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Tools Made in the USA are well made and will help you get the job done right the first time. Our country has a great history of being great tool makers both in quality and innovation. I remember the days when we would go to a big department store and look for that Made in the USA tool section. You could feel the difference in quality just by picking the tool up. You could feel and see it was sturdy and tough not soft and dull like the cheap imports. Tool makers are paid a living wage and help build America in more than one way. Let's continue to build a great Nation using American Made tools to get the job done.

Chapman Manufacturing American Made Tools

Chapman Manufacturing American made tools was established in 1936 in the garage of Old Man Chapman in the small town of Durham, Connecticut. Today, the factory is right around the corner from the original location and current owner Tracy Camassar is bringing Chapman into the 21st century.

Chapman precision screwdriver and interchangeable bit sets have been used by the military since 1953 (first order was for the Nautilus sub!) and are currently relied on by Apache helicopter mechanics, Navy Seals, Snipers, Air Force and Coast Guard, and NASA.

Chapman Manufacturing american made tools tools are popular with civilians and prized for their compact design, versatility and ability screws otherwise inaccessible with standard screwdrivers or allen keys on appliances, cars and motorcycles, computers, sewing machines and other household gadgets. In fact, Jay Leno is a fan and filmed a short video promoting the tools which you can see here!

Chapman tools are proudly made and assembled from American materials, including everything from the gear inside the famous midget ratchet, to the steel and paper brochures. Chapman supports American made machinery tool and die makers, fabricators, metal finishers, machine part manufacturers and other local service providers. Your support of Chapman MFG in turn supports all the American workers supporting that they rely on!

Chapman is a certified woman owned business and has won 3 Green Circle awards from the Dept. of Energy & Environmental protection for their green manufacturing process and recycling programs.

Going forward, the market for Chapman tools is rapidly broadening as new technology brings more computerization, mico-manufacturing and tighter working spaces. Chapman tools are sought after as they are non-magnetic (they don't interfere with electronics) and excel in tight spots.

Every year Chapman adds to their line of over 75 types/sizes of interchangeable screwdriver bits, so check their website for the latest tool sets!


International Air Tool & Industrial Supply Company

International Air Tool & Industrial Supply Company is a San Diego, California based distributor and exporter of American made pneumatic tools, diaphragm pumps, chain hoists, and industrial supplies. Manufacturers abroad recognize the value of American made air tools and we proudly fill this demand for American made goods!

Established in 2011, International Air Tool Company supplies high-performance pneumatic tools, diaphragm pumps, chain hoists and repair services to industrial customers worldwide. Our product portfolio is comprised of only the most trusted American brands and we take great pride in offering the finest customer service and technical support in the industry.

At International Air Tool, our philosophy is simple: Offer top quality industrial products at reasonable prices, provide unparalleled technical assistance, and back it all up with outstanding customer support throughout the entire sales cycle.

We believe that proper tool selection can have a dramatic impact on the quality of your work and strive to help our customers choose the right tool for the job the first time around.

Editors note, this company does sell a few imported items, please check the label before buying.

Honsa Ergonomic Technologies, Inc

Honsa Ergonomic Technologies, Inc. of Illinois. Vibration-Reduced and Ergonomically Enhanced Tools from HONSA From grinders and chippers to air hammers and riveters, the HONSA name means the finest quality, innovative designs, and the best ergonomic air tools Made in the USA. The Honsa brand has been a leader in the ergonomic tool industry since 1988, with our customers ergonomic health our number one

priority. Other companies percussive tool lines still feature 100-year-old technology with no vibration reduction. These generic tools transfer high levels of damaging vibration directly to the operator, leading to serious musculoskeletal and soft tissue disorders of the hands and arms (MSDs & HAVS). In addition to designs that fit the human body and its movements, every HONSA Tool also offers reduced weight, reduced sound levels and increased power-to-weight ratio. HONSA Tools are durable, proving themselves day in and day out on production lines worldwide. Fortune 100 companies and the US Government have relied on HONSA Tools since 1988 to reduce workplace injuries and costs without sacrificing productivity.

Spanwell Service, Inc.

Spanwell Service, Inc. of Montana make heavy duty pneumatic tools and construction site safety equipment. Top-quality needle scalers, chisel scalers, and chipping hammers deliver lifetime service under heavy use in the most challenging conditions.  Our ergonomic pneumatic tools and attachments — in all the sizes, designs, and materials you need — make short work of surface cleaning, roughing, and texturing,

plus removal of coatings and buildup of all types.  Choices ranging from stainless-steel models to ultra-light,

extreme-duty, and long-reach designs will extend your access and results, keeping equipment and surfaces tiptop and workers safe and comfortable.

Hatzco Industries

Hatzco Industries of Florida make Industrial Air and Air/Liquid Blowguns used primarily in other manufacturing industries.

Texas Pneumatic Tools

Texas Pneumatic Tools is a proud manufacturer of quality American made tools and parts. A leader in air movement and fume removal equipment, lubrication and descaling equipment. A company that continues to strive for excellence in quality and service. Texas Pneumatic Tools has American made, quality

manufactured tools you can count on. When your application requires pneumatically driven tools, Texas Pneumatic has just what you need.

Titan Tool Company

Titan Tool Company has specialized in stud driving since 1920. Because of this experience, we have the knowledge to meet virtually any stud driving need - from automotive/truck, heavy equipment, aircraft, wind generation, and furniture applications - to custom jobs where no prototype exists. Quality is another benefit we've guaranteed for over 92 years. The next time you need stud drivers for hand-held, automated, or multiple spindle applications, go with experience. Specify Titan Tools!

ProMaxx Tool American Made Exhaust Manifold Tools

ProMaxx Tool American Made Exhaust Manifold Tools. ProMaxx make high quality precision tools for the removal and replacement of broken exhaust manifold mounting studs in many Ford, General Motors and Dodge engines.

You can ask any professional automotive technician to fill you in about the top two challenges when removing broken exhaust manifold mounting studs from any cylinder head and you will most likely hear; drilling on center and drilling at right angle to the head/stud. These issues combined with other factors amplify the challenge of the repair and elongate the time to physically complete the job. We took this problem on as a challenge.

We are proud of the fact our tools are made right here in America using only the highest quality aluminum and stainless steel. Because our tools are machined to close tolerances we are the right tool for precision applications where quality and repeatability are critically important. Our approach is very unique to problematic repairs and brings machine shop operation accuracy to your techs and the vehicle – without the need to pull the head, the engine, or the cab.


