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ProMaxx Tool American Made Exhaust Manifold Tools

ProMaxx Tool American Made Exhaust Manifold Tools. ProMaxx make high quality precision tools for the removal and replacement of broken exhaust manifold mounting studs in many Ford, General Motors and Dodge engines.

You can ask any professional automotive technician to fill you in about the top two challenges when removing broken exhaust manifold mounting studs from any cylinder head and you will most likely hear; drilling on center and drilling at right angle to the head/stud. These issues combined with other factors amplify the challenge of the repair and elongate the time to physically complete the job. We took this problem on as a challenge.

We are proud of the fact our tools are made right here in America using only the highest quality aluminum and stainless steel. Because our tools are machined to close tolerances we are the right tool for precision applications where quality and repeatability are critically important. Our approach is very unique to problematic repairs and brings machine shop operation accuracy to your techs and the vehicle without the need to pull the head, the engine, or the cab.