Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

Cadillac XT5

Thank you to the UAW for your help. Following is the VIN chart

Ford Cars and Trucks

Ford cars and trucks are part of Americana. Most Americans are familiar with the remarkable story of Henry Ford and how he revolutionized the way we build things not only in the USA but around the world. His incredible methods produced cars at a never seen before pace but also at a cost that put them in the reach of average Americans. Henry Ford is the epitome of American Exceptionalism.

So fast forward to the new world of globalism and the Ford Motor company is still making cars and truck of course, they are still a successful company employing Americans building cars in the USA. Ford like so many other corporations now build products all over North America and the globe. It is very difficult to identify American made products within a Multi-National company and Ford is no different in this regard.

In the case of this directory the men and women of the United Auto Workers (UAW) who do build Ford cars and trucks came to our aid. The UAW are very proud of the products they build as they should be, they are proud to be part of an environment that builds high quality products and supports families with great living wages and benefits.

The list below comes to us from the UAW as does the very helpful chart you will see following the list of Ford cars and trucks made in the USA. The list provided is for model year 2017 and could of course change, which is why we always urge you the consumer to ask questions and explore available facts. It is the opinion of Americansworking that there is not a 100% American Made car because of parts sourced globally, however these cars come as close as you can get and making them employs many Americans with great jobs.

Here is the list of Ford cars and trucks made in the USA

Ford C-Max (full hybrid/electric)

Ford Focus

Ford Focus (electric)

Ford Mustang

Ford Taurus

Ford F Series

Ford Escape

Ford Expedition

Ford Explorer

Ford Transit

Please do your own due diligence in investigating the American content of the Ford cars and trucks. The UAW counts the above models as American Made and they should know.

Chevrolet Cars and Trucks

Chevrolet Cars and Trucks are very well known in the USA and most of the world. because like most auto manufactures Chevrolet is a multi-national company so it is very difficult to track down which models are made in the USA. Chevrolet also known as Chevy to most of us in the USA has a long American history and most Americans just take it for granted they are always American Made.

This directory was only made possible because of help from the United Auto Workers (UAW). They have supplied material to identify those Chevy cars made in the USA from those not made here. Please keep an open mind with auto manufacturing as it is doubtful that all of the material used in the construction of these cars is sourced in the USA. Also keep in mind that most of the large Auto makers seem to not care to advertise where their cars are made.

Below you will also find a very helpful chart the UAW supplied us with that will help you identify the origin of American cars by their VIN number. At the time of publishing this article we are not aware of how many years the chart applies to.

Here is the list of Chevy vehicles as supplied by the UAW for 2017

Chevrolet Bolt (electric)

Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Cruze (diesel)

Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet Malibu

Chevrolet Volt (electric)

Chevrolet Colorado

Chevrolet Suburban

Chevrolet Tahoe

Chevrolet Tahoe (police)

Chevrolet Tahoe (special service)

Chevrolet Traverse

Chevrolet Express

In the opinion of Americansworking there is probably not a 100% American made car. We implore you to explore and ask questions.

Tesla Motors Electric Cars

Tesla Motors makes electric cars in the USA. Tesla was founded in July 2003 and released the first electric sports car called the Tesla Roadster. The roadster was a great success and was soon followed up by the Model S, which is an electric luxury sedan. The company has reached many impressive milestones very quickly. In December of 2015 they reached 100K cars sold world wide. As of 2016 they are the second best selling plug in electric car on the market.

Soon after the Model S Tesla motors released the Model X a crossover SUV. In 2017 the company is scheduled to bring the model 3 to market. This model may sell for $35K even without any government tax credits. Soon the electric car will become more affordable as companies respond to competition leading to more innovation that will benefit all of us.

As of the writing this article Tesla Motors makes their cars in Fremont California in an assembly plant previously operated by NUMMI, a now defunct joint venture between Toyota and General Motors.

The company also has announced plans for a joint venture with Panasonic for a battery factory which will allow them to produce batteries an a reduced cost. This battery factory is being built in Nevada and will employ many Americans and advance battery technology.

Already other auto makers have responded with their own models of electric cars like the Volt which was said to be advanced because of the mounting pressure the success Tesla is putting on the other auto makers. This is exactly what America needs is a technology battle between brands which is a win win for consumers and workers.

I believe Tesla sells their Electric cars through their own retail dealerships rather than rely on indepenant dealers like other auto makers do.

They also have launched an ambitious plan to get charging stations built across the country, which again is a wonderful thing for a country where people need jobs.

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