TUFF-OX WORK SHOULDER PADS: The PPE for all who labor! Our custom-designed shoulder pads are the result of experience with the painful results of shoulder useage at work and play! We work with company Safety Managers, who understand the value of PPE for the labor force, to get the right pad for

the job. The key: reduce injuries=happier workers and lower insurance rates. If we don't have a solution to your shoulder at work problem, let us know; we will work to create a shoulder pad for your company need!

Slydo Cement Tools

Slydo Cement Tools "When you buy Slydo, you buy American Quality."

STIHL chainsaws

STIHL chainsaws are German-engineered and built in America.* And we're the only gasoline-powered chainsaw manufacturer that designs and manufactures its own bars and chains – to ensure they meet our exacting standards in design and performance. Standards that have made STIHL the clear choice for professionals and homeowners alike. *A majority of STIHL powerheads are built in the United States from domestic and foreign parts and components.


BADGER CLAMPMade in Michigan THE MUST HAVE NEW HAND TOOL The Badger Clamp is an ideal DIY tool as an anchor for rigging operations (vertical or horizontal) and as a tool for positioning and holding. The Badger Clamp line of tools are recommended for home, construction and industrial use.

Kripto Tools

Kripto Tools are American made tools produced in Portage, Michigan. The company was started by a father and son with a vision of introducing new and exciting concepts to the market to solve problems or fulfill needs.

We are a manufacturer and distributor of specialty hand tools with an emphasis on safety and uniqueness and we make Tools to Conquer the Task™

Editor notes: Please not that only the Tools are made in the USA. They accessories may not be American made. The site does a good job identifying the products Made in the USA. If in doubt please contact the company directly.


MAG-DRO's tools allow you to quickly and easily anchor your calipers to make precision measurements.

Door Trim Guide

Door Trim Guide offers saw and router guides designed by Pharoah Manufacturing which protects wood from splintering and scratching and provide a more practical solution than Track Saw technology. Guides can be used for precision inlays, wet sawing concrete or cutting paneling. Made in the USA from recycled materials. Available in 4, 8 and 12 foot lengths.

Mastercut Tool Corp

Mastercut Tool Corp. of Florida celebrates 25+ years of high quality cutting tools manufacturing This includes rotary, woodworking, hobbyist and dental laboratory burs.

Titan USA

Titan USA Your source for premium quality high speed steel, cobalt and solid carbide cutting tools. Solid Carbide Endmills, Taps & Dies, Drills, HSS & Cobalt Endmills, Micro Tools, Threadmills, Carbide Burs, Countersinks, Reamers

Montana Brand Tools American Made

Montana Brand Tools founded in 1990, located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Ronan, Montana is the leading US manufacturer and provider of innovative, high quality power tool accessories to the retail market and engineered drilling solutions to the industrial marketplace. Three buildings, totaling nearly 300,000 square feet, house a state-of-the-art manufacturing, assembly, packaging, warehouse and distribution facility. Jore's manufacturing processes include drill bit grinding, high-speed machining, injection molding, blow molding, die casting, metal forming and stamping. Jore is a privately held company owned by Western Mortgage and Realty Company in Pasco, Washington.

Jore Corporation is a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of innovative power tool accessories and hand tools for the do-it-yourself and professional craftsman markets. Jore offers a comprehensive system of proprietary drilling and driving products that save users time through enhanced functionality, productivity and ease of use. Jore manufactures products using advance technologies and equipment designs, intended to achieve competitive advantages in cost, quality and production capacity. Jore retail products are sold under private labels to the industry's largest power tool retailers and manufacturers. Jore products are also sold under the Stanley® brand, to which we have the exclusive licensing agreement for power tool accessories. Jore industrial products are sold under Rocky Mountain Twist and other well-known industrial brands.

Jore's manufacturing facility is truly state-of-the-art, based upon proprietary drill bit manufacturing equipment that automates all aspects of drill bit production, resulting in improved quality, lower costs and increased production capacity. Jore produces hex-shank accessories using proprietary die-casting processes, and screw-driving accessories are produced using our proprietary metal forming and stamping equipment.

For more information about Jore Corporation / Rocky Mountain Twist and the products we sell, please contact the customer service department at 866-433-4RMT (Toll Free), 406-528-4332 (FAX)

Kodiak Cutting Tools

Kodiak Cutting Tools "Our commitment to the metal working industry is to provide premium quality, American-made cutting tools at the lowest possible prices." We offer over 5000 end mills, taps, twist drills, threadmills, burs, carbide drills and reamers - all with convenient 24/7 online ordering.

Atlas Cutting Tools

Atlas Cutting Tools We offer the best price and quality on the web. Shop over 13,000 USA Made items including Reamers, End Mills, Taps, Drills, Burs, Countersinks and More. We offer HSS, Carbide and Cobalt Cutting Tools with several coating options available All at Wholesale Cost!

Polygon Solutions Inc

Polygon Solutions Inc. of Florida manufactures the highest quality rotary broaching tool holders and rotary broach cutters. Rotary broaches can be used on lathes, mills, and other turning machines to manufacture accurate hexagon, square and custom forms in precision machined products.

Electrical Safety Products

Electrical Safety Products Manufactures the highest quality 1000v insulated hand tools in the world. 100% made in the USA. Raw materials come from the best tool forges in the world right here in the U.S. Channel Lock, Wright Tool, Eklind Tool, and Pratt-Read

Coleman Cable

Coleman Cable 02548-USA1 50-Feet Contractor Grade 12/3 with Lighted End American Made Extension Cord

Fulton Industries Inc.

Fulton Industries Inc. is located in Northwest Ohio As one of the largest flashlight manufacturers in the U.S., Fulton produces a complete line of heavy-duty, industrial, consumer, government and military flashlights. Fulton also manufactures safety approved, waterproof, specialty inspection and portable bow and stern lights for the marine market

Tektite brand lights

Tektite brand lights are made in the U.S.A. and feature HIGH-TEK™ lamps, Engineering-grade polymers, computer-designed reflectors and other features that makes Tektite the best choice when quality, reliability and performance is required.


Maglite Every single production employee on the Mag Instrument payroll lives and works in the U.S.A.; and it has always been that way. Of course, Mag does employ sales personnel in the other regions of the world where Mag® flashlights are sold; but all of Mag's flashlight production facilities, and all of its production employees, are in the U.S.A.


OHSAY USA We offer 100% guaranteed quality Made in USA gifts for the whole family.We feature products twice a week at 10-70% off retail prices. You will discover unique home and outdoor gifts, toys, pet products & more. Our mission is to help our neighbors by stimulating job growth and renewing a sense of pride and opportunity in the place we live. We provide Americans a central source to buy quality US made goods from inventors, designers and even companies who have been around since the 1800's.


The DIG RIG is a shovel attachment that is designed to distribute the digging pressure load on the foot, over a large surface area. It has a 3 1/4-in. wide lip, instead of stepping down on the shovel blade's narrow ledge you're stepping on a much larger area. This product is proudly made in The United States of America

Bully Tools

Bully Tools, Products that separate you from the herd! Professional Grade Products for the Pros and Homeowners!

Mighty Max Carts

Mighty Max Carts are made 100% in Texas, and replace a wheel barrow, dump cart, two-wheel dolly, beach cart, boat dock cart, flatbed, and many other garden carts.  It transforms into all kinds of carts & caddies.  Awarded Two US Patents, and 100% designed and tested by Americans.  There is not another more versatile cart on the market today.  Only weighs 22 pounds, but can carry over 500 pounds. Collapses to fit in any car trunk, expands to fit ANY size ice chest, pet carrier or boxes, can connect two or more carts together in tandem, double stack the tubs, and stack up to four tubs on one flatbed. 100% Made in The USA!

Cenco Grinding

Cenco Grinding has been in business for over 30 years and is one of the leading drill blank manufacturers in the United States. Blanks produced by Cenco Grinding are made from the finest materials available and are second to none. 100% American Made High Speed Steel Blanks, Core Pins, Go - No Go Gages, Plug Gages, Punches, Guide Pins, Stainless Pins and Many Other Types of Materials.

Gutter Clutter Buster

Gutter Clutter Buster A DIY Gutter Cleaning Tool Unique Gift for Him or Her. Hate Cleaning Your Rain Gutters? We hate cleaning them too, but they have to be kept clean to prevent damage to your gutters and home as well! You can spend hundreds of dollars by adding a home improvement; such as gutter caps, gutter guards, gutter screens, or you could pay someone up to $300.00 to clean them for you... Or you

could Do It Yourself by trying one of our tools for cleaning your gutters Just connect the new gutter cleaning wet/dry vac accessory tool to any round, standard, 2 ½" (at each end) wet/dry vacuum hose. It makes sense to remain safe on the ground, stay clean and vacuum out all the debris from your rain gutters in 1/3 the time with this gutter cleaning tool. No ladders, buckets, rakes, blowers, water, tools, or other gutter cleaning supplies will be needed. The hardest part of the job will be emptying your wet/dry vac container into a trash can, flower bed, or add to your compost pile.

Eklind Tool Company, professional grade tools

Eklind Tool Company make the highest quality, professional grade, Hex Keys and other hand tools in the United States. Since 1950, our tools have been made with pride in the USA. When you purchase our product, you are getting the highest quality, professional grade hex tools available. Additionally, you are supporting the USA economy. We are proud to employ over 100 people in our Franklin Park, Illinois factory, and we are proud to contribute to our local, state and USA economy.

Our products are available at thousands of retail hardware stores and industrial distributors throughout the country and available internationally in over 30 countries.


Channellock Pliers are fiercely made in Meadville, PA, USA. Channellock, Inc.'s forged pliers are manufactured from round bar stock. For over 130 years and counting CHANNELLOCK® Pliers has stood the test of time by making tools that handle everything that comes their way. Each pair of Channellock pliers starts as North American high carbon steel before being forged into the mots valuable thing in your toolbox.

When you buy a pair of CHANNELLOCK® Pliers you are getting the highest quality product available and provides support for the economy in the USA. Our American made pliers result in the employment of over 350 people in our Meadville, Pennsylvania, factory. These employees are participating in the American economy in a wonderful way.

Editors notes: Not all of Channellock products are Made in the USA. They do import Adjustable Wrenches and Screwdrivers. Despite this fact there were compelling reasons to list them.This of course is a great company and they do a great job of publicly advertising the fact their products are made in the USA. It is a shame more companies don't do the same. They also do a fine job of identifying the products are not made here and those they do.

Chappell Universal Square & Rule Company, LLC

Chappell Universal Square & Rule Company, LLC like to say they are rebuilding America one square at a time. There is a Chappell Universal Square that is right for you whatever what the marking or layout situation is — maybe is is a large scale compound roof systems or a minute and intricate furniture and cabinetry layout.

Steve Chappell stands behind his his American made square and rule. His mission from the beginning he set out to develop this square was to make a solid, durable, and accurate square. A products that will provide long-term value to the carpenter from many years of use, but also through expanded creativity. Because of his confidence in the American made square being the best square in the universe he backs this claim up with a 90 day money back guarantee. If you feel that it does not live up to the claim simply send it back and he'll send you a complete refund. Most of all, he hopes the new square helps you to become more creative.

Editors note: In reviewing this product for listing on the American Made Directory I was impressed by the amount of information provided on the Chappell American Made Square's website. I was not aware a square was so useful and capable of so much. I think you will agree this company is dedicated to making products in the USA. So join them in their quest to rebuild America one square at a time.

Megapro Marketing Inc

Megapro Marketing Inc. of Indiana. Megapro Marketing Inc. is an international distributor and marketer of MEGAPRO multi-function screwdrivers and accessories. MEGAPRO has a continuing commitment to new product innovation and superior manufacturing processes that utilize materials of the highest quality

Awl For All

Awl For All Assembled in Illinois, mfd in IL, ME, NC  Originally patented in 1903, this unique American Made wooden handled sewing awl is perfect for craft work as well as a wide variety of repairs. Indispensable for mending leather goods, camping gear, sports equipment, nylon sails, saddle, tack equipment, shoes and handbags. It is also an essential tool for the handyman as well as for the hobbist and the outdoorsman. Comes with heavy duty thread and needles that store in the handle. Easy to use repair tool for tents and camping equipment, sporting goods, handbags, backpacks, luggage, upholstery, pool covers, awnings, tents, auto tops, equestrian equipment, saddlery, shoes, sails and many other items.

Although you might think there are no companies making tools in the USA any longer there are. Not as many as there should be so let's support those that stick it out here and fight the good fight.


Hideahorse makes the World's Best Folding Sawhorses - We make strong, stable folding sawhorses from wood that will support up to 1200 lbs.  Weighing only 7lbs it's easy to carry two in one hand with the comfortable handle.  This sturdy, collapsible sawhorse also makes a great sawhorse desk, craft table, saddle rack, or exhibit table.  Professionals and home do-it-yourselfers will like the high quality wooden craftsmanship, lightweight characteristics, and compact, space saving storage size.

Moody Tools

Moody Tools Founded nearly 60 years ago, Moody Tools remains rooted in Rhode Island, where we proudly make the finest Precision Hand Tools in the USA. From classic jewelers screwdrivers to state-of- the-art ESD-Safe hand tools, Moody has your miniature tool needs covered. The core of our product line is screwdrivers, and includes Slotted, Phillips, JIS-type S, Star drivers (which fit Torx®) and Spline drivers, as well as Hex, Nut and Open End Wrenches in many configurations. The balance of our products are Scribers, Spring Tools, and Dental-style Precision Probes. We are a proud American company, and we make business a pleasure.

Wright Tool

Wright Tool is a company making a difference in the tool industry because we do things differently here. It's what sets us apart from other tool manufacturers. Many of the unique design features developed by Wright Tool have been imitated by others and are now accepted as industry standards. But only Wright Tool has the patents and the engineering talent that helped revolutionize the way ratchets, sockets and

wrenches are designed and made. Made Entirely in the U.S.A. From the design and engineering to the forging and finishing, all work on Wright tools is performed in the United States by skilled American workers. We do not use foreign blanks or forgings. Even the steel we use is American-made.

Loggerhead Tools LLC

Loggerhead Tools LLC designs, develops, and markets innovative new-to-the-world hand tools. Our tools are manufactured in the United States. We believe your work should be easier, faster, and more professional; so we create tools that improve your results. You can count on the quality of our tools because they're guaranteed forever! Someday your kids will enjoy using them too. Our premier product, the Bionic Wrench™, defines a new class of adjustable wrenches with patented gripping technology.

Klein Tools

Klein Tools,has been manufacturing tools in America since 1857, and it's as important for the Klein family to keep that tradition now, as it was more than 150 years ago. You see, Klein isn't just the name of our company; it's also our family name, so we have to be proud of everything we make. Klein Tools continues to invest in U.S. manufacturing and is committed to maintaining its place as the favorite among electricians. Klein is the only major tool manufacturer worldwide focused on electrical and utility applications. No other manufacturer of hand tools and related products used in electrical applications makes more items in

America than Klein Tools. We appreciate your business and interest in Klein Tools and hope the information on this page will answer questions you have about our commitment to US manufacturing.

****Editors note, please look for the Made in the USA on the product detail. Klein does import some items they do a good job of identifying the items that are American Made. Please check the item before you make the purchase.

Malco Products Inc

Malco Products Inc of Annandale, Minnesota is the home of Malco, Products, Inc., whose slogan is: Better Ideas for the Real World. Malcos better ideas take the form of innovative hand tools for the construction and automotive markets, and they are manufactured, assembled and packaged in this single location.   In 1950 Mark Keymer, a young steel supply salesman, manufactured a pipe crimper he had invented for

installing metal ductwork in forced air heating systems. Soon, he had to move from his friend Al's one car garage to the more spacious basement of his Minneapolis home. Mark and Al's company, Malco, lives on here in the town of Annandale. The early crimper that started a company has since been joined by hundreds of other specialized trade tools.  Tools with names like: Beast Shingle Removers, Hog Ring Pliers, TurboShear, SideSwiper Siding Removal Tool, Max2000 Snips, and Redline Crsimpers, Seamers and Notchers.  Malco Products, Inc. is now the nations leading manufacturer of tools of the trade for HVAC professionals and also a prominent manufacturer of trade tools for roofing, siding, gutter, fencing and auto body repair. Malco excels at understanding industry's ever-changing workplace needs, and workforce demographics, as it affects a tools hand fit and weight.  The company's formal research and development process, and award-winning product design team, are validated by a knowledgeable network of established sales representatives, broad-based distribution and a vast population of industry technicians and educator end users.  The result is a steady stream of innovative products every month, every year!  Malco product

introductions are typically specialized by industry and are one of a kind.  An emphasis on market and product diversity, including International sales, has helped to maintain approximately 150 jobs at the company's Annandale plant and offices. (There are a few imported items, however they do a good job of displaying American Made items. Look for the Made in the USA icon.)

Jensen Sure Seal

Jensen Sure Seal of Georgia. Our JSS-500 heat sealer was developed following fifteen (15) years' experience in fabricating Heavy Duty Flexible Barrier Materials employing a number of different types and brands of heat sealers.  None matched the performance and reliability of this unit. Tested and proven in all applications from sealing small pouches to packaging jobs as large as a C-130 Hercules aircraft fuselage with over 600 feet of sealed seams. A quality job is assured with this sealer. All details and ordering

information may be found on our website

Lighting by Hammerworks Made in the USA

Lighting by Hammerworks Made in the USA. For over 35 years, New England's Lighting By Hammerworks located in Worcester, MA has been known for superior craftsmanship, engineering and attention to detail in all of our handcrafted Colonial Period Lighting made here in America. Our extensive collection of Colonial Lighting includes exterior post, wall & hanging lanterns all made out of solid copper or brass. We also offer a complete line of hand turned wood chandeliers as well as metal chandeliers & sconces for the interior of your home. In addition to our Colonial Lighting, Hammerworks also makes Arts & Crafts and our own uniquely styled line of Gooseneck Lighting.

Artistic Entryways & Millwork Co., Inc. American Made Doors

Artistic Entryways & Millwork Co., Inc. American Made Doors. Artistic Entryways & Millwork Company provides custom spectacular entryways, built here in the U.S.A., for your home. Elegant design and fine workmanship join together to offer the ultimate in beauty and quality.

Artistic Entryways began making American made doors over 30 years ago in a small town, Sunland Park, NM. With the production facility located located on the edge of Texas and New Mexico. Ever since then, our passionate and talented team of door making experts have been creating high quality custom made doors to fit any of our customer's desires.

Arbor Original by Auer-Jordan American Made Arbors

Arbor Original by Auer-Jordan American Made Arbors. Why purchase an Auer Jordan Arbor?

Our architect designed brackets and lath are appropriate for most every home style.

Our design allows you to add an arbor to any garage door or window to provide an appealing focal point that is in scale with your existing home design.

Our arbors can be painted, stained or clear coated.

Our arbors are easy to install. We provide installation recommendations and specify the simple screws and/or lag bolts you can easily purchase at your local hardware store or lumber yard.

Our arbors are an affordable way to distinguish your home and add curb appeal.

Our arbors designs work well with a vine or hanging basket. But, they are so beautifully designed; you may just want to leave it unadorned!

What makes our components better?

The components are made from dry white Port Orford cedar from southern Oregon, the hardest of all the cedars.

We use only the finest clear lumber, free of any knots.

All components are hand crafted in our shop in Healdsburg, California.

We practice only conventional assembly methods. Our brackets feature mortise and tenon joints and powder coated deck screws with matching cedar plugs.

We never use nails or hide the joinery behind primer as do some other.

The arbor components are fine sanded and ready for your choice of finish.

We custom cut the lath to your order.

Want more information?

Call us toll free at 1-866-217-4476 to discuss your project.

You many also email us a photo of your intended installation location along with the distance from the outside trim to outside trim and we will calculate the components you need and provide you a quote.

Check out the great photos of customer installations from all over the US on our web site!

Proudly made in the USA!

Cedar grown in southern Oregon • Hand crafted in Northern California

Metro Sign & Awning

Metro Sign & Awning knows business signs are an important, multi-year investment in your business. That's why the signs we build in our New England factory are made of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, and come with a three-year warranty: triple the industry average!

Signs and awnings are produced in our Tewskbury MA factory by professional craftsmen, using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and the highest quality materials available.

PYC Awnings

PYC Awnings designs all of our products with the most discriminating customer in mind. We only use materials of the highest quality available,and have one of the industry's best warranties.Since 1987, Price's Yacht Canvas has been manufacturing boat canvas and awnings and since 1996 we have been selling our products online and shipping nationwide. Check out our website for pricing and information on our products.

Aristocrat Awnings

Aristocrat Awnings are America's top choice for quality awning design and fabric retractable awnings, exclusively manufactured with quality materials from Craft-Bilt Manufacturing Company. Aristocrat Awnings bear the same reliability that Craft-Bilt has been known for, since its founding in 1946. Our awning design ensures that you get sun when you want it, and shade when you need it. Remember, not all awning products are created equal – Get more information from Aristocrat and find a professional awning design and installation company near you.

Jordan Reduction Solutions make industrial shredders in the USA

Jordan Reduction Solutions began as Mitts and Merrill in Saginaw Michigan in 1854. We have always been a company that is proud to manufacture in the USA. Our line of industrial shredders, grinders and granulators have a proven history of extended performance and service and we are still proudly made in the United States with US based materials in our Birmingham, Alabama facility. Our equipment continues to provide service in many manufacturing facilities from internal recycling to product liability destruction and as well, we provide heavy duty equipment to the plastic, paper and other recycling industries. If you have a need to either recycle or destroy a product, then please let us know how we can help you in your efforts.

Armstrong Tools

Armstrong Tools Armstrong ratchets, sockets, wrenches and accessories are "Made in U.S.A." - from forge to finish.

Gateway Industries

Assembly at Gateway Industries  of West Virginia. Assembly refines, manages and executes labor intensive processes within our facility putting 25 plus disabled individuals to work. By aligning its carefully selected workers, Gateway is able to offer performance based pricing with customers' objectives. Workers accurately perform the work presented, display teamwork, and

perform visual checks on all products as they pass through the assembly lines. They are also trained to have excellent manual dexterity which is required for assembling and operating the equipment. Workers possess strong work ethics, are self- starters, have thoroughness and attention to details, and an ability to adhere to timelines to ensure success. Gateway enables its' customers to unlock their operation's potentials; accountable performance, lower costs, proven results, and guaranteed satisfaction.

Bauer Corporation Ladders

Bauer Corporation Ladders is a manufacturer and distributor of high performance portable ladders, aluminum planks and stages in the USA Look at our products and we think your we agree We are committed to making the best ladders in the industry for professionals to reach work more safely and efficiently. Our focus is on building superior products through better design, quality materials and processes and workmanship.

All Bauer Corporation Ladders and other products are manufactured by skilled craftsmen in Wooster, OH, USA with over 99% of the components and materials that are used also are produced in North America.

Stokes Ladders, Inc

Stokes Ladders, Inc. of California make Aluminum and fiberglass ladders, step stools, and special ladders for orchards, landscape maintenance, industrial use, auto and truck maintenance and detailing.

Monkeyrack Products LLC

Monkeyrack Products LLC  Monkeyrack Products LLC of Bradenton Florida USA proudly produces and sells the American-Made Monkeyrack ladder stabilizer.  Not only is the Monkeyrack American-made, it's constructed of American-Made steel.  The innovative Monkeyrack is a sustainable product designed to

protect our environment, increase safety and improve our country's quality of life.

Hook-Um Dano

Hook-Um Dano Ladder Lock Don't lose your expensive ladders to thieves, lock-em down with a Hook-Um Dano Ladder Lock. Simply the Easiest, Most Effective and ECONOMICAL Solution to Ladder Safety and Security on the Market Today!

VertiRack Manufacturing Co

VertiRack Manufacturing Co. of Pennsylvania makes the highest quality and most convenient to use line of aluminum ladder racks available. Our products are manufactured of anodized aluminum and stainless steel for a lifetime of trouble free service. All Made in the USA

Origin Laser Tools, Inc

Origin Laser Tools, Inc based in California makes the world's finest laser tools for the construction

industry. Our Cornerstone Classic laser is designed, manufactured, and assembled in America, and

personalized for each customer

Accurate Lock and Hardware

Accurate Lock and Hardware of Connecticut began in 1960 in Stamford, CT as a division of Accurate Tool and Die manufacturing specialty locks as a sub-contractor for Yale and Towne. In July of 1972, Accurate Lock and Hardware was founded as an independent lock manufacturer. From humble beginnings, the company has evolved into the premier manufacturer of custom architectural hardware products. Accurate manufactures exterior and interior mortise locks, pocket door locks and trim, pivot and Harmon hinges, special strikes and wrap plates and heavy duty screen door locks. Accurate has manufactured custom architectural hardware for historical restoration projects at some of the finest addresses in the world including the White House, Ellis Island, numerous State Capitols, and the House of Commons in Canada. custom hardware for the Diet Building in Tokyo.Accurate is proud to make all of its products in the U.S.A.

The Strong Arm

The Strong Arm If you're looking for a door security solution that is more effective than a dead bolt lock, Accu-Brand the Strong Arm is the perfect security door latch for out-swinging and back doors with hinges on the outside. The Strong-Arm not only deters would-be thieves, it secures both sides of your door.

The Wilson Bohannan Company

The Wilson Bohannan Company has been manufacturing solid brass padlocks for over 150 years. In that time, many things have changed in the way WB padlocks are made, but the quality and durability that Mr. Bohannan built into the very first lock has remained the same. Timeless design blended with the latest in production technology assures that every Wilson Bohannan lock is built to last for years and years to come. With a highly experienced work-force operating from a modern plant in Marion, Ohio, the Wilson Bohannan Company is on  the cutting edge of high security padlock development. Still owned and proudly led by the seventh generation of the Bohannan family, the Wilson Bohannan Company endures as America's oldest continuous padlock maker.

Howron Metal Bending Tools

Howron Metal Bending Tools of Texas since 1987, Howron has provided metal bending tools made in the USA with high quality steel and guaranteed for life. We bend tubing round or square, flat bar the "hard- way" solid rod, etc.

Da Vinci Paint Company Art Supplies Made in the USA

Da Vinci Paint Company Art Supplies Made in the USA. Da Vinci Paint Compnay has created a colorful road, three generations long now, has been leading Da Vinci Artists' Colors to create a work of art of their own. Their paint is still made in small batches with trusted craftsmanship quality, Da Vinci Colors have been delivering a consistently those that artists love to discover.

We use only the world's finest raw materials. Creating by mixing and milling colors that truly perform is in our DNA. With colors that represent who we are and what we do. Because we immerse ourselves in making perfect batches of color daily so you too will have full freedom of artistic expression without compromise. Our hope is you will enjoy using our paints as much as we did making them.


BIPACCO COATINGS, LLC brings over 50 years of cumulative staff experience to your marine and industrial infrastructure painting and coatings supply needs. We specialize in the marine and industrial infrastructure markets. Our staff will furnish complete specifications and alternatives for your every need. We guarantee all our quality work with a written warranty.

Bipacco Coatings LLC

Bipacco Coatings LLC of  Missouri makes Application Friendly transportation paints & Coatings for Boats, Ships, Trucks, Shoes, Cabinets, Barges, Concrete etc...Trademark Captains Choice water reducible enamel Trademark Shuethane polyurthane shoe sole coating.Trademark Durathane singlepack polyurethane wood finish.


Mythic Paint is a zero voc, non toxic high performance paint that comes in any color and is totally safe for people, pets and the planet. Mythic has three distinct lines – Mythic Classic is for everyday beautiful applications, Mythic Black Label is a luxury paint and primer in one with advanced Color Capture Technology and Mythic Pro is for painting professionals with easy application.  All the products are completely non toxic and zero voc.  The formula for Mythic was created by the polymer scientists of the University of Southern Mississippi and the paint is manufactured in the a zero emissions facility in America. For more information  and a dealer near you please check out


CANGUN1 is our revolutionary new, patented pistol grip spray can tool that easily snaps on to standard aerosol spray cans - transforming them into professional-style spray guns with unprecedented control, for hours of effortless, pain-free spraying. We have furthered our commitment to product quality and social and environmental responsibility by designing and manufacturing CANGUN1 in the USA with recycled, non-toxic plastic and zero waste, space optimized, recyclable packaging.

The Pex Pocket Crimper A Precision Tool

The Pex Pocket Crimper A Precision Tool, Made in the USA. For permanent crimp connections with PEX tubing fittings. The Pocket Crimper crimps 3/8?, 1/2?, and 3/4? sizes in one tool. How can you go wrong with a tool that is:



Use with your own 10? Vise Grips ®

Fits into tight places

Never needs adjustment

Handy size - includes Pouch & Guage!

Why pay for more expensive tools that only crimp one size? Not to mention this is an American made tool that helps you work and other Americans too.

Superior Tool Co

Superior Tool Co. "We take pride in the fact that most of our tubing tools are still Made in the USA right here in Cleveland, Ohio."

Scotchman Industries, Inc

Scotchman Industries, Inc. is a leading producer of metal fabricating equipment, accessories, and custom tools. We manufacture a complete line of thirteen different hydraulic Ironworkers, ranging in capacities from 45 to 150 tons, with component tool design and a fully integrated European style; both are available in either single or dual operator models. Scotchman also produces a line of Cold Saws and Band Saws, in addition to our ShearMaster 610, a heavy-duty 24? plate shear. Our Measuring Systems include: our

manual, Advanced Measuring Systems, guaranteed not to slip and can be adapted to almost any type of metal or woodworking machinery. At Scotchman, we're proud to declare all of our products are Made in America!

Janesville Tool & Manufacturing, Inc

Janesville Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. is a manufacturer of precision pneumatic and manual assembly presses, die sets, die set components and value added services.  Our products are used by a broad range of manufactures most of which are also producing American made products.  From pressing to punching to riveting our products have proven to be the quality, long lasting assembly equipment manufactures rely on. Our presses have become a staple in many large factories but our price range also accommodates the small shop just starting out. Our engineering staff works with our customers to modify our products to fit the application they will be used in.  We take great pride in our product and the fact that we are made in the USA !!


TOOLCO INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION provides quality cutting tools and services to foster long-term business relationships through the strategic association of our manufacturing operations with the marketing capabilities of well-established distributors.

Imperial Blades

Imperial Blades of Wisconsin is the only American made oscillating blades. Top quality replacement blades for oscillating tools at the best price. Our products are made from the highest quality materials for professional grade performance and the longest service life.

Forrest's blades

Forrest's blades offer a superior cut that leaves a rip-cut saw edge that is as smooth as if it had been sanded, and a cross-cut edge that is almost mark-free. The blades run very quietly, and backside tearout in plywood is negligible.  Each blade is virtually hand-made. The plate is hand-tensioned (up to 15 minutes per blade), superior C-4 carbide teeth are hand-brazed to the plate, and the blade is straightened and restraightened multiple times throughout the process. All of our blades are proudly made and serviced in the USA!

LiftAlone Inc

It looks like this company has closed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Triple-Seven-Enterprises, Inc

Triple-Seven-Enterprises, Inc. of Texas makes Safety Siphon, a self priming siphoning hose.  It can be used for siphoning most liquids, but just putting the pump end, in the liquid and start shaking it, to start the siphoning.  It will siphon up to 3 1/2 gallons per minute

Langer Landscapes

Premium landscaping at affordable prices, Langer Landscapes will transform your outdoor surroundings into an enjoyable paradise. Specializing in lawn care, patio installations, hardscapes, excavation and more: Langer Landscaping has the tools for the job.


Madison, CT

Killingworth, CT

Guilford, CT

Clinton, CT

Westbrook, CT

Chester, CT

Essex, CT

Old Saybrook, CT

Haddam, CT

Durham, CT

TrailerPal American made quick-lift jack for trailers

TrailerPal is the quick-lift jack for all your trailers. Quickly and easily lift your trailer tire for easy, fast tire replacement. TrailerPal's heavy duty, fulcrum-style design facilitates going from flat to lifted tire in under two minutes. Lightweight, adjustable for a variety of trailers, this will be the one jack you need to own for all of your trailers; RV, boat, flatbed, utility and livestock. TrailerPal is manufactured and assembled in Oklahoma from American-made steel. Veteran-owned and invented, TrailerPal provides a more dependable and safe solution for trailer tire changes vs. hydraulic or mechanical jacks.



MagEyes has become a successful product in the $11 billion craft and hobby business because of it 's unique head mounted magnifier design which gives vision enhancement to all types of people doing close precision work, or just simply reading.

U.S.Tape Company

U.S.Tape Company We are the only tape measure manufacturing company in the USA that makes a full line of tapes in America.

Pipe-Tytes, Inc. American Made Plumbing Parts

Pipe-Tytes, Inc. in making American made plumbing parts and accessories right in the State of Florida. They make a very unique device called a Toilet Kart used to move and place toilets in place. You can see a video of that product on their website.

Their site also features their Pipe-Tytes Insulators for metal studs, ET5 Metal Stud Punch, Add-A-Hanger, Suspension Clamps, Pipe Clamps. All of these are American made plumbing parts.

Coast Products USA

Coast Products USA of Florida. Here at Coast Products USA, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality toilet repair parts, and plumbing parts in the industry. Our Flush Valves, Fill Valves, Flappers, and all other plumbing parts in our line are manufactured with the highest quality materials, engineered for efficiency, and maintain the highest level of durability. We are experts  in the plumbing supply and toilet repair parts industry and believe that innovation and sustainability are the cornerstones for quality parts. We maintain our quality, because our manufacturing facilities are monitored daily right here in the U.S.A.

Super Pouch

Super Pouch Established in 1987, We "thought" there has got to be a better way to carry one's tools except a five gallon bucket or a canvas coal bag. So after reviewing what was available in the way of tool bags and after much trial and error our first all canvas, no rivets or wire inserts or zippers, tool/organizer carrier was born. Our objective was not to create jobs in other countries. Our objective was to make a good American product with good quality and a reasonable price and to protect our time and effort, an easy to remember product name and a Trade Mark to protect our name

Occidental Leather

Occidental Leather The Highest Quality Tool Belts in the World Compare any other tool belt to an Occidental system. Instantly, you'll see and feel the difference. At Occidental Leather®, we use only the best, extra-thick, water-repellent leathers available. With 25 years of field tested designs, you can be assured that you're purchasing the most unique and hardest-working tool systems in the business. Since 1980, Occidental has set the quality standard in the tool belt industry - and has earned the reputation of having no equal. This is how we do it!We love what we do and it shows! The Occidental Leather® design

studio and production facility is located in Sonoma County, CA. We provide our employees with a full benefit package and a quality work environment. Many of our employees have been with us over 20 years.

Toolhangerz, ltd

Toolhangerz, ltd. of  Ohio and Indiana make customized tool hangers for power tools. The hangers are powder coated and designed to work as tool storage for workshops, garage and construction applications. They can also be used for retail display. They are manufactured in the USA and designed for long lasting use. The hangers can be used with pegboard and slatwall.

Ernst Manufacturing, Inc

Ernst Manufacturing, Inc. continues to develop new, exciting products for tool organization and the tool industry. As dynamic, growing, innovative American company, Ernst produces all of its products at a plant in the United States and is committed to remaining an American manufacturer.

Bear & Son Cutlery

Bear & Son Cutlery is of excellent quality and a real value for both the dealer and consumer. We have a skilled and experienced work force capable of performing many of the extra hand operations that go into the making of our products.

The Bear & Son Cutlery factory is unique. It is full self-contained. While some companies only assemble parts brought from various suppliers and put their names on the product, we do everything in-house from building our own blanking dies to heat treating, grinding and assembly, and hand finishing our products. These steps insure that Bear & Son Cutlery is of excellent quality. Our ongoing commitment is to make them in America and make them affordable. We want everyone to be able to afford what we are proud to make!

Ontario Knives

Ontario Knives •Manufacturer of premium quality, American-made fixed blades and other tools •  Supplier of knives and tools to the US military since World War I • Sole producer of bayonets for  the US Marine Corps • International distribution to over 25 countries • Operating in upstate New  York since 1889

W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company

W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company is an American manufacturer of premium, hand-crafted knives that are passed down for generations.  Based in Bradford, PA, Case's offerings include a wide variety of knives that fit virtually any need, from convenient folding pocketknives and fixed blade sporting knives to limited edition commemoratives and collectibles.

Handy Twine Knife Company

Handy Twine Knife Company of Ohio we manufacture a ring knife, which is a utility knife that fits on your finger like a ring. This will save time and annoyance when performing multiple tasks which require cutting. The  knife is extremely lightweight and has a wide range of applications. With blades made of heat-treated steel, and an aluminum band, held together by nickel-plated brass, the quality of this Made in the U.S.A product is exceptional, and the safety is well documented, having been in

distribution for over 100 years.

Colonial knife Corp

Colonial knife Corp of Rhode Island makes the made in U.S.A. auto series of knives and tools for

sailors, mountaineers,rock climbing,hunting,the U.S. military lifetime warranty, built for the professions. PLEASE CHECK THE LABEL BEFORE YOUR PURCHASE. I DID SEE A FEW IMPORTS ON THE SITE AS WELL.

The Mountain Man Toy Shop

The Mountain Man Toy Shop makes Dangerous toys for big boys. Unique, custom made recreational knives featuring hand-forged Damascus individually made by American master craftsmen.  In addition to our homegrown exotic knives, The Mountain Man Toy Shop offers the finest tools, gifts and accessories for the modern outdoorsman inspired by the rich outdoor heritage and lifestyle of Jackson Hole, WY. MMTS provides the finest supplies for those who live to answer the Call of the Wild.


Benchmade For each USA made Benchmade product, from the New Product Introduction process where the fundamental design is fine tuned through a series of methodical review and approval steps, through the controlled manufacture of the components to tolerances and standards often found only in aerospace and precision industries, all the way through hand assembly by trained team members where each individual knife is checked against cosmetic and functional criteria and standards for component and product quality and performance, each process step is designed to produce the desired result – a Benchmade quality product. Please check each product as a few products may be imported.

Anza Knives

Anza Knives. Since our start in 1980, Anza has been committed to providing top handmade affordable knives for sportsman and collectors. Our knives are so sharp and hold an edge they have become favorite among guides, outfitters, hunters, backpackers, fishermen as well as a utility knife by the "workingman". Anza Knives are handmade, each one different in its own way. This is one reason Anza Knives are so very popular among collectors.

Emerson Knives

Emerson Knives has a solid granite, if not legendary, status among the world's elite military and Law Enforcement agencies. This is a hard earned and much honored reputation for Emerson Knives. We fought tooth and nail for this reputation every step of the way, and we will not relinquish it. This status is the result of the way that we design our knives, the way we build our knives and the way we do our business. We know that your life, the life of a partner, teammate, or a loved one may depend on the use of that Emerson knife in a time of crisis. Emerson Knives is a serious company run by serious people. That's the attitude we have about our knives, our work, and our responsibility to you.

Randall's Adventure & Training ®

Randall's Adventure & Training ® we feel our knives offer the real world a great knife at a reasonable price, whether you're a backpacker looking for a decent carry knife or a soldier in the middle of combat. Throughout our history we have always concentrated our efforts on listening to feedback from those who go and do, then doing our best to build our knives at a price point users

can afford. While researching & designing many of our past projects, we have had the honor of working with some of the top teams in the world, including the U.S. Marshals Service, USMS SOG teams, U.S. Special Forces teams, Navy Special Boat Teams, Peruvian Special Forces, Colombian Police Forces, the Peruvian Anti-Narcotics Task Force, survival experts, and outdoorsmen and adventurers all over the world. Our designs have achieved quite the recognition around the world, not because we're such great designers but because we listen and work with the user in the field to achieve a common goal of building a great piece of gear that works.

Buck Knives

Buck Knives (please check label as some products may be imported)

Martin Brothers Workwear Made in the USA

Martin Brothers Workwear Made in the USA is the home of the Mountaincloth Welding Shirt. At Martin Brothers quality products mean everything. Being a welder since 1965, I know what it is like to carry a lunch bucket and drive 2000 miles in order to take a welding test. Like you I want a shirt that will look good and not come apart when working!

The is why in 2002 making started our Mountaincloth Welding Shirt. Not long after that we began making flame retardant welding shirts, pants, sleeves and even coveralls. Top it all off with an American made Pancake Welding hood.

Atlas Welding Accessories, Inc

Atlas Welding Accessories, Inc.  Manafacturers and Wholesalers of Welding & Safety Products Since 1939  Home of the Atlas line of Welding Positioners, Pipemates, Jack Stands and Weld Chipping Hammers BUY AMERICAN MADE ... U.S. Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier to the Welding & Safety


Detroit Torch & Mfg. Co

Detroit Torch & Mfg. Co. of Michigan is a U.S. Mfg. of light, medium and heavy duty industrial grade oxy/fuel torches and regulators. Detroit Torch is a step above the rest when it comes to customer service. We care about our customers. We know how important their tools are to getting the job done. We know you take pride in every bead you lay and cut you make? Detroit Torch and Mfg. Co. does too! We provide the best preforming torches for the hardest working craftsmen. Detroit Torch offers a lifetime Warranty on,

Torches and Regulators.

Kalamazoo Industries, Inc - makes American Made Woodworking Equipment

Kalamazoo Industries, Inc manufactures commercial woodworking equipment in the USA. Sold through dealers located around the country Kalamazoo makes belt sanders and grinders, vibratory finishers, 5c fixtures and much more.

They have been making American made woodworking tools from their factory in Kalamazoo since 1960. You will find they have a very easy to use website full of information. Sounds like they can do custom work as well. If you need any woodworking equipment try them out.


Woodpeckers was established in September of 1988. Our focus has always been woodworking tools. Up until 2004 we focused on demonstrating tools at woodworking shows throughout the U.S. Since 1993 we've been manufacturing router tables and router mounting plates. Starting with little more than a few routers we've grown into a full fledge manufacturer of router lifts, router fences, measuring & layout tools and many useful clamping accessories. We do our own machining, engraving, assembly and packing. We take pride in the fact that our tools are truly made in the U.S.A.

Easy Wood Tools

Easy Wood Tools  offers a series of replaceable carbide cutter woodturning tools that address fatigue, safety and efficiency like no other tools. They are designed to effortlessly remove massive amounts of material on any woodturning project without the need for sharpening. The tools are designed with support directly beneath the cutting edge transferring the cutting pressure downward allowing the lathe to take the pressure that normally would go to your hands and body when roughing.


LIE-NIELSEN TOOLWORKS began in 1981 as an effort to make top-quality hand tools available again from a U.S. maker and to revive discontinued, but useful, designs so the average woodworker could obtain them. Today we make over 100 types of planes, saws, spokeshaves, chisels, floats and more. We have

improved and refined designs, and use better materials like Ductile Iron and Manganese Bronze for castings and cryogenically treated A-2 Tool Steel for the blades. Our plane blades are much thicker than those of any other production planes. The quality of machining and finishing results in a tool that looks as great as it works, and will be a pleasure to use for years to come. We are proud to continue the tradition of "Made in America." Instead of out-sourcing all our jobs for the cheapest price and short term profit, we are stubbornly local. We have found that the best quality is right here in Maine. We source our metal castings from New England foundries, our wood from Maine sawyers, and make almost everything else the old- fashioned way at our shop in Warren.

Whiteside Machine Company

Whiteside Machine Company has been in business for over 30 years providing our customers with quality router bits while at the same time striving to achieve complete customer satisfaction. See the article in Fine Woodworking where our router bits were tested against 17 other manufactures and came out #1. Products for Woodworkers

U.J. Ramelson Co

U.J. Ramelson Co. "We use only the very best American made Steel and all Wood Handles are made exclusively from the best Lumber "

Timeless Wood Creations

Timeless Wood Creations of Michigan makes everything to order one piece at a time.  It as all handmade and hand finished using only solid wood, no mdf, plywood or particle board.

American Workbench

American Workbench of South Carolina American made Custom Wood Work benches with Maple Butcher Block tops. We currently have 9 basic models to choose from. The rest is up to your own imagination.

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